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Al Franken wins, and it's put Corrupt Democrats in a bind. They've just lost their "60 Vote" excuse for inaction.

So it's time for Old Reliable to go on steroids; using "bipartisanship" and "centrism" as cover and concealment for Corruption.

IMO, a key to the wholesale defeat and collapse of the Republican party was taking apart their deceptions Over and Over and Over until they were not only no longer believable, but until they became threads of scorn and humor woven into the fabric of common political discourse. ("Why do you hate our troops?") That's how you bust up propagandized lies.

We did it to the Republicans, the fake Conservatives, and now it's time to do it to the Corporate Whores, the Blue Dogs, the fake Moderates. It is in that spirit that I've put together this first diary:

A couple of years ago, I was in a 1v1 argument with another commenter here who was trying to blame NAFTA and other corporate scams on Centrists. The body of today's diary is a copy/paste of the main point of my reply. To me, it stands on it's own. It begins with a blockquote of the specific point I was rebutting.

Link to the full comment.

a centrist position that has continuously led to failure in recent years.

This is derived from a deliberate deception foisted upon the political landscape, usually not by ideologues from the extremes, but by the False Conservatives and the Sellout Democrats.

If you listen to Joe Lieberman, he'll tell you what a "centrist" or "moderate" he tends to be (when it suits him), and how effective a "bi-partisan" leader he is. Just like the False Conservatives have no concern for actual conservative ideas, Lieberman and his ilk are simply using "moderate" and "bi-partisan" as a tool of deception.

His is not the bi-partisanship of compromise, or cooperation, or the bi-partisanship of finding common ground and using that to make progress on an issue. Joe Lieberman's is the bi-partisanship of the bribe. If they're writing him campaign checks, he's reaching into their wallet and then across the aisle to whoever else just got one.

I won't fall for the Guilt by Association fallacy like you tend to deliberately do in these cases. Just because Lieberman is a sellout who supports legislation which "has continuously led to failure in recent years", I'm not going to try and paint all "real" moderates, or "real" liberals, or "real" Independents, or "real" Democrats, or whatever flavor Joe claims to be this week, I won't try and paint the "real" sincere folks with Lieberman's Sellout brush, just to drag them down.

These guys abandon their claimed ideology at the drop of a checkbook, then brag about the fine "bi-partisan" work they are doing.

Using this deception, they've effectively correlated "centrist" and "bi-partisan" with "corruption".

So don't bother trying to hang the bogus "free" trade deals, the bankruptcy legislation, the Medicaid drug windfall for the pharmaceuticals, and all these other sellout deals around my neck.

Like I said several posts ago, the existential political fight in this country is not between the left and right, or Democrats and Republicans. It's between Corruption and Reform.

The Reformers of both parties need to work together with the base of both parties to purge the Corruptors out of their positions of leadership. We need primary challenges against these Corruptor weasels, on both sides.

I simply will not excuse a Corruptor Democrat, a sellout, just because they are a Democrat. To do so simply perpetuates the "Culture of Corruption."

If you're a tribal ideologue, you take anyone on your team, as long as they're holding a seat so you can keep power.

That's the Culture of Corruption, and that is the source of failure in recent years.

Originally posted to 3rdOption on Tue Jul 07, 2009 at 08:20 AM PDT.

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