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Running behind as usual, but I think I've cobbled it all together to make something interesting. So without further ado... Activate interlock... Dynotherms connected... Infracells up... Mega thrusters are go... Let's go Voltron Force!

The standard warning for those of you who've never seen one of these before: If you would like to see some of the latest entertainment news, celebrity gossip and odd crap making the rounds, keep reading. However, if you are easily offended by half-nude men & women or other such things, you might want to stop right now.

You've been warned.

[What Men Want In Bed?]

It's always interesting to see Womens' magazines attempt to deduce the inner workings of the male psyche. Hell, I'm male & I don't completely understand it. For the August issue of Cosmo (the one with Katy Perry on the cover with a story about "The Orgasm Whisperer"), the magazine has teamed up with to poll 6,000 males between the ages of 18 and 35 about their sexual practices & desires.

Among the results:

  • The no-fail move that immediately gets you ready for sex is usually:
  • A really long, steamy kiss: 35.4%
    When she grabs my crotch: 34.9%
    When she brushes her breasts against my chest: 24.4%
    When she licks my nipples: 5.3%

  • What over-the-top move would you like to try?
  • A threesome: 32.1%
    Getting it on in a public place: 31.7%
    Videotaping the two of us together: 21.2%
    Role-playing: 9.7%
    Talking dirty: 5.3%

  • Where's the sexiest place a girl can ambush you for a hot quickie?
  • In bed, first thing in the morning, even if I'm half asleep: 41.7%
    In the shower: 24.7%
    The doorway, just as I walk in: 22.2%
    While we're in the car: 11.4%

  • Finish this sentence: "When we're done with sex, I would love if she:
  • Cuddled up with me in bed.": 32.1%
    Pulled me into the shower with her.": 27.6%
    Begged for round two.": 18.8%
    Told me how amazing it felt.": 16.2%
    Rolled over and left me alone.": 5.3%

  • Approximately how long do you like an entire sex session to last?
  • 30 minutes: 50.4%
    15 minutes: 25.5%
    60 or more minutes: 21.1%
    10 minutes: 3.1%

Speaking of Womens' magazines, a little bit back Jezebel had a pretty funny dissection of the inane reasoning in the "Amazing Sex Every Time!" piece from July's Glamour.

The Pointless First-Person Anecdote... Glamour has loads of these. There's the girl who thought she could only come with a huge cock, but then met a man she enjoyed sex with despite his four-and-a-half-incher. The moral: everybody's different, and sex with one person is different from sex with anybody else. Thanks Glamour! Uh, but doesn't this mean that the ex-size-queen's experience won't apply to me?

[Movie & Television News]

Emmy Nominations: The nominations for the 2009 Emmy Awards, which will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, were announced on Thursday. Like every other awards show, the Emmys have had their own weird quirks over the years when it comes to nominations & winners. During the '90s, I don't really understand why, but "Frasier" could not be beat at the Emmy Awards. That show won 5 straight Best Comedy Series Emmys, shutting out "The Larry Sanders Show", and some of the best years of "Seinfeld" & "Friends." More recently, "The Wire", which has been critically lauded as one of the best television series ever, was NEVER, in any of its seasons, nominated for a Best Drama Series Emmy. So did anyone get snubbed this year? More on that in a bit.

"30 Rock" led this years nominees with the most nominations; twenty-two. Here are some of the nominations (click on the links to see the full list for the specific genre). First up, the particulars of the Comedy Nominees. Fox's "Family Guy" is the first animated series to be nominated in the Comedy series category since 1961 ("The Flintstones").

Best Comedy SeriesBest Actor In A Comedy SeriesBest Actress In A Comedy Series
EntourageAlec Baldwin, 30 RockChristina Applegate, Samantha Who?
Family GuySteve Carell, The OfficeToni Collette, United States of Tara
Flight of the ConchordsJemaine Clement, Flight of the ConchordsJulia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your MotherJim Parsons, The Big Bang TheoryTina Fey, 30 Rock
The OfficeTony Shalhoub, MonkMary-Louise Parker, Weeds
30 RockCharlie Sheen, Two and a Half MenSarah Silverman, The Sarah Silverman Program

AMC's "Mad Men" leads the Drama Nominees with 16 nominations. My pick in the Drama category would be AMC's other series, "Breaking Bad." However, this is where I have to bitch a little bit. It's almost criminal that the final season of FX's "The Shield" got no love at all, either with a nomination for Best Drama Series or nominations for Walton Goggins (Shane Vendrell) or Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackey) in the acting categories.

