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Burning the Midnight Oil for Breaking the Silicon Cage

Two weeks ago, I speculated on applying the "Teaspoon Model" to the problem of protecting small, niche, video streaming markets faced:

  • on the one hand with Copyright Protection laws focused on protecting the cash flows of large media distribution middlemen; and,

  • on the other hand, with a plague of bloodsucking bootleg streaming sites, surviving on miniscule revenue flows because they leech off of everyone - not just the creators of the work themselves, but also fansub and video-rip groups that make the content availbale for download, and free stream hosting sites for the streaming itself

The objection has already been raised, "but everybody does it". But the experiment reported here shows, no, everybody does not sit around passively waiting to get a legal order to Cease and Desist. There are companies that do check out tips and clean out the trash and even YouTube does a far better job than MySpaceCDN.

Refer to the lovely Shakespeare's Sister for the teaspoon concept itself - the idea of this application is:

So this is what I was thinking. Perhaps a small, struggling company that wanted to reduce the density of the cloud of bloodsucking flies draining the work of the artists who create this material of market value could gain leverage not by trying to find the Super-Teaspoon - but by recruiting a supporting group, each armed with ordinary teaspoons.

There'd have to be at least one person at the company actually sending out the letters to the sites streaming the bootlegs - but they would be far more effective if backed up by ten or twenty people contributing a couple of hours a week tracking down where the material is located. Indeed, the "white hats" could drop in info on where to get the material legally while at the bootleg bloodsucker streaming sites, including the proliferating opportunities for legal free streams.

The Sunshine Experiment

What I did at the beginning of the week was to send an email for comment to NBC/Universal and Disney/ABC on whether they had any comment on the hosting of bootleg streams by FoxNews servers (specifically, MySpaceCDN and MySpace domains) in competition with legit streams from, their joint venture with NewsCorp:

Dear Disney and NBC/Universal,

I am sure that you are aware that there are severa reports of joint venture partner executives saying that will be forced to move to a paid content model.

As an economist engaged in research in the New Media Economy, I have been looking at the competition with legitimate streaming sites from bootleg streaming sites. These sites rely on off-site free hosts for their bootleg streams. My research of these hosts indicate that they collect stream links from anywhere they can find them, but that when videos are taken down, they upload videos to their preferred free video hosting site.

I was surprised to find that the preferred free video hosting site for these uploads at the bootleg site that I am data-mining for their streams is the MySpaceCDN servers, registered by 20th Century Fox, a subsidiary of NewsCorp, a joint venture partner for

While I am sure that the administration of the MySpace servers takes down videos on receiving a DMCA notice, they do not appear to act on other forms of information to remove bootleg material competing against

My working hypothesis is that in their business model, being pro-active in identifying and removing bootleg media streams in competition against is not worth the trouble, as it costs resources while the fact that MySpace is less aggressive in identifying and removing bootlegs than YouTube and Veoh attracts traffic to MySpace that might otherwise be at risk of moving to FaceBook.

However, I cannot find any public comment by their joint venture partners, Disney and NBC/Universal in particular, on the apparent contradiction of moving to a paid content model while one of the joint venture partners appears to have a tolerant approach to bootleg material streamed freely in competition with

I include below the links to bootleg streams in competitition with the streaming shows "Naruto Shippuden" and "Bleach". You will note that these are two of the four most popular streams in the:
channel. In my research, I am focusing on Anime as the anime fanbase have been early adopters of video media technologies from the 1980's and the first fan-subtitled animes circulating on VHS tape.

I previously brought some of the streams hosted at MySpaceCDN servers to the attention of the registered owners of these servers, to no effect. By contrast, a number of the links that this free streaming site links to have been removed in this past two weeks.

You can confirm for yourselves that the MySpaceCDN servers and other MySpace have in the past year become the dominant streaming source for both of these series, taking over from an earlier reliance primarily on, and combined with a pattern of filling in for earlier individual shows that have been taken down at other streaming sites.

Note that the bootleg streaming site in received an order to Cease and Desist linking to bootleg FUNimation streams, or else there would be far more series represented at this site. I also include samples of series streamed from the legitimate streaming site "Crunchyroll", including both series currently airing in Japan and being simulcast at Crunchyroll, as well as examples from their back catalog.

I also include two examples of less popular series that are primarily hosted elsewhere.


The Sunshine element was that I cc'd the email to the ownership and administration email of the MySpaceCDN domain as well as the various Violations, Support and DCMA email addresses I could glean of free video streaming hosts providing the bulk of the streaming that the bootleg anime streaming group relies upon.

