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   Not counting NY's  House Of Lords State Legislature, there is a lot that can be done to wipe out the GOP statewide.

   I am proud to say that New York State only has 2 Republicans left now that Representative John McHugh has been nominated to be the Secretary of the Army by President Barack Obama. McHugh does not expect to have his appointment confirmed until later this summer. The election will be held 40 days after Gov. Patterson declares the seat vacant, at which time a special election will be held for NY-23.

   Much like the special election Scott Murphy won over Republican James Tedisco in NY-20 earlier this year, there will be no primary for the nomination. Rather, both parties will hold conventions to see who the candidates for the seat will be.

   The seat in NY-23, as well as the other two remaining Republicans in New York {Peter King (R-NY 3) and Christopher Lee(R-NY 26)} are all winnable elections in the upcoming cycles, and a NY shutout for the GOP will further shrink the Republicans down to a regional minority party.

    Below the fold you can find out how to help, and why a NY shutout is a real possibilty.


In the recent 2008 election, then Republican Incumbent John McHugh defeated Democratic challenger Michael Oot by a 65% - 35% margin.

   The cause for hope is that President Barack Obama beat John McCain in 2008 in this Congressional district with 52% of the vote. Though it is hard to read in this map, one can safely assume that the political tide in Upstate NY has turned against the GOP, and for the worse.

   DKos user okuzaone had an excellent diary titled NY-23 Possible Democratic Candidates that details the different Democrats who could be the candidate for NY-23.

    I believe that June O'Neill, the state Democratic party chair, would be a great candidate for the upcoming NY-23 special election. Her ability to win back the State Senate and her overwhelming popularity among Democrats in the large NY-23 district will be a huge asset against other possible GOP contenders.

    About June O'Neill.

    June F. O'Neill has spent more than thirty years working in Democratic politics and New York state government. June served in St. Lawrence County government for more than 16 years in a variety of capacities including Clerk of the Board, County Auditor, County Budget Officer, Election Commissioner, and Head Social Welfare Examiner. She was also the first person to hold the position that has now become County Administrator.

    June was St. Lawrence County Democratic chair from 1978-1983 when she was credited with electing Democratic candidates to countywide office for the first time in history. She joined the administration of Governor Mario Cuomo in 1983 as the Governor's North Country Regional Representative and then served as a member of his Cabinet in the post of Director of the NYS Office of Rural Affairs.

    June worked as Comptroller H. Carl McCall's Director of Training and Intergovernmental Relations. Upon retiring from her full time job in 2001, she was again elected St. Lawrence County Democratic chair. Under her leadership, the County Democrats have made great strides, including most recently 'flipping' the majority on the County Legislature from 10 Republicans and 5 Democrats to 10 Democrats and 5 Republicans in November 2006.

     Without McHugh's incumbent status as a and with the strategy of "No!" and Rush Limbaugh to circumnavigate it is hard to imagine a special election that would be anywhere near as lopsided as the previous election in 2008.

    Donations towards the Democratic candidate in NY-23 can be made here at Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection, as is stated on ActBlue's site, and since there is no primary in this election we can all get behind whichever Democrat is nominated to run against whichever Republican runs against them.


    The election in NY-26 that will pit a Democratic challenger against Republican Christopher Lee, is another matter, but another opportunity for NY Democrats.

    Christopher Lee is a freshman Representative, having won a seat that was vacated by incumbent Republican Thomas M. Reynolds, who you may remember from the Mark Foley page scandal. Then, Representative Foley, according to

In early 2006, Reynolds was informed by Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-La.) that Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) had engaged in email correspondence with a former congressional page of his which was considered “overfriendly.” Reynolds claimed to have then contacted House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) about the situation. While Hastert originally claimed to have no knowledge of the Foley emails upon his resignation, he later refused to deny that the conversation with Reynolds took place.

