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They have done it again-Republicans and the far right are controlling the debate, this time on healthcare. Now, reform is OK, as long as it is up to Republican standards-and America agrees. We can look to a run to the Texas Governor's Mansion, 2000 and 2004 to see how controlling the debate gives the appearance of winning (show me all the receipts from 2004, let me count the results and then I'll be satisfied a second election wasn't stolen) and gains public defeat and eventual trust.
The debate over healthcare has brought about birthers , death panels, fascism , a president that is a bigot, a president trying for reparations , and conservatives of questionable moral values to the forefront - and reform is being squashed . We have charisma on our side, now all we need is either someone in the House or Senate to gain some intestinal fortitude to do this. Obama may have the charisma and calming effect we need but the country needs 1 more voice of reason to close the deal. For god's sake-Karl Rove is becoming a voice again, and we have allowed that. I won't say I told you so when it comes to prosecutions , but much like Iran Contra letting treason go is haunting a nation.

Republicans , if anything, are masters of words and debate control. I know, none of what they say is factual - but the words they use frame the debate on their terms, regardless of how false they are. Not 1 bill has death panel in it or anything resembling death panel, but every single American is against death panels. No matter how sane the bills like HR 676 are, no matter how affordable healthcare is for all the debate goes back to government death panels.
How did that happen ? Weak leadership , but I donated to the election fund of Cindy Sheehan so I feel no guilt. If your family has no history of cancer , insurance companies deny coverage for profit ; I ask you, is that not a death panel ? Why can't we push the debate to corporate death panels ?
We hear about cost. Will there be any 1 government employee helping manage healthcare making 98 million dollars ? I think not. What about 27 million plus living expenses and a driver ? Doubt it. What about 10 million and a private company plane ? I doubt that to. But I have in fact just mentioned 3 different CEO's salaries of for profit healthcare and not 1 member of our side has brought this up in the public debate. We have shown demonizing CEO's is easy, but in the healthcare debate we refuse to take such an angle. WHY ?
Look at Bush run in Texas, before he stole any elections. Every question, every debate, every sentence all came back to one thing - YOUTH VIOLENCE ! Yes, questions of his S&L scandal - Youth Violence , questions about his father sending weapons to Iran - Youth Violence, questions about his intelligence or service in the military - Youth Violence. See, Bush's stupidity won him an election . He can / could only focus on one thing, and that concentration to message started his path to undeserved power.
WHY CAN'T WE DO THE SAME THING ??????????????????
We don't need a corporate advertising genius to swift boat anyone - we can use ACTUAL FACTS to end the corporate lackeys credibility. FRAMING THE DEBATE by FACT !
1-Every time Newt Gingrich uses the phrase Death Panel , we agree. We agree because while he was prosecuting a blow job and letting weapons sales to Iran and terrorists in Central America go, he was cheating on his wife and being his own personal death panel by asking for a divorce in front of his children while the wife he was cheating on was on her LITERAL death bed. WE ARE NOT AS HEARTLESS AS NEWT GINGRICH !
See, I just framed the debate like the Swift Boaters  - EXCEPT I USED AND UNDISPUTED FACT, an ADMITTED FACT at that. We send Newt back to his hole .

If we can't look at what republicans do correctly we are doomed to repeat our own weak appearance . America agrees we need reform, but they are against Obama doing it.

Framing the debate #2-Rush
Every time Rush Limbaugh says something, we go back to Donavan McNabb references , his arrest in Florida for having to much viagra on a plane full of men leaving the child prostitution capitol OF THE HEMISPHERE - and his drug addiction .
Marginalize him , but continuously . One of you computer geniuses must have the ability to find clips of Rush in the 80's where he supported giving weapons to Iran, lets beat that into the ground.
SERIOUSLY. Show how he supported Iran's quest for power. Maybe it is SLIGHTLY out of context, but they aren't doing the same thing with ACORN ?

