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                                 Stewart buried them -- UNDER THE GROUND

CNBC was every bit as criminal as the Wall Street gangsters they promoted.

They served as shills in Wall Street's pump and dump scams.

In a devastating expose, The Daily Show blew them out of the water, and not a moment too soon, as the Flim-Flam artists are still running con-jobs aimed at shaking down taxpayers and the new administration for more bailout cash.

► These MUST SEE videos need TO GO VIRAL


► It takes a fews moments for the clips to load.  Scrolling up and down once the embed box appears also helps the clips pop up/load.




► Obama's approval numbers are through the roof and the GOP's numbers are at an all-time low, but not in fantasy land of the Corporate Media™.  


► Here, Jon and a real reporter explain AIG's schemes.


► Cramer helped destroy America, and for that, he should be scrubbing floors in Sing-Sing.



* (There's an earlier post on the recommend list, but these MUST SEE videos need WIDE distribution)

Originally posted to Al Rodgers on Thu Mar 05, 2009 at 12:38 AM PST.

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