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There's not a whole lot of "middle" ground for events in "this day in history." Events are either really kewl, or they really suck. I'll let y'all try to guess which events qualify as what. ;D

Celine Dion is 41 today. When the residents of South Park sang "Blame Canada" in South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, they HAD TO BE talking about her. On the flip side, though, this guy is 64 today:

After that scene in Goodfellas, though, I don't listen to "Layla" quite the same anymore. Happy birthday Eric Clapton!

Vincent van Gogh was born on this date in 1853. This painting is one of my favorites of his.

Vincent Van Gogh Pictures, Images and Photos

On March 30, 1981, President Reagan was shot and seriously injured outside a Washington, D.C., hotel by John W. Hinckley Jr. Also wounded were White House news secretary James Brady, a Secret Service agent, and a District of Columbia police officer. I distinctly remember this day even though I was all of 10.

And, finally, Happy birthday to Warren Beatty! Here's a couple of scenes from what I consider to be classics. First, Bonnie & Clyde...

And... Bugsy...

And, there's something going on the day after tomorrow, but I can't quite remember... ;D

Let's Countdown!

#5 "The Dark Side" AKA "Vice" AKA "The Torture Myth" - According to Seymour Hersh, DICK trashed then POTUS – Elect Obama to Israel saying he was a lightweight, he’d be a friend to the Palestinians, etc. DICK, GO CHENEY YOURSELF! And, doesn’t it just stick in DICK’s hindquarters that Israel followed Obama’s plan? HA! DICK aide John Hannah said the DICK assassination squad wasn’t true, but some of it was true. WTF?! RICHARD WOLFFE! WHERE YA’ BEEN, BABE! Ya’ know, Wednesday is the 1 – year anniversary of my Countdown series of diaries. Why don’t ya’ come over & see me [in my best Mae West voice]? OOPS! Sorry – that was my ornery twin.  DICK’s view of "patriotic" is more – than – a – little skewed, to be charitable about it. Israel & Syria may be chatting peace soon! Guess what?! Torturing Abu Zubaida didn’t give our country one damn true actionable piece of AQ intelligence. Does that mean DICK’s lying? Say it ain’t so! Now, y’all are gonna tell me there’s no Santa. A Spanish court is building a torture/war crimes case against former GWB officials, including Freddo, David Addington, John Yoo, & Doug Feith. Where’s GWB & DICK on that list? I don’t mean to sound "greedy," but hell! And, if Spain or any other country charges these yahoos, and the United States doesn’t , good f*ckin’ grief.  There’s Professor Turley! Professor, you can come over Wednesday night, too, but you don’t get the Mae West voice. ;D Former GWB officials get their jollies from violence, fear, death, etc. I bet they’re fun at parties. Professor Turley made a great point; DICK is practically daring President Obama to not do anything. Oh Keith, you just HAD to bring PYTHON into such a serious topic?! AUGH!!!

#4 "Fork in the Road" AKA "By Fiat" AKA "Auto Erratic" - I had a feeling that Keith would take the stand he did regarding the "punishment" by Wall Street & bank execs VS. what is being demanded of the auto industry. The CEO of GM, Rick Wagoner, was politely (I hope) asked to exit stage left as part of future potential bailout coin. Wall Street "...comes out more favorably..." not only because of the reason Dan Gross stated, but Wall Street was very "friendly" financially to politicians OF ALL POLITICAL STRIPES. It sounds like Chrysler may be going down the terlet. I wonder how Lee Iacocca feels about this?

** Colonel Sanders is filling pot holes in Louisville. Uh...I thought the Colonel was dead. A Peruvian princess is levitating. Yea...right. **

#3 "Circular Firing Squad" AKA "As the GOP Turns" AKA "Notorious GOP" - Senator McCentury may or may not support Grandma Gov. TurkeyLover in 2012. Huh...too bad he didn’t put this much thought into selecting "that woman" as his VP nominee in the first f*ckin’ place! And, Michael Steele would rather be RNC Chair than POTUS. OK, he needs a check – up from the neck up. The GOP convention people are stickin’ it to vendors in MN. Is THAT why Norm Coleman is dragging out this Senate race? Is he owned money?! Hells bells, if that’s the case, pay him the damn money he’s owed, then, maybe he’ll FINALLY admit he f*ckin’ lost! Senator McCentury didn’t want "that woman" to be his running mate anyway! He wanted Joementum, but Rick Davis et al told him no. Hey! Chris Kofinis compared "that woman", Michael Steele, & Bobby Jindal to the 3 Stooges! That’s an insult to the Stooges; I like the Stooges! I prefer this image.


WPITW – A GWB pension fund dude moved pensions into stocks. Gee, I wonder how THAT went? Bill Kristol is still pushing GOP talking points about Iraq. Glenn Beck apparently went on another crying jag about "the spirit of 9/12" even though he trashed 9/11 victims in the past.

#1 "Factor Fiction" AKA "B’Wildered" - OK Keith, do we REALLY need another whole segment devoted to BillO? We know he is the gift that keeps on giving; believe me, WE KNOW! But c’mon... We know he’s a bold fresh piece of *&^%$#@!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Mar 30, 2009 at 06:41 PM PDT.

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