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Awhile ago, I read a diary by Stranded Wind (bookmark him) about a financial blog, The Automatic Earth (bookmark it) which information saved our family retirement nest egg from being gobbled by the Wall Street Weasels.

If your retirement is still in 'the market' I feel VERY SORRY for you, but I'm glad that, thanks to TAE, I got out 'in time'. It's still not too late, to start reading 'The Automatic Earth' NOW.

However, reading Friday's 'Automatic Earth' post about what Bernacke/Geithner are up to at Citibank it reminds me that Obama has a couple of foxes "guarding" our monetary chicken coop who are eating not just the chickens but the roosters, eggs and the feed and seed corn too.

Precisely because I DO NOT want Obama to fail, I want Kossacks to know what Bernacke/Geithner are up to.

Make the jump...

Read Illargi's top section (especially part #2) and weep... for OUR lives flushed down the swirly bowl.

Our financial laws REQUIRE that the FDIC seize the zombie banks and Bernacke/Paulsen and Bernacke/Geithner are breaking those laws the way the Bush broke the laws against torture.

Why are we bailing out Saudi Princes instead of putting our brothers and sisters back to work?

This sounds like 'More of the Same' to me!

Obama needs to turn this ship around NOW!

Where are the Percora investigations that led to the Glass-Steagall Act?

Where are the indictments, the trials, the hearings about how Citibank leveraged themselves 47 times on the losses on 'toxic assets'?

As Maxine Waters said, things are not going to get better until 'some people go to jail'.


Originally posted to RedMeatDem on Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 07:29 AM PST.


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