Framing the Debate #3-Glenn and his Moronions (trademark-combo of moron and minion )
Jon Stewart did it this week and it is the basis of my entire train of thought. Just endlessly show Glenn Beck footage while he was at CNN decrying our healthcare system. First, call him Un American to agree with him. Seriously, tea bag him with his own group of tea baggers . Rub your bags all over his face . Agree that he is correct in everything he says.
THEN WHEN IT APPEARS he has us, 2 days should do it (these idiots have short attention spans) endlessly show his distrust for our healthcare system. Label him a traitor . IT WILL BE TO LATE , the damage will be done. The inability to question their leader will leave the moronions like the citizenry of North Korea when confronted with anti Kim propaganda with his picture (it is illegal to read anti propaganda and not burn it and it is illegal to destroy pictures of Kim). We will have to sell out for 48 hours.
All of us must become tea baggers and birthers for 48 hours. Then, when they think we have gone stupid as an impoverished Republican -we spring the CNN footage ENDLESSLY !
We bring the debate to " How could have Glenn betrayed Us" . We ask if Glenn lied, then maybe we shouldn't fear Obama. MAYBE, just MAYBE this will work.

In any event, we must use some liberal who is a language expert to help us frame the debate. One of us has to be smarter than Karl Rove or Newt Gingrich . SOMEONE.
We are supposed to have all the college professors - DO ANY OF YOU KNOW ONE ? Ask for help, give his name to Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid . IF WE DON'T FRAME THE DEBATE NOW, HOPE MAY BE LOST.
We are correct, put them on the defensive.
They always win the debate on the basis of not being right. Why can't we use the same tactics WITH REALITY ?

Someone here has to be smarter than I and could more than likely have a 10 fold plan to change the entire language of this debate over affordable healthcare. It is changing the words.


Originally posted to rmfcjr on Sun Aug 16, 2009 at 07:37 AM PDT.

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  •  Tip Jar (0+ / 0-)

    you can't remain neutral on a moving train

    by rmfcjr on Sun Aug 16, 2009 at 07:37:50 AM PDT

  •  Democrats shd stand firm (0+ / 0-)

    Health care is the right thing to do.

    It may seem unpopular but after 1 year of implementation --you will be heroes.

    Dont let the LIARS win. Stand up for TRUTH! Stand up for Health Care Reform!

    by timber on Sun Aug 16, 2009 at 07:40:58 AM PDT

  •  Number 1 on my list... (0+ / 0-)

    is for Congress to name the reform bill "The Medicare Extension and Protection Act."  Who could be against that?

    •  The tide appears to be turning... (0+ / 0-)

      For the last two weeks, I stopped watching any news about health care on t.v. because the coverage of the angry dipshits rivaled Anna Nicole, O.J., and Michael Jackson. If it wasn't clear before, it is now: media take their cues from Republican talking points with a few liberals tossed in to refute them.  

      Yesterday, however, the news and the blogs began to show real change...people behaving civilized in Obama's town hall meetings and pro-reform activists on the streets.  I didn't think the townhalls would be all that useful...just provide more fodder and forums for the nuts; however, it isn't turning out that way and it looks as if we're on the other side of the curve. One point, tho: Obama can't do everything...stuff only happens when he goes on the road.  He needs more powerful support than he's getting from his team.

      •  I agree BUT (0+ / 0-)

        Obama can't do it alone. He is President, other things may pop up.  Weak willed members of congress can not rely on Obama's charisma for forever .
        At some point they will have to step up to the plate.

        Make no mistake- Obama has a way about him, a way of transforming crowds . I saw him in Philly after he lost Pennsylvania in the primaries , and you could have surfed on the excitement. His ability to change the mood of a crowd is awe inspiring .
        But, he can not do it himself. We need some democrats to FRAME THE DEBATE. It is a word thing.
        Someone on this sight is smarter than me (God, I hope so anyway) can't those people come up with framing words ? Can't someone come up with a 2 word phrase to put people at ease ?
        Republicans used Death Panel-and a nation shit their pants. Why can't we use a phrase- Future Health, Death Avoidance,whatever.

        I have read some really intelligent thing here, by thousands of really intelligent people- DON'T THEY HAVE A SLOGAN FOR US TO STICK WITH that would get people to at least shut up and listen?

    •  Wow (0+ / 0-)

      HR 676 ? Right?
      I thought that was the single greatest name ever ,after I let it sink in. See, that is what I am talking about. Intelligent people coming up with intelligent phrases impossible to argue with.

      See, Death Panel is impossible not to be against. The republicans know that.
      We need people like you brainstorming , coming up with words to frame a debate by.

      God, why can't we be as crafty as republicans. All I want is healthcare for all, and it is a fight. I have a great plan, but everyone should have a plan

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