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Just a short diary to spread the word.  From Chris Bowers on Open Left, the remaining undecided who can be reached:

Put heavy pressure on the following seven members:

Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8): 202-225-2542, 520-459-3115, 520-881-3588
Dennis Cardoza (CA-18): 202-225-6131; 209-383-4455, 209-527-1914
Joe Donnelly (IN-2): 202-225-3915, 574-288-2780
Kurt Schrader (OR-05): 202-225-5711, 503-588-9100
Lincoln Davis (TN-04): 202-225-6831, 931-490-8699, 931-473-7251
Glenn Nye (VA-2): 202-225-4215 757-326-6201
Jim Costa (CA-20): 202-225-3341, 661-869-1620, 559-495-1620
Rick Boucher (VA-9): 202-225-3861, 276-628-1145

Open Left: EXTREMELY UGRENT: Please Put Heavy Pressure On the Following Seven House Members

More, after the fold

These appear to be the ones left that Pelsoi needs to get a robust public option passed in the House.  

As Chris says, the following undecideds are a waste of time:

Don't bother with Boyd, Berry, Ellsworth, Hill, Gordon or Tanner

But these can make a difference.  Remember, a robust public option in the House increases our chances greatly of getting a good public option when the House and Senate bills go to conference.

She is currently conducting what's known as a public whip--huddling with her rank and file and asking everybody, including fence sitters, where they stand on the robust public option. That means we should have answers soon.

Late update: The meeting ended a few minutes ago--though the push is continuing. We'll update you as details trickle out.

TPM: Pelosi Publicly Demanding Public Option Skeptics Get Off The Fence

We can make a difference now.

Update I: When you call, tell the Congressperson (or their staff) that you support "the robust public option that's tied to Medicare plus 5% rates."  That's the one Pelosi is trying to pass.

Originally posted to TomP on Fri Oct 23, 2009 at 09:26 AM PDT.

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