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I wake up every day in a very peaceful frame of mind. I set out to do only good things for myself and for those whom I encounter on this day. I accept full responsibility for my actions, which include driving my powerful car at reasonable speeds; a big part of my driving strategy is to avoid creating risk or unsafe conditions for my fellow motorists. I drive fast but politely: I don't tailgate, brake short, or cut people off. I use my brake lights and turn signals to communicate my intentions, as I seek to avoid tailgating, tight merges, and other styles that might stimulate "road rage" among other drivers.
Other drivers, alas, do not always respond to my well-intentioned efforts with politeness; many, who consider driving a competitive sport to be won or lost regardless of danger to others, are angered or even enraged by my firm but polite progression along the highway... especially if I am progressing along faster than they are. These angry drivers often display their anger with gestures, shouted words, and even agressive & offensive driving...

...but they get no response from me, no matter how mad they get, because I will not escalate any conflict. I won't raise a middle finger, speak or shout at them, or even make eye contact. If they seem to want a more lengthy "road rage" confrontation, I drive away.

For good reason: there are two concealed & loaded 10mm Glocks in my car, so pacifist behavior is very important. I must not -- ever -- contribute any gesture or word or display of brake lights that might fan the flames. If I do, I have failed to fulfill my Prime Directive when armed:

Start NO fight; show NO gun, shoot NO one.

Pacifism dominates and guides the actions of legal Men (and Women) With Guns. We seek only to avoid confrontation, to walk away from a rowdy crowd, to brake soon enough that the aggressive kid in the Camaro doesn't cut us off.

I submit this to my fellow Kossacks: that almost all those who legally carry concealed weapons have a similar philosophy to mine... that we are a peaceful group, less likely to start or inflame an argument than most folks... and almost vanishingly unlikely to commit a crime.

The guns you have seen at Town Hall meetings are in the hands of angry assholes who are completely unlike us. They are using the sight of their guns to create anger and fear. They do not represent 99.999% of carry permit holders, for whom "concealed means concealed."

Please don't judge us by their dim light.

Originally posted to Tom Seaview on Thu Sep 03, 2009 at 07:32 PM PDT.


Would you carry concealed with the proper permit?

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7%6 votes
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