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By now many of us have heard news about the ACORN scandal.  Let's stick to real straight talk here - the video "exposure" was the biggest bait and switch I've ever seen in my life.  If instead of young conservative fascist "reporters" it were police detectives conducting these "advice" sessions, it would be the paradigm example of entrapment.  But unfortunately, this additional PR hit after the voter registration "scandal" during the campaign was too much for the organization to bear, as the House and Senate voted to strip federal funding.

You see, the man gaining all the "credit" for this fascist conservative mission is one James O'Keefe.  For the overwhelming majority of you, this name is unfamiliar, just another young Republican punk trying to make a name for himself.

But for me, the mention of his name develops a rage in me.  Because I knew James O'Keefe personally from his time at Rutgers University, where we both went to college as undergraduates.  And just like him, two can play the whisleblower game.  And I'm about the expose all of his bullshit to the max.

Please keep your hands inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride.

**Update #1 - Down at the end of this post when I state "kick his thuggish ass to the ground", I 100% mean in a figurative manner.  I do not endorse violence of any kind, and it is unacceptable to advocate for violence or even tacitly endorse it.  What I mean is to respond viciously via the power of the Internet and our intellect to destroy the hold young conservatives have on well-meaning organizations like ACORN.  I hope this clears my words up, especially in regard to Meteor Blades's recent diary."

**Update #3 - I've never done this before, but I'm kindly asking you to rec this up and use Twitter, Facebook, any social network to get this out.  The only way we will prevail against people like this is to get them right back with our own exposés.  So please, rec this up!

I'm not going to focus on the "scandal" itself.  Instead, I want to provide a microscope into the mind of James O'Keefe and his thuggish behavior and tactics.

James O'Keefe is not only an active member of the Young Republican movement, he's one of their superstars.  At Rutgers University, a known liberal-leaning environment, Mr. O'Keefe teamed up with fellow college-aged conservatives to form a conservative publication called "The Centurion".  Lucky for us, all of their past issues are available online in PDF format.

The Centurion's mission statement is as follows:

The Centurion is the Journal of Conservative Thought at Rutgers University.  Our motto is "Veritas vos Liberabit", which means "The truth shall set you free".  The Centurion was founded in 2004 to serve as a non-partisan politically conservative forum and media outlet for Rutgers University.  The Centurion believes strongly in morality, individual achievement, and tradition.  Under no circumstances will The Centurion bow down to intimidation or indoctrination anywhere or anytime.

Quite ironic statements if you ask me.  Also filled with a lot of dog-whistle code words.  "Individual achievement" and "tradition" - sounds like conservative code for rampant capitalism and "Get back in the kitchen!" mindsets.  But I digress.

Mr. O'Keefe, referred to as "The Godfather III" on the staff (eerily similar language to Eternal Leader Kim Il-sung of North Korea), opined this opening statement.

From the inaugural issue, November 1st, 2004 - final paragraph:

"Sol Iustate et occidentum Illustra"  "Sun of Righteousness, shine upon the west also."  For the past 200 years and to this day Rutgers lives by this motto.  Give us virtue, give us justice, give us truth.  So read about our truth to challenge yourself politically in the process.  Find out that although we do it differently, we are in pursuit of the same things you are.  Disguising truth has helped every blood-thirsty tyrant and dictator keep the shackles on humanity throughout history.  Let us rock the foundations of academia and challenge the thrones that have far too long indoctrinated us about our world and the context in which we live.  As the Journal of Conservative thought at Rutgers University The Centurion will try its hardes [sic] to serve to that end.  Turn the page.  You may read things you agree with and you may read things you disagree with.  But at least you'll come closer to realizing your own truth, and in the words of Jesus Christ, "The truth shall set you free."

There are some serious signs of a way inflated ego going on there, but what else do you expect from the young crusaders against all things liberal.  They truly believe it is there mission to disrupt things they deem liberalism, and they will go to any lengths to make a scene.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the ridiculous stunts Young Republicans pull, and those of The Centurion are no different.

In only the first issue, these same conservative fuckers equate abortion to slavery, intimidate professors by having a "Liberal of the Month" article, and urge we read books from conservative "scholars", such as Milton Friedman (a Rutgers alum himself), William F. Buckley, and my personal favorite, Michael Savage.

Again, only the first issue.

Some other lovely treats from our Young Republican friend asshole:

*Criticizing Rutgers University curriculum standards requiring all students to take a non-Western course, accusing the policy of deeming a "Southern American Christian" less cultured than an "isolated non-Westerner".  As a quote, Mr. O'Keefe writes "Multiculturalist Rutgers professors have become eccentric elites, sadly out of touch from with American culture, family, and purpose" (Source - page 9 - PDF)

*Repeatedly bashing famous Rutgers Alum Paul Robeson for his support of socialist policies, despite his grand accomplishments as a student, athlete, actor, and early civil rights icon.  (Source - page 15, plus MANY others - PDF)

*Personally preventing via town-hall-esque shenanigans the start of a student government meeting for 45 minutes as protest for the student government endorsing a unification of separate colleges into one Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences.

*Claiming a liberal bias in distribution of student fees for organization funding, citing the fact that the Islamic Society of Rutgers and RU Against the War got more funding than the Israeli Action Committee and RU For the Troops, respectively.  Of course, as former Treasurer of the student government and delegate to the Allocations Board, I would like to inform you that funding is strictly formula-based and if groups apply within the guidelines for more funding (i.e. - larger event, more food, etc.), they will get funded more.  (Source - Page 20 - PDF)

*Petitioning to ban Lucky Charms cereal in the dining halls, as well as hold Affirmative Action bake sales where Caucasians are charged less than African Americans, Latinos, and Asians (Source - RU Centurion YouTube Channel)

The list goes on and on.  These above grievances are just from the 2005-2006 academic year, and even after Mr. O'Keefe graduated, the bullshit tactics continued from this disgusting group.

James O'Keefe may think he has won the battle against the evil socialist ACORN (sarcasm clearly intended), but let us progressives band together and ensure his victory was only a Pyrrhic one.  He may think he's the only Rutgers alum in the blogosphere, but he's sorely mistaken, and unfortunately for him, this one is a proud progressive ready to kick his Young Republican thuggish ass to the ground.

Spread the word and help me do it.

Sign the petition to support ACORN here.

**Update #2 - Major h/t to SpamNunn, who found this NJ Star Ledger article about O'Keefe and his roots at Rutgers.  Great find.

Originally posted to mconvente on Thu Sep 17, 2009 at 06:20 PM PDT.

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