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Notice a salty puddle leaking in from the doors and windows? Are all of the American flag pins on your dumbass neighbor's jacket at half mast? Having trouble sleeping through the continual sobs echoing through the streets?

No, it isn't 2012, the apocalypse isn't here. What you're experiencing is a pretty typical right wing sobfest over the horrible, unfair, brutal treatment of poor Rush Limbaugh at the hands of the evil left. Check it out under the fold.

First, a link to their virtual feinting couch.

Now, I don't read red state as a rule, but I was searching the web for something else and stumbled on this page, and couldn't believe what I was reading. This asshole thinks that Limbaugh not being allowed to buy into an NFL team is 1) part of a left wing conspiracy and 2) the exact same thing as what happened to the victims of the holocaust.

I wish I was making this up. He starts with this bit:

Earlier this evening, as most of you now know, one of our own, Rush Hudson Limbaugh, while taking withering fire, crashed and burned.

It goes on to cry about how horribly unfair it is that Rush can't live his dream of owning an NFL team, and ends with him quoting that famous "First they came for the..." bit.

Check out this great stuff from the comments too, in response to someone who thought that the OP must surely be a joke:

You bailout whore, death panel loving, racist jerk. I would also like to point out that you have been accused of child molestation, and we would like to get your response to that before you post further.

What you and your pseudo-intellectual ilk ought to be concerned about is the fact that an American cannot tell the truth without the left trying to silence him, or worse.

Or how about this guy:

the left LIED and they LIED all over the news thereby creating a condition that the NFL could not tolerate but the bottom line is THEY LIED! They must PAY and WE are the one’s who will be next if Rush and WE do not make them suffer over this abomination.

OBTW you don’t have to agree with what Rush says however if you are a Conservative at all you MUST agree that the SLANDERING, LYING LEFTIST media must PAY for their LIES!

This guy doesn't just love Rush, based on how strong his reaction was I think he really loves Rush, if you know what I mean. Too bad he probably isn't a young Puerto Rican man so it probably isn't requited.

Another strong reaction, these guys apparently don't know that you can find a friendly bear to take home at any local gay bar, you don't have to pine away for Rush:

We the Conservatives got kicked in the teeth today

it’s time to start kicking back.

Regina Groves wins the "unintentionally funny run on sentence of the thread" award:

The next one they will go after is BECK because he don’t give a rats ass and will go till he can’t go because they are backdooring the freedom Act and are goin to shut radio down the it will be true communist we will get what the Liberals are giving us now Lies so when is enough enough and if people can control us like Jackson and Sharpton who’s the racist now I am tired of being called a racist when they are the racist and because they are Black they are Using it as a race card I don’t care what color they are heck the Senate is all white but Burris now whos Racist when is enough enough.

Apparently the trauma was so severe that Rush killed himself???

NBC lied and Rush died

And, one last perfect quote to illustrate how perfectly comfortable these people are with hypocrisy:

Great article on Rush losing his bid while a former drug user got her piece of the NFL...

These are the teabaggers that are holding the country hostage through their proxies in the Senate. This is the quality of person that we're up against. These are the people we're supposed to satisfy by killing the public option, staying in Iraq forever, propping up banks, and letting the rich get by without paying their share.

These are the people that the democrats in congress are so terrified by.

How sad is it that when we have all the power, 60 senate votes, huge house majorities, and the presidency that we are still trying to please the people who live in a fantasy world where they're more persecuted than Jews under Hitler?

Originally posted to walkingshark on Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 01:41 AM PDT.

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