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testing ... testing ... is this thing on? ok? let's do this!

ahem ... good evening ladeez and gennillmenz! now reporting from the darkest deepest heart of kenya, our intrepid and patriotic explorer, risking life, limb and credibility, has tracked down in its native habitat the mysterious and elusive kenyan birth certificate of america's equally mysterious and elusive usuper-in chief.

yes, that's the real real birth certificate, the one we almost got a glimpse of on ebay back in june, not the real birth certificate we saw at the beginning of this month.

but i know how skeptical you all are, so don't take my word on it — let's join our explorer on location:

ok, so we didn't send our full-time cameraman with him, but his nephew was available and could fly over on discount as a toddler. and we might be able to bring them both back, with their capture, if enough dedicated usurper-haters can contribute to their safe return. the restoration of democracy's depending on it! so, whaddaya say, fellow freepers?


hard to believe this guy isn’t scamming

that footprint looks ridiculous to me.

ditto. looking at my own footprint from a similar document of that era, there's no similarity.

he’s lying... he said that the copy had the administrator’s email address. ummm, 1961 and an email address? i don’t think so....

no, he said there was a 2009 ink stamp at the top of the form with the admins name and email.
i just wish people would take better video and why were those kids standing around like the village of the damned.

slow down folks.let the facts come forward’s not like this isn’t gaining traction in the courts because it is.

well the dr listed was a real dr in kenya at the time. don’t know if he’s alive but his daughter is a Judge

confirmed-dr. is deceased

that certainly looks like a valid footprint to me!

meanwhile, if anyone wants to use this issue to discredit the MSM - without having to engage in any “birther theories” - getting the answers in the FAX here could really help out

the stamp name does say helton maganga, chief administrator at the coast provincial general. he currently holds that title at the hospital.

worf faceplant

certificate number looks like 32018. should be easy enough to research for validity.

update: even more freeper fun ...

ok, i need help maintaining sanity. i, like the rest of us freepers, know 0's birth certificate is a fake or it doesn't exist. it's out there. trouble is, WND* has been duped before, and it frankly makes me shake my head and not want to read stories on WND just because of the national enquirer effect it seems to have. i can't take it anymore. i guess i'm crying out for counseling from my fellow freepers on how to read WND...i love joe, and he's a great guy and i want WND to become a great news source out there to knock CBS, NBC, etc. out of the way. WND is the next great thing...but, stuff like crying wolf doesn't help...what's ya'lls take out there? help me understand.

(*wnd = world net daily, "ebay seller releases video of 'obama birth certificate'")

now i wonder, if such a document were to come into my posession, whether my first act would be to put it up for sale on ebay, make a half-assed incomprehensible video and post it on youtube, or maybe get in touch with major news networks, the RNC, rush, sean, laura, ann - or someone?

it just the CIA, they don’t want him to get too much rest on his “vacation”....have every phone wired in his vacation home.....there is no way he can know if his thugs scrubbed every he’s really tic tic ticking.

no doubt mr. “smith” has a group of friends waiting for BO’s thuds when they come to get the document.

bait folks, it’s just bait for the fish. come and get it BO!

who’s to say that this isn’t the real document?

Originally posted to aarrgghh on Sat Aug 22, 2009 at 05:14 PM PDT.

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