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It is pathetic that the MSM has not noticed the changing face of the American electorate.

 A hat tip to Mr.  John Ibbitson; a writer for the Toronto Globe and Mail, who dose gets this:  

"... a dominant new Democratic coalition has arrived, and it could be around for a long time. Fundamental coalition shifts happen three or four times in a lifetime. One is happening now."

Why do we have to go north of the border to hear what should be as plan as the nose on your face to any ink stained wretch who spent more than a week on the campaign trail.

I think that the part of the article I like the best is when he quotes gloomy gus Pat Buchanan:

"Put starkly, the voting groups growing in numbers - Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, folks with college degrees, the young - are all trending Democratic,...while the voters most loyal to the GOP - white folks and religious conservatives - are declining as a share of the U.S. electorate. And demography is destiny."

However, this brings up a basic question, what are Republicans all about.  Are they a political party?  Are they a political movement?  If they are apolitical party, they are quickly on their way to oblivion, destined to follow in the footsteps on the Anti-Masonic, and Prohibition Parties.  They cannot win elections when vast part of the country is now off limits to them, such as the Northeast and the Midwest.  Re-branding any product (including political parties) can only be successful if they make changes.  Moreover, the "leaders" of the Republicans do not want to do that, they have figured out that if they go back to that "old time" Reagan religion, they can be successful.  NEWS FLASH!  This is not the 80’s, times and the electorate have moved on.  They tend to think if only we could cut taxes, and balance the budget like Reagan did, we can be successful again.  You blew that up when you spent eight years engaging in the largest peacetime increase in the federal budget since FDR.  You cannot take the moral high ground as Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay., and David Vitter among others took that out from under your feet.  You are left pining for a time so far in the past that it hardly ever exists.

I had a conversation with an extremely right wing friend of mine.  I said that I will be glad to give you white males over 50 in the next election, if you give me Blacks, Asians, Women, independents and voters under 40 and I will win every election for a generation.  He laughed and said OK, we can win with that.  I see this mindset all the time.  The big tent is getting so small you will need an electron microscope to see it, but we can win with the true believers, even if they only exist in Idaho.

I will let Mr. Ibbitson have the last word:

"A Republican Party that concentrates instead on "sharpening the social, moral and cultural differences," is headed for oblivion. Or at least, more often than not, defeat."

Originally posted to rduckham on Fri May 08, 2009 at 03:59 PM PDT.

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