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Five promises kept. One broken. Seventy-five on the to-do list. That's Obama's health care score so far as told by the "Obameter." In other words, to quote a diary on the rec list, this is the health plan that Obama has clearly outlined. This is what we're fighting for.

The Obameter, maintained by the St. Petersburg Times, lists 81 specific health-related promises that Candidate Obama made on the campaign trail.

I think a tally like this is helpful to keep track of the Obama administration's progress, and it's a refresher on what the American public voted for last November. I have no affiliation with the Obameter, I just like it. Read on to see the results thus far.

The achievements so far are not insignificant. Many more on the way...

  1. Expand eligibility for State Children's Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP)

  2. Reverse restrictions on stem cell research

  3. Expand funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners

  4. Increase funding to expand community based prevention programs

  5. Sign the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Wish this was zero. The category we don't want to see grow!

  1. Negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN

As detailed on the campaign trail, this is what Obama said he'd do and he's doin' it.

  1. Close the "donut hole" in Medicare prescription drug plan

  2. Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions

  3. Create a National Health Insurance Exchange

  4. Give tax credits to those who need help to pay health premiums

  5. Create a small business tax credit to help with health premiums

  6. Require large employers to contribute to a national health plan

  7. Require children to have health insurance coverage

  8. Expand eligibility for Medicaid

  9. Invest in electronic health information systems

  10. Phase in requirements for health information technology

  11. Establish an independent health institute to provide accurate and objective information

  12. Implement and fund proven health intervention programs

  13. Eliminate the higher subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans

  14. Prevent drug companies from blocking generic drugs

  15. Improve recruitment of public health workers

  16. Double federal funding for cancer research

  17. Expand Veterans Centers in rural areas

  18. Establish standards of care for traumatic brain injury treatment

  19. Reduce the Veterans Benefits Administration claims backlog

  20. Institute electronic record-keeping for the Veterans Benefits Administration

  21. Ensure that stem cell research is conducted ethically and with vigorous oversight

  22. Create a public option health plan for a new National Health Insurance Exchange

If you notice anything listed in this category that actually has had some movement, put it in the comments and I'll email the Obameter folks about it.

  1. Provide easy-to-understand comparisons of the Medicare prescription drug plans

  2. Require that health plans utilize disease management programs

  3. Require providers to report measures of health care costs and quality

  4. Require health plans to disclose how much of the premium goes to patient care

  5. Require health care providers to report preventable medical errors

  6. Hold hospitals and health plans accountable for disparities in care

  7. Strengthen antitrust laws to prevent overcharging for malpractice insurance

  8. In non-competitive markets, force insurers to pay out a reasonable share of their premiums for patient care

  9. Allow imported prescription drugs

  10. Allow Medicare to negotiate for cheaper drug prices

  11. Reimburse employer health plans for a portion of catastrophic costs

  12. Work with schools to create more healthful environments for children

  13. Modernize public health buildings

  14. Mandate insurance coverage of autism treatment

  15. Appoint federal-level coordinator to oversee all federal autism efforts

  16. Fully fund the Combating Autism Act and Federal Autism Research Initiatives

  17. Provide $50 billion by 2013 for the global fight against HIV/AIDS

  18. Increase participation in cancer-related clinical trials

  19. Direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a comprehensive study of federal cancer initiatives

  20. Provide the CDC $50 million in new funding to determine the most effective approaches for cancer patient care

  21. Fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

  22. Invest $10 billion per year in early intervention educational and developmental programs

  23. Set a national goal to provide re-screening for all 2-year-olds for developmental disorders

  24. Commission a study on students with disabilities and their transition to jobs or higher education"

  25. Reinstate executive order to hire an additional 100,000 federal employees with disabilities within five years

  26. Set goals and timetables for implementing Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act

  27. Create a best practices list for private businesses in accommodating workers with disabilities

  28. Launch educational initiative for employers on tax benefits of hiring employees with disabilities

  29. Create a National Commission on People with Disabilities, Employment, and Social Security

  30. Change federal rules so small businesses owned by people with disabilities can get preferential treatment for federal contracts

  31. Reduce the threshhold for the Family and Medical Leave Act from companies with 50 employees to companies with 25 employees

  32. Provide a $1.5 billion fund to help states launch programs for paid family and medical leave

  33. Require employers to provide seven paid sick days per year

  34. Streamline the Social Security disability approval process

  35. Amend the Medicare "homebound" rule to allow some travel without loss of benefits

  36. Require post-deployment mental health screenings for veterans

  37. Increase the Veterans Administration budget to recruit and retain more mental health professionals

  38. Establish standards of care for traumatic brain injury treatment

  39. Extend the window for new veterans to enroll in the Veterans Administration from two to five years

  40. Fully fun the Veterans Administration

  41. Assure that the Veterans Administration budget is prepared as 'must-pass' legislation

  42. Allow all veterans back into the Veterans Administration

  43. Make the Veterans Administration a national leader in health reform

  44. Expand the Veterans Administration's number of "centers of excellence" in specialty care

  45. With the G-8, launch Health Infrastructure 2020

  46. Expand the Nurse-Family Partnership to all low-income, first-time mothers

  47. Rebuild hospitals in New Orleans

  48. Accelerate the development of new medicines, vaccines, and production capabilities

  49. Advance the biomedical research field

  50. Increase efforts to reduce unintended pregnancy

  51. Attract more doctors to rural areas

  52. Send first-time nonviolent drug offenders to rehab if appropriate

  53. Sign a "universal" health care bill

That last one on the list is a biggie.

Originally posted to horizontalrule on Sat Aug 29, 2009 at 08:01 AM PDT.


Obama's most significant health care promise achieved so far ...

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