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The final segment from last night bears multiple repeats; I probably won't EVERY NIGHT but want to tonight. Spread the word & do what you can!

I'll note 1 sad event & 1 happy event for "this day in history." On this date in 1941, baseball Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig died at age 37 of a degenerative disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Damn, I didn't realize he was that young.

gehrig Pictures, Images and Photos

Now for some MUCH - NEEDED giggles, this one is 54 today.

Just one more... :D

Happy Birthday Dana Carvey!

Let's Countdown.

#5 "And the Nominee is..." AKA "Filibusted" AKA "Soto Voices" AKA "Killing Choice" AKA "Life in Fear" - Well, paint me shocked at THIS development; GOP Senators have dropped the "up or down" for SCOTUS and/or judge nominees in favor of "appropriate" filibustering if necessary. $hit! What’ll I find out next; there’s no Santa Claus? Senator Jeff Sessions actually went on the record with something NICE to say about Judge Sotomayor? Expect him to get a smack on the snout from "you know who." Senator DiFi HAD to bring up the whole "Latina woman judge" shtick. I wonder if she & Senator Bayh have lunch together & discuss talking points on how to be boils on the butt of humanity?! Can she just run for Governor already? Apologies to the lovely residents of California. Don’t forget, DiFi; your political fortunes were made on the graves of Harvey Milk & George Moscone! Senator Leahy NAILED what was really going on in the judge’s speech that so many people are having a herd about. Who’s this dude leading the filibuster parade? They couldn’t find someone better than a loser that even Senator Bill Frist canned?! HA! That’s really pathetic. Howard Fineman said,

The f word is being used outside the Senate.

HA!! I BET IT IS, AND IT AIN’T ‘FILIBUSTER’! I’ll give y’all a clue; the "f" word being used rhymes with "duck." Wow, another shocking revelation that when GWB’s White House cleaning lady met with Senators trying to make nice in advance of her journey toward SCOTUS, her meetings went over about as well as me in the audience for any country music concert. John Roberts’ time there went better, I guess. Senator McConnell was impressed, too?! "You know who" is going to be smacking LOTS of snouts with newspapers. The family of Dr. Tiller announced that his clinic hasn’t re – opened yet. Scott Roeder was charged with murder today; apparently, Kansas doesn’t have a death penalty, so this guy won’t be executed of he’s ultimately found guilty? This guy shot a doctor in cold blood while he was attending church! Now, if we’re looking for consistency here amongst the right – wing "pro – life" nut jobs, they’d be one of the first CLAMORING for a death sentence normally if any other doctor was murdered in cold blood while they were attending church. But, as Emerson said, consistency is the hob – goblin of little minds. Dr. Tiller’s funeral on Saturday will be open to the public. Wow, you can bet your sweet bippy that some of Fred Phelps’ ilk will be there with their lovely signs – as if this man’s family hasn’t been through enough. Maybe, there will be another soldier’s funeral for them to show up at in their usual graceful compassionate truly – Christian way. Susan Hill looked really damn tired; if I were a doctor in that area, I’d probably hesitate going to the funeral, too. Dr. Tiller had a federal injunction in place at his clinic to keep protestors at bay and/or hoping that law enforcement officials would follow the damn law?! AG Holder needs to take a look at this situation.

#4 "’Never Any Evidence’" AKA "The Rewriting History Tour" AKA "Cheney’s Claims" - DICK has admitted there was no link between the 9/11 attacks & Iraq, but invading that country saved lives. Hm...the invasion didn’t save the lives of American blood & treasure that have died & will continue to die there. The invasion didn’t save the lives of all the Iraqis who have died & will continue to die there. Oh, and the torture program IN ITS ENTIRETY – not just the fun waterboarding – saved lives, too. DICK’s spawn had to go with him to an interview on FAUX News?! WTF??!! Now, THAT’S pathetic. The bad intelligence about Iraq was all George Tenet’s fault. Can we repossess his Medal of Freedom? Keith, I wouldn’t hold your breath about DICK going on trial any time soon. Richard Clarke dropped the 9/11 ball – not GWB, DICK, & the rest of the band of thieves. Who was it that told the person who delivered that Aug. 6, 2001 memo (to paraphrase), "OK, you’ve covered your a$$ now"? Damn, my memory just ain’t what it used to be. ;D

** KEITH STOLE ONE OF MY "THIS DAY IN HISTORY" ITEMS – THIEF! :D How ironic that a story about penguin poo was just after a segment about DICK. ;D A motorcycle rider in a race in Italy was able to hold on & actually get back on the sucker mid – skid! Damn! A pigeon got NAILED in a cricket match. Now, that’s some aiming right there! We helped make Countdown the #1 rated news show in that all – important demo in the month of May; we rule! :D A Vegas gambler wants his lost money back because the feng sui in the casino was f*cked up. Here’s Virginia Foxx again; she has beer parties in her office at tax payer expense. $hit, it’s probably not even good beer! **

#3 "Total Access" AKA "White House Unplugged" - Brian Williams & 12 NBC crews have unprecedented access to the White House. More than 150 hours of tape were shot. Look at our First Lady looking like a mom! Look at our President chillaxing in the limo – posture...posture...POSTURE! ;D

WPITW – The president of the Detroit economic development is trashing the old Detroit Tigers Stadium for office space. OK, what was the 2nd dude’s beef? I haz the confused – sorry. Burger Kings in Memphis are advertising that global warming is "baloney." Did "the King" have anything to do with this?

#1 "WTF!?! Moment" - A GOPer in "Cheese Head Land" had the audacity to trash Boss Limbaugh on his "wanting President Obama to fail" shtick. The guy who wrote that lost his job – OOPS! Since he mentioned Rachel Maddow, Rachel should hire him! Damn, here I go typing with 1 hand again because THAT THING is in the lower right – hand corner of my television machine screen. OK, this Kevin Stevenson dude sounds WAY TOO SENSICAL; that’s why he was sacked!

I know there are some wonderfully talented artistic & graphic design F.O.O. here, so I submit for your approval the following "creatively acquired" image from another diary with the invitation for y'all to go to town! ;D


Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Jun 02, 2009 at 06:41 PM PDT.

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