Best Drama SeriesBest Actor In A Drama SeriesBest Actress In A Drama Series
Big LoveSimon Baker, The MentalistGlenn Close, Damages
Breaking BadGabriel Byrne, In TreatmentSally Field, Brothers & Sisters
DamagesBryan Cranston, Breaking BadMariska Hargitay, Law & Order: SVU
DexterMichael C. Hall, DexterHolly Hunter, Saving Grace
HouseJon Hamm, Mad MenElisabeth Moss, Mad Men
LostHugh Laurie, HouseKyra Sedgwick, The Closer
Mad Men

Teen Habits: In an attempt to understand the teenage market for entertainment & information, Morgan Stanley decided to go to the source. They tasked a 15-year-old intern at the financial services firm with coming up with an analysis, and his report has been called the "clearest and most thought-provoking insights we have seen."

From The Times:

Just over a fortnight ago, Matthew Robson had never worked in banking. This was mainly because he was 15 years and 7 months old and attending a comprehensive school in South London.

Today he is the talk of Tokyo, Wall Street and the City. Fund managers, CEOs and analysts are poring over his report, How Teenagers Consume Media, which he wrote last week while on work experience at Morgan Stanley.

To be sure, Robson's report is largely anecdotal, detailing his own personal experience & the experience of those he knows. However, the reason his analysis may have gotten the attention it has is that a lot of his report matches with the reality for a large number of these industries.

Among the findings made by Robson in his research note for Morgan Stanley:

  • Movies - Teens still like going to the movies and find it worthy of payment, but it isn't exactly out of a love of film. They usually like going out to a cinema since it's a chance to get together with friends, and more attractive than the quality & risks associated with pirated films.
  • Newspapers & Print Media - Teenagers see them as "irrelevant."

"No teenager that I know of regularly reads a newspaper, as most do not have the time and cannot be bothered to read pages and pages of text while they could watch the news summarised on the internet or on TV."

  • Music - Teenagers are "very reluctant" to pay for music, with 80% downloading tracks illegally & most having never bought a CD.
  • Radio - Teens are not regular radio listeners. They would rather stream music online, where they can pick & choose tracks rather than having it chosen for them by a DJ.
  • Facebook & Twitter - Old people use Twitter.

"Facebook is popular as one can interact with friends on a wide scale. On the other hand, teenagers do not use twitter. Most have signed up to the service, but then just leave it as they realise that they are not going to update it (mostly because texting twitter uses up credit, and they would rather text friends with that credit). In addition, they realise that no one is viewing their profile, so their 'tweets' are pointless."

The Highest Paid In Hollywood: Forbes Magazine has published two listing of the highest paid men & women in Hollywood (although, the Forbes' female list only takes into acount "actresses", not female producers or executives).

In Hollywood the stars get their pictures on the covers of magazines and designers ply them with free clothes, but producers earn the big bucks.

Case in point, on our first-ever list of the top-earning men in Hollywood, half made the cut mostly for their production work, not their star quality. As a group, they earned $1.2 billion.

At the top of our list is George Lucas. The producer/director/writer was smart enough to hold onto the merchandizing rights to his Star Wars characters way back in 1977 before anyone knew how those sales would take off. Today he still earns big bucks from toy company Hasbro, which pays Lucas a sizable royalty on all of the Star Wars toys it sells, netting Lucas $170 million last year by our count.

Below are the 15 highest earning males in the entertainment industry for 2008, according to Forbes.

1.George Lucas$170 million
2.Steven Spielberg$150 million
3.Jerry Bruckheimer$100 million
4.Jerry Seinfeld$85 million
5.Dr. Phil McGraw$80 million
6.Tyler Perry$75 million
6.Dick Wolf$75 million
6.Simon Cowell$75 million
9.Bruce Springsteen$70 million
9.Howard Stern$70 million
11.Harrison Ford$65 million
11.Kenny Chesney$65 million
13.James Patterson$60 million
14.Adam Sandler$55 million
14.Larry David$55 million

These are the top earning actresses between June 2008 & June 2009.

