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Has anyone else noticed that the wingnut hate site Pajamas Media seems intent on fomenting insurrection here in the good old USA?

Anyone who doubts it should check out the latest installment of "The Chesler Chronicles", written by Phyllis Chesler, who doesn't seem to have a lot of love for the President or Palestinians or Muslims in general.

Quotes from the article and hate-filled comments after the jump.

She compares July 2009 to July 1939 before the Nazi's invaded Poland:

Why does all this peace-and-calm remind me, ever so slightly, of Europe in early July of 1914 or July of 1939? Not everyone is touched by war, some smartly dressed people are always dancing or feasting as other people are being murdered (we have all seen the documentary footage of the really good time some people were having while others were going up in smoke at Auschwitz or Treblinka. I was not starving while Hutus slaughtered Tutsis in Rwanda — were you?)

Has anyone else noticed how many African-American news anchors now sport haircuts just like President Obama’s? Why does this look remind me of of those fearfully polite Nation of Islam men?

Then, if you can stand it, see what kind of hatred gets whipped up in the comments.

PatAZ writes:

...lots of African-American men on tv commercials. I guess it’s the adoring style today.

gracie says:

Yep, next come the white shirts with little bow ties...and they’ll tear you apart...oh, sorry.. that’s just my nightmare.

not only their hair, but almost every commerical on tv...hhmmmm

The press is hiding B.O.o and the world from us.
And it’s not a slow news’s planned this way. Like the calm before the storm...we’re being lulled.

Argo suggest American troops KNOW how to deal with Mooslims!

Ms. Chesler should treat herself to a front line visit of our troops.

They have a different perspective on Islam men. They also know how to apply a generous dose of helpless, terrified feelings onto those not so polite grub worms in a manner that makes them want to avoid all contact with real American men forever.

ricpic suggests we're being too nice:

Blacks and Muslims are primitives. Primitives can only be controlled by being confronted. But confronting them means using force. And it’s NOT NICE to use force. It’s reactionary. So sayeth our great mills of propaganda that grind exceeding fine.

Kondratieff shares a little love for Hitler.

One major difference between 1914 Europe and Germany, Italy, Japan in 1939, and the U.S. today is that their leaders respected and loved their countries, while Obama and his ruling coalitions clearly do not.

Rachel Peepers seems to be calling for an armed revolution.

What would George Washington and the patriots have done if faced with a bossman as unabashedly, unashamedly, un-American as the boy king, Barack Obama?

Answer that and you’ll probably reveal what we as a country need to do next.

Erik of Dale proves what Sarah Palin has been saying all along!

Mark my words, the day is coming and coming soon that Obambi is going to lift the veil of secrecy and unveil himself as a Muslim. Then he will push HARD for Islam to be the official state religion and have a mosque built near or maybe even in the WH. There will be a constant and never ending stream of Muslim rulers, or kings or tyrants visiting our newly proclaimed muslim ruler and shortly after that war will break out in the middle east between Israel and whatever Arab states think they have the balls to fight the Israeli’s. The world is in a mess and it’s getting worse. Thanks libs, I hope you like your "Hope and Change". Does 10 or 12 percent unemployment sound good?

This is all-too-typical of the hatred being spewed on this site.  It doesn't require TOO much paranoia to imagine that more than one lone nut (or a group of nuts) will see stuff like this and feel "called upon by God" to "deliver" America from the "scourge of Obama."

All I can say after reading all this is, I hope the Secret Service is keeping tabs on these idiots.

Also, I'm VERY happy that the "grownups" are in charge now!

Originally posted to Deep Brain Diarist on Tue Jul 14, 2009 at 02:34 PM PDT.

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