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I wouldn't have believed this if I hadn't seen it, but today, on MSNBC, Orly Taitz responded to David Shuster and Tamron Hall's questions about the forged Kenyan birth certificate -- that Taitz is hawking -- by calling the mainstream media "Obama's Brownshirts."


Taitz did her customary blithering to both Shuster and Hall by talking over everything they said.  She began by asking "I just want to know how much time I have because I had a bad experience on CNN with Kitty Pilgrim."

More blithering idiocy (with/Video) to follow...

Shuster said he would give her plenty of time but that he wanted her to answer his question (about the forgery):

(h/t Pris from LA)

Here's the MSNBC Video:  (h/t lilkymbo)

She then responded with the Hawaii, two types of birth certificates meme...

Shuster stopped her and asked "what would be the motivation for Barack Obama's family..." I assume it was to ask why they would  put the announcement in the Hawaii papers, but Taitz kept interrupting until she unleashed this gem at Schuster:

"You need to show some decency and integrity as a journalist."

She then started in again on the two types of birth certificates meme with Taitz claiming that Obama's mother had filled out the form herself and had lied.

Shuster jumped on that to ask about motivation again, during which Taitz talked over him the whole time and came out with the humdinger:

Taitz: "I am sick of the lies coming from the mainstream media.  85% of American citizens are saying Obama was not (veried or vetted [sic]), he needs to be (veried or vetted [sic]), he needs to provide the original birth certificate.  The only ones that are on the fringe are Obama's brownshirts in the media that insult people."

Shuster: "Name one! Obama's brownshirts.  You're referring to, you're making a reference to Nazi Germany and to a lot of us who lost relatives in the Holocaust, that is deeply, deeply offensive!"

Taitz continued to talk over Shuster.  Tamron Hall then tried - she cited Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh as having referred to the birthers as cranks.  Taitz kept blithering about the media, at which point Shuster asked her if it was true that she wouldn't get in the car MSNBC had provided because the driver had a Muslim sounding name.

That stopped Taitz for a moment (she denied it). Then she continued on until Tamron Hall warned her that she would be cut off -- and then did (cut her feed).  

Although I think it is good to expose Taitz for the nutjob she is, why is anyone giving her "theories" about Obama's birth the time of day???

Obama's brown shirts.  She said that to Shuster (Jewish) and Hall (African-American).  



Here's the Taitz interview (that Taitz complained about) on CNN:

Update: DiegoUK posted just before this (I was transcribing):  Here's the link to that diary:

Update #2:  Heffay has a diary on the source of the forgery here:

Originally posted to aggregatescience on Mon Aug 03, 2009 at 02:10 PM PDT.

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