1.Angelina Jolie$27 million
2.Jennifer Aniston$25 million
3.Meryl Streep$24 million
4.Sarah Jessica Parker$23 million
5.Cameron Diaz$20 million
6.Sandra Bullock$15 million
7.Reese Witherspoon$15 million
8.Nicole Kidman$12 million
8.Drew Barrymore$12 million
10.Renee Zellweger$10 million
11.Cate Blanchett$8 million
12.Anne Hathaway$7 million
12.Halle Berry$7 million
14.Scarlett Johansson$5.5 million
15.Kate Winslet$2 million

Movie Trailers: If you have problems with the embedded players below, or want to see other recently released teasers & trailers, click here.

  • Whip It

  • Sherlock Holmes

  • The Informant!

  • Zombieland

  • The Box

Other stories making the rounds.....

  • What has Fox Television done to fuck up a quality show lately? Well, let's see: Hey, "Futurama" is coming back... Yeah!!!... Oh, by the way, we're letting the entire cast go.... WTF?

Fox released a statement saying "We love the Futurama voice performers and absolutely wanted to use them, but unfortunately, we could not meet their salary demands. While replacing these talented actors will be difficult, the show must go on. We are confident that we will find terrific new performers to give voice to Matt and David's brilliantly subversive characters."

  • Willem Dafoe will star alongside Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins in 'John Carter of Mars', the Walt Disney Pictures fantasy epic to be directed by 'Wall-E' helmer Andrew Stanton
  • NBC Universal Profits Down 41%
  • No 'GUYS AND DOLLS' Remake for Guy Ritchie, But for Hugh Jackman? Maybe
  • Also, Hugh Jackman to become an 'Avon' salesman
  • Nicolas Cage wants a 'Ghost Rider' sequel... That makes one of him
  • 'The Hobbit': Who should play Bilbo Baggins?... However, A Lawsuit Seeks to Derail 'The Hobbit', And No Bilbo Casting At Comic Con
  • Last week David Letterman's "The Late Show" posted its largest weekly victory over NBC's "The Tonight Show" since 2000
  • Is 'G.I. Joe' really that bad? Early reviews say maybe not...
  • A New Look at Anne Hathaway as The White Queen in Tim Burton’s 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND'
  • New Images from Mike Judge’s 'EXTRACT', Starring Jason Bateman...
  • Darren Aronofsky May Shoot Down 'ROBOCOP' to Swim with Natalie Portman on 'BLACK SWAN'
  • Bootleg of Robert Zemeckis’ 'A Christmas Carol' International Movie Trailer
  • Natalie Portman to Star as "Jane Foster" in 'Thor'
  • Disney has acquired screen rights to Aprilynne Pike’s bestselling young adult novel "Wings" for Miley Cyrus
  • Russell Crowe is in the early stages of negotiations to reprise the role of British sea captain Jack Aubrey in a new 'Master & Commander' based on "The Reverse of the Medal"
  • Comic-Con '09: 17 Sneak Peeks
  • The Great Emo-Geek War Of 2009 Continues.....

A source working at Comic Con tells us that organizers are purposefully putting Avatar events far from Twilight events because they fear a melee between the Fanboys and TweenGirls.

