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I am doing a piggyback off of Al Rodgers diary which includes the confrontation between Liz Cheney and Lawrence O'Donnell.

Liz Cheney has been doing her media tour to help clean up her father's image, but from now on waterboarding is equivalent to DROWNING and if it is drowning someone, intentionally, it is TORTURE.

It is time for shows like morning joe or morning joke, to stop enabling the likes of Liz Cheney by allowing her to come on their shows with LIES, TALKING POINTS FROM DADDY and utter BULLSHIT.  Enough.  What happened to the truth?

I am damn angry and mad right now.  After watching Liz Cheney in Al's diary, I am too over WTF, but at get these lying sacks of shits off the airwaves and I mean, yesterday!!

What really has catapulted this debate, in my opinion, is the revelations by Mancow on waterboarding is drowning.  This comparison hit me, personally that Mancow almost drowned when he was a kid and said that is how waterboarding feels.  Well, I almost drowned at 12 on a trip to Orlando, FL to Disneyworld.  Playing rough and the other kids not knowing, I got into the deep part of the pool.  They were playing while I was DROWNING.  I had to be revived and I have been DEATHLY afraid of water until I decided to learn how to swim in my 30's.  The main reason I learned how to swim is that I love to fish and we go out on the boat all the time.  I am not the strongest swimmer, but I can save myself.  So, I know EXACTLY how that waterboarding feels.

It is time for these so called, "talk show hosts, analysts" to do their fucking jobs and challenge Liz "I know everything about torture" Cheney and stop enabling her.

This country deserves to have the story told to us right and honestly.  The media needs to get this right, not wrong like they did during the Bush Administration.  The media FAILED us during that time, by not doing their jobs and investigating the obvious.  Instead, they wrote what was given to them from the Bush White House as fact, they allowed themselves to be used by planted stories, they failed the American Public.

Don't do this again, media.  Allowing Liz Cheney on these talk shows as an "authority" of torture is not only insulting it is ridiculous.  She is spewing propped up talking points fed to her by her daddy.  Does anyone in their right mind think Liz is an authority in this?  When was the last time she was in torture camp?  Or waterboarding school?  She has never been near anything like this and the media needs to do their jobs and quit enabling her.

Every single expert who has been waterboarded or had experience in it has said it is torture.  Why is Liz Cheney all over the television saying this technique is not?

Finally, everything written from now on in regards to waterboarding should be equated to drowning.  See this issue has been muddled because it has not been explained properly, but thanks to the honesty of Mancow, we all can relate to what waterboarding is, drowning and if done intentional, again, torture.  Just about everyone knows what too much water in your mouth and nose feels like, it feels like drowning.  That is how this argument needs to be presented moving forward.

If it is intentional drowning, that means it is TORTURE.


This Week With Barack Obama

Originally posted to icebergslim on Fri May 22, 2009 at 10:17 PM PDT.

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