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I work in Howell, Michigan. For those that know anything about Howell, I accept your sympathy. I am a lone liberal here, at least a lone OVERT liberal.

A few minutes ago, somebody announced to the dozen or so people in my work area that Chicago has been eliminated from consideration for the Olympics in 2016 in the first round.

And these conservative douchebags, these utterly fail, anti-American fuckwads CHEERED.

I am positively seething right now.

The other day, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs asked who RNC Chair Michael Steele was rooting for.

"Is he hoping to hop a plane to Brazil and catch the Olympics in Rio? Maybe it's Madrid?"

I have your answer Mr. Gibbs: YES. He and all the other right wingnuts have been rooting for any country but ours.

Any. Country. But. Ours.

The conservative right wingers are so goddam anti-Obama that they will cheer ANYTHING, absa-fucking-lutely ANYTHING that has any tiny shred of an iota containing a fraction of a sliver of bad news for President Obama.

I could go on for paragraphs and pages and chapters and volumes about how anti-American this is.

I could spew ad nauseum about their complete and utter lack of patriotism.

I could point out the stunningly fail level of hypocrisy that this represents given their rhetoric for the past eight years about how un-American liberals are because they don't support each and every thing done and said by George W. Bush and his administration.

I could ask about the goddam "SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT!" bumperstickers that have mysteriously gone missing from their SUVs and 4x4 trucks.

But you know what?

They wouldn't fucking care because THE ALMIGHTY ONE HAS FAILED!!! WOO HOOOOOO!!! OBAMA LOST!!!

They actually fucking said that. They actually shouted those very words ten feet outside my door.

Must. Not. Buy. Flamethrower.

I'm just seethin'...


UPDATE: Rio just got the 2016 Olympics

UPDATE 2: Two things. First, as you will notice, I haven't expressed an opinion on whether it is good or bad for Chicago that they lost their bid for the 2016 Olympics. That's really not for me to say as a Michigander. My point here is that my douchey coworkers SPECIFICALLY cheered that Chicaog lost lost their bid only because it hurts President Obama (at least in their small minds.) That's anti-American and unpatriotic in my opinion, particularly in light of their near-worship of George W. Bush and how much they despised liberals who didn't like him. Thus my ire.

Second, I got an email from some dude named "Bob" who wrote this:

Hi Eclectablog!

Read your post on the Daily Kos.

Really classy; nice combinations of four letter words. You must have been an English major at some liberal college.
Probably got all A's.


I just wanted to respond to Bob publicly:


Originally posted to Eclectablog - eclectic blogging for a better tomorrow on Fri Oct 02, 2009 at 08:50 AM PDT.

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