  • What Can Be Discerned About "Mad Men" Season Three Based Solely On This Promotional Image...
  • Stephen Chow Will Not Play Kato!
  • John Williams Might Return to score 'Harry Potter'
  • Warner Bros. says 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' broke the record for midnight screening with $22.2 million domestically, breaking the record set by another Warner blockbuster, 'The Dark Knight'... 'Half Blood Prince' earned $58.2 million on Wednesday alone
  • Teaser Trailers for 'Despicable Me' and 'Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief'
  • Brüno Banned in Ukraine, Chopped in UK
  • How Sacha Baron Cohen makes himself invincible to lawsuits
  • Release Dates For 3D Films
  • Producer Claims That He Created "LOST" 32 Years Ago
  • So Why Is 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' Rated PG, Anyway?
  • Poster art for the 'LET THE RIGHT ONE IN' remake, retitled 'Let Me In'
  • Fredrik Bond to direct 'Hack/Slash'
  • First Look: Scarlett Johansson as "Black Widow"... Plus, First Look: Don Cheadle and Sam Rockwell in 'Iron Man 2'
  • Also for 'Iron Man 2', Mickey Rourke demanded that his character get drunk and yell at a parrot
  • Ari Emanuel, brother of White House Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel & Inspiration For "Ari Gold" On HBO's "Entourage", Has A Plan To Reinvent Hollywood
  • Alexander Skarsgard of HBO's "True Blood" and Kate Bosworth will join James Marsden in the upcoming thriller 'Straw Dogs', a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman
  • How 'Back To The Future' Almost Nuked The Fridge...
  • Steven Soderbergh: 'I can see the end of my career'
  • Susan Sarandon and John Goodman to co-star opposite Al Pacino in "You Don't Know Jack," HBO Films' biopic of Jack Kevorkian, which is being directed by Barry Levinson
  • The Only Remaining Childhood Memories Not on a Hollywood Development Slate
  • 25 Best Romantic Movies of the Past 25 Years, According To Entertainment Weekly
  • Fans of "Torchwood" are Debating whether the famously Gay-friendly show turned homophobic in its most recent storyline (Warning: Spoilers For "Children Of Earth")
  • Katherine Heigl: It's "Bizarre" Filming Grey's Without T.R. Knight
  • Did "Battlestar Galactica" Have The Worst Ending In Science Fiction History?

I savage BSG’s ending because it began so well. Moore’s talent in making things up as he went along, hoping to find cool ways to resolve them, is actually a great one. He’s better at it than just about anybody else out there writing SF TV.

But this does not excuse the ending. It suffers, not just under my standards but under Ron Moore’s. He promised a show that was was true to real science, character driven and not overwhelmed by SF clichés like time travel, technobabble, aliens and godlike powers. He promised a show connected to our world. Instead he delivered a show whose ending pivoted on bad (and even dangerous) science, with all events due to something that’s either a god or godlike alien, all precisely following prophecies made ages ago, reducing the characters to puppets. And in the end, it had no connection to our world.

  • Stephen King’s "CELL" will now ring as TV miniseries
  • New 'Astro Boy' Clips Explore The Metal Boy's Soul
  • Renee Zellweger to Play 'Bridget Jones' Again
  • First look at Kristin Scott Thomas as Aunt Mimi and Aaron Johnson as John Lennon in 'Nowhere Boy'
  • Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah Hill, And Maybe Steven Seagal Cast in Robert Rodriguez’s 'Machete'?
  • Details on four characters – three regular and one recurring – for season four of "Friday Night Lights"
  • The 10 Most Awesome Old School Nickelodeon Theme Songs
  • Rare Glimpse of Disney's Failed 'Where The Wild Things Are' Adaptation!
  • Ryan Seacrest Re-Ups With 'Idol' With $45 Million Deal
  • Paula Abdul's manager: She'll leave "Idol" if 'rude' producers don't step up new deal
  • The 'WORLD WAR Z' Movie Gets A New Writer...
  • First Look: Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'
  • Emily Blunt To Star Opposite Matt Damon In 'The Adjustment Bureau'
  • A producer on "Baretta" and "Babes in Toyland" claims that back in 1977 he was paid $30,000 to write a TV pilot, which eventually became a 121-page script called "Lost"
  • Ten Events from "The West Wing" that wouldn't really happen...
  • The 6 Most Unfortunate HBO Cancellations?
  • Jorja Fox Returning to "C.S.I."
  • Stephen Colbert Demands to Be Named "Worst Person in the World"
  • The adoption community has banded together to protest 'Orphan', a horror movie opening next Friday, in fear that it will fuel negative attitudes toward real-life orphans
  • Star Wars TV Show To Be a Family Drama?

[Music News]

Charts: Through the magic of , you can click on any of the song titles below & hear that particular track.

The top 10 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 are.....

  1. The Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling"
  1. Drake - "Best I Ever Had"
  1. The Black Eyed Peas - "Boom Boom Pow"
  1. Keri Hilson Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo - "Knock You Down"
  1. Sean Kingston - "Fire Burning"
  1. Taylor Swift - "You Belong With Me"
  1. Lady Gaga - "LoveGame"
  1. Pitbull - "I Know You Want Me"
  1. Jeremih - "Birthday Sex"
  1. Hannah Montana - "He Could Be The One"

The Top 10 Songs in the United States at the iTunes Store are.....