    As we can see here, Barack Obama had a tough race in the counties of NY-26, but where McCain won in smaller counties President Obama cleaned up in the more populated Monroe and Erie counties where the majority of NY-26 voters live. This election will not be held until 2010, but a strong progressive to moderate Democratic Candidate in NY-26 can win with a little push form the NY Dem party and President Barack Obama.

    Christopher Lee has made such winning contributions to the State of New York as his votes against President Obama's stimulus packages, his votes against Mortgage Restructuring In Bankruptcy and his votes against Oversight of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. I am certain that any Democrat could defeat Christopher Lee if given a good head start.
    In order to give the next potential Democratic candidate that good start, go to ActBlue to donate to the Democratic Nominee fund for NY-26 to help replace Republican Chris Lee with a Democrat who supports progress and working class families.

    All in all I would label NY-26 a possible win for 2010.


Peter King, the Republican incumbent in NY-3, has a face that only a comedian could love.

the flask of reviving cognac for lost mountain climbers is below his other chin

    As a torture defender and anti-empathy activist, Peter King should see his popularity slipping in the future. When that happens, NY Dems should attack.

    Though incumbent Republican Peter King won re-election with a 64%-36% margin, President Barack Obama won Nassau County where NY-3 lies over John McCain by a 54%-45% margin. In 2008, Presidential runner up John McCain defeated President Barack Obama in the NY-3 district by a margin of 52% to 47%, but no Republican has edged over the 52% mark in the district in the last three Presidential Election cycles, and a combination of President Obama's popularity and the GOP shedding moderates could spell success for Democrats in NY-3 by the time the 2010 elections roll around.

Election results from presidential races
Year Office Results
2000 President Gore 52 - 44%
2004 President Bush 52 - 47%
2008 President McCain 52 - 47%

    The NY-3 seat held by Republican Peter King looks like the toughest fight ahead in the battle to make New York blue, but do not be afraid, as whatever gains the Democrats do not make, the GOP seems glad to lose on their own with their ever popular anti empathy, change, women and whatever minority you are platform of "No!", of which Peter King is a chief cheerleader.

    Of course, we can also count on Peter King to dig his own grave, as is the fashion among congressional Republicans these days.

    Recently, Representative Peter King had these lovely words to share with his constituents.

    King . . . admitted that "in every war there are going to be abuses," but added that he is not sure "what purpose the ACLU serves in constantly tearing down the United States, constantly attacking our government."


     He charged the ACLU with committing "libel" by accusing the military of committing torture, and claimed that what abuses there were, were not sanctioned by higher chains of command in the Bush administration.

"It is absolutely wrong to say this was approved at the highest levels of government," he said.

    Except, ole Petey boy, the Bush Administration did sanction torture and other war crimes, and the ACLU that defends our civil rights has the FOIA files to prove it.

    The top of the banner on the ACLU's torture FOIA act page reads "Safe and Free: restore our constitutional rights", so if Peter King hates the ACLU, he logically must be against the Constitutional rights which they so ardently defend.

   If Peter King is against the defense of our citizens Constitutional rights, we should stand as Democrats against him and the War Criminals he seeks to shield from the light of transparency and justice. Donate here to help the Democratic Nominee fund in NY-3 recruit a quality candidate to challenge GOPosaur Peter King, and give that candidate a good head start with your donation.

    While you are at it, if you have not yet, sign the petition to ask AG Eric Holder to name a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute the Bush/Cheney administration for the war crimes committed under their regime.

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    With a lot of hard work and a little luck, I think we can turn the great State of New York bright blue, with not a touch of red in sight, but us New Yorkers can not do it alone, we need your help!

    Here is the ActBlue home page for NY House elections. If you can help turn NY State totally blue in my lifetime, you will have my gratitude and a hell of a lot of karma coming your way, and you will have an ally in your own fights in me and other New Yorkers like me.



    And now, some motivational speaking!

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 03:36 PM PDT.


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