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Okay, so it seems I have attracted actual readers to my page, and that makes me very happy. For those of you that have not read any of my past diaries, I enjoy watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Olbermann, in my eyes, is one of my heroes. I say this because there are not many liberals on television that have the guts he does to say what he has said and I respect that tremendously. Also, a little bit of comedy now and then never hurts. Politics is so serious all the time that no one ever jokes around anymore. So with that intro I will begin the topic.

I came across another youtube video tonight. I know several of my past diaries have been about youtube videos, so with that said, I apologize. I promise I'm not sitting watching youtube all day... I just seems to get angry very quickly when I see something that is utterly ridiculous.

...drum roll please....

Coulter: I think it's just another reminder of how the left hates free speech

First of all... that is the most counter intuitive thing I have ever heard. The liberals hate free speech eh? Yeah we are the ones who want to ban books and movies. We want to censor sexual education from the schools. Yeah, that is us alright. I guess we are just victims of the liberal agenda. We are just liberal victims assaulting America as her book so eloquently states... Last time I checked I wasn't apart of the party that has some members wanting to secede from the US... nor was I apart of the party that some members bomb abortion clinics. I'm not apart of the party that has a lot racist members (at least where I live), or apart of the party that thinks homosexuals don't deserve equal rights. ..oh I'm sorry, those are your political associations ms. coulter.

Secondly, and here is where I actually get mad...

Coulter: There is no campaign by conservatives to shut down Keith Olbermann. In fact I wish more Americans would listen to him to see the face of the left. The only 57 year old woman trapped in a mans body to host his own t.v. show.

Okay... for one thing. Ann Coulter is the LAST person on this earth who is allowed to compare someone to the opposite gender. Her voice is deeper than any man I've met and I think most men have bigger breasts than she does. So, all of those things I just stated can actually be used to insult her. Comparing Olbermann to a woman however... doesn't make sense. Where exactly is her basis for that one? Um... he has a deep voice... he looks like a man... he is actually in a relationship with a woman... he acts like a man... and he is not 57, nor does he look 57. Ann Coulter looks like like she has had as much plastic surgery to make her look young as Joan Rivers...

So, now to my actual point. I don't want Rush or Coulter off the airwaves because of the fact they are conservatives. Most of my family are conservatives and I don't want them to go away. I just want the idiots of this society to go away. Free speech is one thing, lying is another. I honestly don't understand why these people are paid? I guess some people have become so deafened to society that they need somebody as crazy and controversial as these two ignorant human beings to keep strengthening their faith in the lies they already believe.

I guess it is my own personal problem... I don't understand conservatives past a moral perspective for faith. So in other words, I don't understand non-christian conservatives. With the previous statement, I am not in any way saying that I agree with christians that are conservatives... rather I am implying that they are the only ones that actually have a case for being a conservative. Even though I personally think Jesus would have been a "tree-hugging, commy, liberal" (I say it that way, because that is the way liberals are seen where I live)

Coulter is just out for shock value, the same can be said with Limbaugh. Neither of them I worry about in my own life, but I do worry about the people who are blinded by ideology that they can't see that it's all a show. I look at people like this and laugh, others look at people like that and worship the ground these two walk on. It doesn't make sense. It really doesn't.

They can have all the free speech they want. Talk until your throat bleeds out for all I care, but will someone, somewhere take accountability for this? Will Sean Hannity take accountability for the poll on his website? Will Bernie Goldberg take responsibility for his words? According to him, we are unimportant people who shouldn't be taken seriously. Will O'Reilly take accountability for the things said on his show? Will George Bush ever admit that any of this was his fault? Will any of these people ever apologize?

I make mistakes. I will be the first to admit that, but everything I will ever say I will be accountable for, and if I make a mistake I will apologize. I will not lead people into darkness and I will not cause any hatred towards any of the leaders of this country. Look at the former diary I posted about prop 8. I went on this site, the daily kos, and I stood up and said that I was wrong and I apologized. I think these people that I mentioned above should do the same. There is too much pride in this society, and the people that wear this pride, do not deserve it.

Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, Golberg, O'Reilly, Bush: Shut. The Hell. Up.

This video is only a month old. I wish Olbermann would call her out on this.

Originally posted to Leftside of Christine on Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 10:03 PM PST.

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