  1. The Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling"
  1. Sean Kingston - "Fire Burning"
  1. Taylor Swift - "You Belong With Me"
  1. The Black Eyed Peas - "Boom Boom Pow"
  1. Cobra Starship Ft. Leighton Meester - "Good Girls Go Bad"
  1. Demi Lovato - "Here We Go Again"
  1. Drake - "Best I Ever Had"
  1. Lady Gaga - "LoveGame"
  1. Hannah Montana - "He Could Be The One"
  1. Boys Like Girls - "Love Drunk"

Music news circulating around the series of tubes.....

  • Country musicians Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss will play a high-profile gig next week at the White House, as part of the White House Music Series hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Michael Jackson's Unreleased Song - "A Place With No Name"
  • Jackson Reunion Tour in the Works?
  • In latest proof that the Apocalypse is all but upon us, Disco is making a comeback...
  • Hannah Montana & Mariah Carey Debut Well On The Singles Chart
  • Maxwell Tops Billboard Album Chart With "BLACKsummers'night"
  • Michael Jackson Sells 1.1 Million Albums In One Week
  • Warner Music Group Deletes Keyboard Cat Track from YouTube
  • Jay-Z Says Kanye Inspired 'D.O.A.'
  • Rock 'N' Roll Urban Legends
  • New Thom Yorke - "All For The Best"
  • The 10 Best Cover Songs?
  • Ace Frehley: Ready for Solo LP "Anomaly," But Not a KISS Reunion
  • Russell Brand to Return as Host of MTV Video Music Awards
  • For the third time this year, an iconic rock radio station in a major city is shifting formats: Boston’s 104.1 WBCN, "The Rock of Boston," will leave the airwaves on August 13th
  • Lady GaGa becomes just the third artist in the 16-year history of the Mainstream Top 40 airplay chart to collect three No. 1 songs from a debut album
  • Stage for Madonna show collapses in France, sparking a Criminal Probe/Manslaughter investigation
  • Slash Says Velvet Revolver Still Searching for Singer
  • The Harry Potter books have spawned a new music genre, "Wizard Rock", which includes at least 500 bands that will never get laid
  • Pearl Jam Debuts 'Fixer', Reveals Track List
  • Paul McCartney Stuns Manhattan With Set on Letterman’s Marquee
  • Indie Rockers Play Dress-Up For The New York Times
  • Whitney Houston's comeback album, "I Look To You", will be released September 1st
  • Mariah Carey’s video for her Eminem-taunting single "Obsessed" officially premiered
  • Warren Haynes In Musical Overdrive With Gov't Mule, Allmans, Dead
  • Adam Lambert & Kris Allen's American Idol Tour
  • Stream The Dodos' "Time To Die"
  • U2 Start Posting Backstage Photos From the Road on 360 Tour Twitter
  • Wavves/Woods/Real Estate at Bowery Ballroom, NYC 7/15/09
  • Chevelle Commits 'Sci-Fi Crimes'
  • Rakim Ready To Release 'The Seventh Seal'
  • Trent Reznor says NIN is not dead, just that it won't be constantly touring anymore: "I'd never want to be Gene Simmons, an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids, like a clown going to work"
  • Harvey Danger Call It A Day
  • Sean Kingston: A Q&A with the 'Fire'-starting singer
  • New Modest Mouse - "Perpetual Motion Machine"
  • Young, Mellencamp, Matthews and Nelson Set for St. Louis Farm Aid
  • A federal judge has sentenced a man who pleaded guilty to leaking part of the Guns N' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" to a year's probation
  • Jack White’s Dead Weather Blast Through Noon Set at NYC Gallery
  • The Dead Weather’s Mosshart Goes Acoustic With The Kills
  • David Guetta Hits The Big Time With Pop Collaborations
  • Aerosmith Set Return to the Road, But Lose Another Member to Injury
  • Julian Casablancas Goes Solo With The Phrazes For The Young LP
  • Bruce Springsteen Extends 'Dream' Tour

[Gratuitous Links & Pics]

Other News & Crap

  • Walter Cronkite Dies At 92
  • Less than a month after Jon and Kate filed for divorce, Jon & his new girlfriend (who he may or may not be engaged to) took off to France... However, to keep up the facade of the TLC show, Jon and Kate Gosselin later Reunited at their Pennsylvania Home... And then Unreunited:

"Hailey and I have been family friends for several years and only very recently began dating," Jon Gosselin explains. "What began as friendship has grown into something more."

