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All over the nation we just witnesses many tea parties. Tea meaning, Taxed Enough Already. In my own hometown of Paducah, Ky we witnessed one such spectacle. In the end we must ask ourselves just what did this really prove? These protests on spending and running up debt. Did all this fire and anger not spread up a little too late??

All over the country you had Republican politicians scrambling to be seen as fighting for "Conservative values". You heard them lecturing each other about "reckless spending" and "socialism". You never heard them looking at the real culprits, themselves. How many of them do you believe voted for George W. Bush twice??

In retrospect, these folks should have been protesting themselves. The situation that they are protesting did not just bring itself about, and was not caused by Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid or any other Democrat. One need only look back to very recent history to see the root of this evil. Just think if President Bush would have only spent as much as his Democratic predessesor Bill Clinton:

To see how different the world could have been, I gathered data from a number of sources and ran an alternative history. In that wishful place, government spending was set equal to the spending envisioned by the Congressional Budget Office in the January 2001 long-run forecast, plus the spending for the war in Iraq and to fight terrorism. This simulation assumes that the war would have happened in spite of Bush's spending promise, and wouldn't have induced him to seek cuts elsewhere.

Think of it this way. If we now had the lower spending levels that Bush inherited, we could extend his tax cuts, repeal the alternative minimum tax, enact the current stimulus package, and still have a 10-year budget surplus of $1.9 trillion. And, remember, that allows spending to be adjusted up for the Iraq war and the war against terrorists.

Do these protesters not realize that George W. Bush spent more irresponsibly than anyone?? It is his mess we are cleaning up. These same protesters seem to be trying to advocate a return to Republican rule in 2010. But don't they even remember exactly what that would mean??:

Republicans Increased Spending by Almost 50% During Bush/GOP Rule.  During Fiscal Year 2000, the last full fiscal year of the Clinton Administration, the federal government spent $1.789 trillion.  During Fiscal Year 2006, the last full fiscal year of Republican control of Congress, spending by the federal government had increased to $2.655 billion.

Republicans Increase Spending by 25% Even Accounting for Inflation.   Even using inflation adjusted dollars, Republicans increased spending from $1.789 trillion in Fiscal Year 2000 to $2.247 trillion in Fiscal Year 2006.

Republicans Increased Spending as a Share of the U.S. Economy by 10%.  Republicans even increased spending as a share of Gross Domestic Product.  In FY 2000, federal government spending accounted for 18.4% of GDP, but by FY 2006 that had risen to 20.3%.

Republicans Turned Surpluses Into Deficits.  In Fiscal Year 2000, the government banked a surplus of $236 billion, but for the current Fiscal Year 2008, the Bush Administration projects a mirror image deficit of $239 billion.  During joint Republican control of the White House and Congress the deficit hit an all time record of $412 billion.

Why look in the mirror when it is so much easier to just threaten to secede??:

The fact of the matter is that we have a huge mess to clean up. This mess was created soley by the Republican Party. They were handed a thriving economy with reasonable spending and a surplus and preceded to throw trillions of dollars away to their greedy enablers, handlers, and supporters. Fueled by Republican voters they crashed our country into a ravine.

So to all those tea baggers I say welcome to the party. We have been up in arms about wasteful spending, debt, and government waste for quite some time now. I only wish you had opened your eyes to this subject seven years ago when the problem began and now there would be nothing to protest. All American will now go through the pain to clean up your mistake. One bit of advice: A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.


Originally posted to RDemocrat on Sat Apr 18, 2009 at 08:20 PM PDT.

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