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As a kid, who had to look at his classroom wall every fricklin' black history month and COUNT THE DEAD BODIES, i'm asking....WTF?! i THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA PEOPLE

That's It!, I've had e-frickin-nuff! Here's the situation as i see it. We've got thousands of users on facebook voting over whether or not OUR PRESIDENT should be killed. We've got John L. Perry over @ newsmax inciting (i kid you not) an armed coup against our government and that site illicits MILLIONS OF HITS. People are coming to townhall meetings ARMED and sporting signs that read "Time to water the tree of liberty" which basically means "Kill the tyrant" or in this case i guess Obama. Bush can give a speech to schoolchildren and it's considered solid patriotism, But when it's Barack, its indoctrination. What's even worse is the fact that parents pulled their kids out of school to keep them from hearing Obama's STAY-In-SCHOOLl speech. WOW!

You telling me that this is all about Obama's policies?
You telling me that this is NOT about white insecurity because a black man is charge?
you telling me that this isnt racist bullshit?

go ahead and say it, say it if you can suffer the acrid taste of a lie as it passes your lips

Here's what i'm learning from middle america:

  1. they don't like educated black men as much as they don't like uneducated ones
  1. They don't think that Blacks are capable of being in charge
  1. They resent the fact that a black IS in charge.
  1. They don't think that blacks are legitimate Americans ( which is funny to me b/c whenever there's a war to fight we're as american as apple pie, got recruitment centers THROUGHOUT THE HOOD, but when it comes to holding a position of influence or power, apparently we're Kenyan)
  1. I'm tired of hearing whites say " I scared of direction our country is going" or "I'm afraid of all this change" those people forget that for some Americans the good ole days weren't that good! In the good ole days, the Native Americans were decimated and robbed, my people weren't allowed to vote, own property or even read but we could be bought, sold, and experimented on. On the West coast, Mexicans and the Chinese were used for slave labor and not be outdone, the East Coast was doing the same to the Irish and Italians immigrants(if they were lucky, otherwise they'd ship'em off to war). The Japanese were put into concentration camps right here on american soil. Children worked fifteen hour work days and women couldn't vote or own property either ( hell, they just got their reproductive rights secured a mere 30 years or so ago) So if you strain out all of those people, what you're left with in our mixing pot is an easily identifiable segment of the population that has enjoyed ALL of its constitutional rights for the ENTIRETY of American history, but for everyone else, We've never been better off in this country. So forgive me if i don't pray for an abrupt turnaround in trajectory.
  1. Achievement (academic, athletic or otherwise) don't mean jack if you're black. You can work your way into harvard, hustle your way into the editor's chair for the Harvard Law review, you can graduate and forgo more lucrative jobs so you can devote yourself to revitalize a city, You can beat HRC by creating a campaign the likes of which the world has NEVER can do all that AND still be viewed as incompetent and naive.

I'm tired of pretending like the bile that those bastards are spewing is good ole' fashioned democracy in action and not racist in nature, around their more progressive cousins
I'm tired of whites being tired of the so called race card, if you're tired of that card, then stop putting it in the #@$@#$@in' deck. Stop with the "Barack the Magic Negro" songs or the "Monkey in chief" t-shirts, because never forget that for most white americans slavery is distant historical factoid and segregation and Jim Crow are final jeopardy answers, but for me (and many other black americans) that history is as close to us as our parents. our mothers went through jim crow(mine did) our grandmother's went through segregation (mine did) our great grandmothers went through the slavery (mine was the child of one) We dont have to blow the dust off of a history book to remember America's racial history....we just have to remember to show up to our family reunions. So yes, we can be hypersensitive against racial discrimination of any kind (both real and imagined), but that could be because whites havent built up alot of credibility over the last two hundred or so years for us to give them the benefit of the doubt. So how about a trade, we'll put down the race card when they (FINALLY) put down their hate card.

I guess thats why I'm taking this so personally. I don't feel like they're just attacking Obama, i feel like they're truly attacking my "tribe". What i mean by that is, He's young, educated, black, driven and in charge. That's my tribe, Most of my black male friends went to college and busted ass, they are now Ministers, Producers, Politicians and the like. When we were we all children had a choice, we could have bowed to the prevelent stereotype and become thugs and criminals. We could have met everyones lowered expectation for us. But we didnt. We bought the whole "American Dream" thing hook, line, and sinker. We were told that in America, if you work hard, study hard, play by the rules and apply yourself then you can be anything you want in this country, so we did. We were sold on the fact that very soon we'd be "judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin", so we believed.
Were we lied to?

What's crazy is the fact that i'm not considered militant or revolutionary by black standards. I am a staunch patriot and an unrepentant capitalist. I love America and i love white people ( no, literally, my girlfriend's white, i got a white grandma, a white brother, MANY MANY MANY white friends, colleagues and coworkers) but i'm starting to feel like that love is not reciprocated because if Middle America doesn't like educated, capable, and successful black men who play by the rules, then Middle America doesn't like me

**Update** " First of all i'm pleased with the level of discourse that my post has instigated. From what i've seen, This is exactly the type of well-intentioned, open, and frank discussion that i'd saw my left arm off to see on TV. Our country needs it.  

**Update** I'm from Atlanta, so  please believe me when i say that i dont give a damn if its gauche to thank the KOSsacks for putting me on the Rec List.
Thanks people, you all embody everything that i love about this country. seriously.

Originally posted to Darius Teasley on Thu Oct 01, 2009 at 07:07 AM PDT.

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