He goes on: "I genuinely enjoy spending time with her. It's nice to be with someone who I can confide in and trust and who accepts me for who I am."

  • Also, about Jon Gosselin's new 22-year-old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, seems just like every other 22-year-old girl... Pictures of her shitfaced with bong in hand are on her Facebook page, and it seems like she majored in Coke and threesomes at college...
  • Infamous Video of Michael Jackson’s Hair Catching on Fire Finally Unearthed...
  • Katherine Jackson is keeping her options open to contesting the will
  • Is A Settlement Near In The Jackson Custody Case?
  • Photos of Michael Jackson’s Life as a Dad
  • Michael Jackson Autopsy Results Delayed Two More Weeks
  • According to's sources, investigators believe Propofol was the primary cause of Jackson's death... LAPD have a hunch that Dr. Conrad Murray (the cardiologist with Jackson at the time of his death) may have administered Propofol.. Also, Doctor Murray has declined any further chatting with investigators:

Reps from the L.A. County Coroner's office planned to attend the third interview, but we're told Dr. Murray's lawyer called and said the doctor would not be speaking to the cops at this time.

And here's the best part. Our sources say the cops called the lawyer back and they were referred to the lawyer's lawyer who said Dr. Murray's lawyer would not be speaking to them!

  • "The O.C." star Mischa Barton was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold (also known as a 5150) by the Los Angeles Police Department and transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Wednesday evening
  • Janet Jackson might get custody of Michael's kids
  • Jessica Simpson Is 'Sad, Mad and Confused' After Tony Romo Dumps Her The Day Before Her 29th Birthday... How Did It Go Wrong?... However, could Jessica & ex-husband Nick Lachey reunite now that they're both single?
  • Are Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston More Than Friends?
  • "Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall has split from her much younger longtime beau, chef Alan Wyse
  • Maura Tierney has revealed that she has found a tumor in her breast, following weekend reports that the illness has pushed back the premiere of her new NBC fall drama "Parenthood"
  • Giant Simpsons vs. Marvel Mural in Queens, NYC
  • Is Britney Spears Cheating on Her New Boyfriend/Agent?
  • Brad Pitt's advice for online lovers, and other cyber related issues
  • Police: Cash, Jewelry Stolen From Orlando Bloom's House
  • "Parks & Recreation" star Rashida Jones and her current beau, President Obama’s speechwriter Jon Favreau, were spotted in the lobby of the Charleston, Jon’s swanky apartment building in Arlington, Virginia
  • Robert Redford Marries German Girlfriend
  • It's an open secret that Perez Hilton can't be bothered to blog all day long anymore... But for some reason he's never copped to using ghost writers... Until now...
  • Move over Madonna, Kate Hudson and her boyfriend, Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez, go on a private shopping trip together at Barney’s New York last Sunday (July 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif
  • Ice-T's Queen, Coco, is giving tips on how to keep a man
  • Octomom Nadya Suleman returned from the hospital last night with 2-year-old son Caleb, who drank some sort of salt-based solution earlier in the day
  • Ivanka Trump Engaged to Longtime Beau
  • Vanessa Bryant, wife of Kobe Bryant, seemed to be busting out of her dress at the 2009 ESPY Awards
  • New Photos Of Jennifer Lopez's Twins
  • Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan on Their Wedding Day
  • Countess divorceé Marie Douglas-David's long ordeal is mercifully drawing to a close
  • Amy Winehouse has split from her husband of about two years, Blake Fielder-Civil
  • Janet Jackson & longtime music-exec boyfriend Jermaine Dupri have split up
  • Lada Gaga Dumped by Her Gentleman
  • Somebody with a pulse and a working brain (not confirmed) actually married Fred Durst
  • Dane Cook Throws Tantrum Over Harry Potter...

The Guys

The Ladies

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