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In my ongoing effort to keep up with the predictable and pathetic tactics of the Grand Obstructionist Party, I subscribe to all kinds of GOP email propaganda. I got one today from the Repug Governors Association, with the Subject: The Difference is Clear, containing the same old, same old fear & smear attack on incumbent NJ Governor Jon Corzine.

The substance is, of course, a pack of lies and a total yawn, but what caught my attention is the banner image:

THIS is the best they have to offer? The future of their party?

After I stopped laughing, I sent the following reply...

OK, let's see - you are touting, in order:

-- a token woman and lunatic Christian Dominionist who needed a witchdoctor to cure her of evil, has multiple corruption charges against her, is living proof that the fundie freak screed of "Abstinence" results directly in grandchildren, is married to an outspoken secessionist, denies climate change while her hickville town is flooded due to extraordinary levels of ice melt, and has bad 80s tattoed lipliner (BTW: did you know that the number one comment about Bible Spice seen on the Intertubes is "She's a fucking moron, but I'd do her.")

-- a dimwitted hillbilly who would rather see the less fortunate of his state starve or die from lack of healthcare, while keeping his state on the top of the list for poverty and dropouts, than to admit that The President of the United States provided the correct remedy for the financial crisis in the form of the StimPack (despite the ridiculous posturing and obstructionism of the Torturers-R-Us Party)

-- a token brown-skinned man, who gave an Epic Fail performance on primetime national television that made him and the entire GOP look like clown car lightweights as compared to the brilliant and eloquent President of The United States, has been know to perform exorcisms oooooooooooooooh, scary, and thinks volcanos are a liberal media myth that pose no threat to people or property

-- a possibly even more fuckwitted heir-apparent to Shrub-the-Murderer, who openly supports secession from The United States while accepting more federal dollars than 45 other states, allows the systematic rape of twelve year-old girls by their "good Christian" fathers, and has Blego-hair to boot

You're damned right!  The difference is clear, as is the irony:

The Neocon and EVILangelical Sponsored Blood-for-Oil Party that denies Evolution as scientific fact is headed for extinction.

Hugs and Kisses,

~ NamelesGenXer from Jersey


Originally posted to NamelessGenXer on Fri May 29, 2009 at 05:59 AM PDT.


Which f*ckwit guv is more damaging to the GOP?

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3%9 votes
2%6 votes
5%12 votes
39%92 votes
29%69 votes

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