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Just checking my normal news pages, and I see this from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

"Swastika spray-painted outside Congressman’s office"   Turns out it's my Congressman, David Scott.

11 alive has a photo up  H/T to Turkana

Via the AJC,

A vandal spray-painted a large black swastika on the sign outside U.S. Rep. David Scott’s office in Smyrna.

It's a short article - story is just in the breaking phase.  The police are on the scene and the Congressman is on his way to the office.

Scott is one of the few Democrats from Georgia in the US House - represents a slice of Metro Atlanta, including my neck of the woods in the Vinings-Smyrna area.  The same area where Bob Barr lives (well, he voted in my precinct at least) if that's any idea of what it's like.  

This is where the vitriol of the right is taking our country.

More updates as I see 'em

[Update]- I was searching to find his contact info, and this news story from The Washington Times came up -
"Rep. David Scott sees link between 'tea baggers' and racist attacks"

Rep. David Scott, a Georgia Democrat, who came under scrutiny after accusing a local doctor of "hijacking" a recent town hall meeting is standing by his remarks and says some of the conservative protesters are motivated by racism.

Mr. Scott, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, appeared on Fox Business’s "Happy Hour" Monday afternoon to give his side of the story after a Washington Times report of his contentious town hall was linked by the highly-trafficked Drudge Report over the weekend.

During the interview the congressman said "drama" over health care reform was being manufactured by right-wing protesters and has produced an uptick in racially-motivated attacks.

"There were tea baggers all over the place," the congressman said of his past town hall meeting. Later in the interview Mr. Scott produced a flier for the television camera that had an image of President Obama styled as The Joker.  "If you look at this, that’s a picture of President Barack Obama," Mr. Scott said holding the sign up. "He’s grinning there like here’s the clown from Batman. Underneath that it says Nigga, nigga David Scott. It says you were, and you are, and you always forever shall be but a nigga. If that ain’t it I don’t know what is."

So coincidence this happened this morning when that post was put up yesterday?  Doubtful.

[Update #2] - Starting to see more coverage:
Think Progress

[Update #3]
Yesterday, Jim Galloway talked about Scott the racial undertones to the health care debate.  Jim Galloway is the political reporter/blogger in Georgia, works for the AJC.

Just got off the phone a few minutes ago with U.S. Rep. David Scott of metro Atlanta, who underlined what he said are some worrisome racial undertones in the current health care debate.

[Update #4]
I took a look to see news coverage, and sadly Free Republic's popped up.  So I decided to look at some of the comments...absolutely revolting.

He was just on Fox. And, yes, I agree he probably had it done himself. He’s both stupid and arrogant - a bad combination.

Well truth in advertising for a welcome change.

OBOZO ordered an SEIU goon to paint it. Considering NAZI was the left-wing National Socialist Workers Party (same as today’s liberal rat), the congressman should take as a badge of honor.

somebody check nancy pelosi’s hands for paint.

Sounds like somebody marked him for what he is. Either that or he did it himself.

Swastika? how about a burning cross?

[Update #5]
Last update for now-

AJC's got a longer story out now.

Smyrna police, Capitol police, the FBI and Secret Service are all involved in the investigation.

"We haven’t had the opportunity to share information yet," said Smyrna Police Det. C. McDuffie.

Those responsible for the swastika will likely face federal prosecution for a hate crime, McDuffie said.

Scott said he will request extra security for himself and his family.

"We can’t let racism and hate win," he said.

He also blames it on someone outside of his district, which sadly, as someone who lives in his district, very well could not be true.  He's been getting a lot of hate faxes to his office, and thinks its coordinated.  

Originally posted to Perimeter Progressive on Tue Aug 11, 2009 at 08:38 AM PDT.

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