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Im new to this and need help finding my voice in the political forum. I was surfing the internet one day and read this comment on a friends blog one day. She had said to the guy, "Who would u have picked for the Nobel Peace Prize" and "How would u change the world if you were President". The very well versed man said....

Oct 10, 2009 11:53 AM
Well I could just delete that comment, but I won't... b/c it's important enough to address, and your point of argument is seriously flawed. Do not let your hatred for war cloud your eyes. There's no need to name others, when all you gotta do is name one thing that Obama has done that's deserving of it? I'd just give up, b/c you won't be able to! But to name one for you... your gonna love this.... how bout George Bush himself. What did he do... Oh, IDK... basically set up our intelligence system to prevent thousands... YES THOUSANDS of terrorist attacks across the world. That's right, we have caught thousands of terrorist attacks.... not just in our own country... but across the world.... as they were happening or before. We've caught them with the bombs in hand. So he's made the world safer... like it or not. But that's neither here nor there... the point is... name what Obama has done. Now as for the bush comment. You do know how our legislative system works, correct? The president does not control our economy or laws. He also does not control idiotic bank execs. or dirty loan officers that are making bad loans. He can make suggestions and ask for the help of congress to create a bill, but they rarely listen. ESPECIALLY when you have the legislative and executive branch controlled by two opposing parties. Our system was fine, when Bush and the republicans controlled office. Taxes were down, unemployment was at all time record lows, and we were flourishing. Stuff was getting done. The dems then took control of congress 5 years ago. At such point they began trying to run through their liberal agendas such as raising taxes on people to a point where some members of society are paying 50% of their income to taxes. NOW LISTEN CLOSELY... THAT'S 1% OF THE POPULATION THAT PAYS 97% OF THE TAXES IN THIS NATION. Tell me how that's fair. You keep the taxes lower on this group and we make jobs, you raise the taxes and we tighten our belts! PERIOD. Ask any business owner. So congress stepped in to raise taxes and get rid of tax cuts.... Bush veto'd as it was the right thing to do for our country. Congress pushed it through anyways. Shortly after the economy began to crash, and businesses began to lay off workers as they were tightening belts ... do you see a correlation here? We were finally winning in Iraq and Afghanistan.... now that Obama has taken over things have began to revert back to where they were in the beginning. Even the liberal media had to concede that the troop surge worked. But for some reason Obama thought it would be a great idea to stop it and pull them all back. That's like kneeling the ball on third down on the 1 yard line, with 3 secs. left on the clock.... when you have the chance to win the game. Bush didn't leave it here.... a liberal congress put it here despite bush's best efforts to stop them. Read your history books.... in all of our recessions, it has always taken a republican CONGRESS to get us out of it. Obama has had a full year to get stuff done, and he hasn't. He hasn't done anything but raise tax levels and eliminate even more tax cuts that congress hadn't already done. We've seen how far that got us on the first round. Despite the need for government belt tightening.... he wants to SPEND MORE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? After a full full year we're worse than we were, and we've even affected the global economy now. YEAH... lets give this guy the Nobel for that.... that's genious! Oh btw, if your seriously nieve enough to believe Bush caused the savings and loan scandals.... look up these three phrases together; "The community reinvesment Act" "ACORN" and OBAMA. There's alot of your problem right there.

Originally posted to snwilson2009 on Sun Oct 11, 2009 at 11:17 PM PDT.

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