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General Maher has ordered Operation Streisand to commence.

Rear Admiral Michael Moore's loveboat Navy is already headed to capture Chicago,  seeking to take over the underground corrupt political machine.

Mainstream Media propagandist Keith Olbermann and his army of Cornell students will seize the rest of the media outlets that aren't controlled by friendlies.

The liberal faculty at Harvard had already completed the reeducation curriculum for the Navy SEALs, who we will use as our secret police force.  

The FEMA concentration camps have already been constructed, and FEMA is beginning to send agents to steel the guns of everyone who doesn't blame america first.  After this happens, Comrade Obama will receive his payment and return to the foreign MUSLIM country he came from.

After that the reeducated Navy SEALs will place Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, John Boehner, Tim Geithner, Eric Cantor, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and all the other CAPITALIST politicians under arrest and send them off to labor camps in Alaska, which will secede.  

We will then allow all who meet the merit to rise to military commands, but all appointees will have to be approved by Bernie Sanders.

Then, the US will withdraw all troops from around the world, and make a deal with the TERRORISTS, even inviting them to dine at the White House.

Then we declare martial law, and begin forcing people to quarter troops.  Then the Supreme Court will interpret the Constitution to allow the new President to serve for life.

ACORN will begin installing cameras in people's houses, mandatory BRAIN SCANS and force them to watch the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

We will then begin to implement the NEW ECONOMIC PLAN(NEP), created by leftist JIM CRAMER, and sent to Gen. Maher in a hidden memo.


ACORN will be free to

A.  Seizure of all firearms, knives and weapons.  All guns will be melted down into a giant statue of ALLAH.


  1.  Abolition of property in land.
  1.  A very heave progressive income tax, equalizing wages.
  1.  Abolition of all right to inheritance.
  1.  Confiscation of all possessions of rebels and emigrants, and they will be placed under arrest in military detention centers and subjected to torture until all rebellious thoughtcrime is gone and then subjected to their worst fear in room 101.  They will then be boiled alive.  
  1.  Centralization of all credit and capital in the federal reserve under Ben Bernanke, a closet communist..
  1.  Complete Federal/Military control and monitoring over all communications and transportation.
  1.  Complete government ownership of factories and means of production under the minipleanty.
  1.  Equal distribution of labor.
  1.  Combination of agriculture and manufacturing industries, equal distribution of the population over the country.
  1. Free and mandatory atheistic Education

C. Implementation of the second bill of rights, on paper, not so you'd know about it, and repeal of the first bill of rights.

D.  Revision of the cabinet to include minipax, minipleanty, minitrue and miniluv.

E.  Draft 20 million men into the military, occupation of all areas of population, no bill of rights, blitzkreig invasion of Canada, Alaska, the Carribean, Mexico, Central and South America, use of Nuclear Weapons to force surrender of Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and all Pacific Islands.

F.  Engage in warfare with no forseeable end, call it the "GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR" rotating men between occupation and fighting in useless areas.  And war industries.

End the use of words:  freedom, rebellion, liberal, revolution, socialism, fascism, communism, any serious use of vocabulary.

Transfer of Oldspeak English to Newspeak English by the year 2020.

One party rule, pitting other groups against each other until there is no thinking other than what we want.

Demands of extreme nationalism.  Detentions all secured under minilove.  Seizure of all criminals by Military.

Begin telling the story of one Winston-a man who thought democracy would be better.  

Institute sexual repression, begin putting cameras on all streets and control devices in cars to keep their locations - for protection.

Revision of all documents and evidence of the past except what we want.

Lowering of conditions to poverty, hunger, filth, disease, war, death, destruction.

The only marriages will be gay ones.

Full totalitarian rule under the banking industry.  Which no longer exists. But its a good cover.   Moves all money to a chip implanted in people which will also record their medical history, locations and thoughts and scanned for anything subversive.  If they refuse to become OBEDIENT SLAVES, they will be detained at Minilove.  


Originally posted to TheWeeklyGlass on Sat Jul 25, 2009 at 07:32 PM PDT.


Is Glenn Beck Father Coughlin with a crew cut?

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