And of course, the balance of the email was a list of over 580 links to bootleg anime streams. Less than a week later, 368 of those streams are no longer live.

The Video Streaming White Hats

What I found remarkable was that many of these video streaming hosts shut down almost all the clips in the list. And while I have not received a single email in response, there are a number of indications that this was in response to receipt of the email - for example, videos added after I compiled the original list are not taken down, or a link in a series accidentally omitted remaining live while all the surrounding videos that appears in the stream are taken down.

From the perspective of a small niche streaming site, directing a part of its narrow margins to paying license fees to the creators of the work, these are the real "white hats" - streaming sites that are pro-active about taking out the garbage, so that there is no need to go through the process of issuing Cease and Desist orders. If the four hosts in the White Hat Honor Roll continue to behave in this way, as small but determined fan support group could quickly teach bootleg anime leech sites to not even bother with any videos appearing on these sites:

  • 48 streams in the list, all 48 removed, for a 100% hit rate
  • 76 streams in the list, 75 streams removed, for a 99% hit rate
  • 71 streams in the list, 60 streams removed - and of the remaining 11, 9 are directed to a domain that appears to be licensed to stream the material, for a 97% hit rate
  • 19 streams in the list, 16 down and 4 remaining up, for an 84% hit rate. For YouTube, all of the streams remaining up were from a single series. Given the attention that YouTube receives as the one-time Bootleg Video Central, this might be just the turnover that occurs with YouTube streams. On the other hand, with their automated video fingerprinting system, it may reflect the video producers that have signed in to have their content protected.
  • Honorable Mention: had 17 streams in list, and I recorded 15 streams as unavailable. However, as this site comes up as "presently unavailable", the question is whether those other two streams are streaming from, or were instead already replaced by other streams between the time I harvested the links and the time I checked which episodes were still streaming.

The Hit and Miss Parade

However, there is also a substantial Hit and Miss parade, where a substantial number of the streams have been taken down, but a substantial number remain up, which may well indicate that the site is receiving official C&D notices from the rights holders. Some look like it lines up with the list of individual series, so that the rights holder may have been forwarded the list - others are in a more random pattern.

The Hit and Miss Parade includes:

  • The domain itself had only 21 streams in the list, with 14 down and 7 remaining up, for a hit rate of 67%
  • 241 streams in the list, with 110 streams removed and 131 streams still up. However, of the 110 streams removed, 43 have special circumstances - for instance the streaming page was in the process of being updated, so it may have been an stream that was already down. Of the 191 streams with no special notes, 67 were removed and 122 remain up, a hit rate of 35%
  • Guba.Com was very lightly used, of only 7 streams, 4 are down and 3 remain up, for a 58% hit rate

The Black Hats

The Black Hats are the sites that showed no turnover of files whatsoever. These are the sites that a fan-based Teaspoon Brigade will have to be collecting stream links and forwarding the streams to the rights holder for batch Cease and Desist orders to halt streaming of bootleg material:

  • 30 streams in the list, all 30 remain up, for a 0% hit rate. It should be noted that LiveVideo was omitted from the original cc list and was notified in a separate communication. However, while LiveVideo is one of the few sites that claim to accept communication regarding copyright violations from people other than the copyright holders, there is not yet any evidence that it acts on that information.
  • 85 streams in the list, 14 now down, 71 still up for a hit rate of 16% - and the streams still up include an extensive portion of the back-catalog of Naruto Shippuden, the most popular series streaming at was the only recipient of a cc' that responded - with a form letter response regarding the information required for a formal copyright complaint, indicating that they glanced at the email and put it into the form-letter queue.
  • with only 8 streams in the list, this is either a host that gets around to scrubbing bootlegs eventually, or simply not a preferred host for the bootleg anime streaming site providing the information, but of those 8, only 2 went down, with 6 still up, for a hit rate of 25%.

Moving Forward

One thing that is clear is that a 100% hit rate is by no means necessary in order for the Teaspoon Model to work in this particular shadowing fringe lying outside the US Anime market.

This is one key difference between this area and peer-to-peer downloading. With peer-to-peer downloading, if some well-organized crackdown was to miss a single potential seed, once the existence of that seed would made public, the community of those interested in the material would quickly re-create the copies.

With the leech bootleg streaming sites, what they offer is the organization and easy access to a stream from some central streaming site - if the stream is taken down, their only recourse is to either find another copy or to upload a copy of their own. But if they find another existing copy, that only helps hunt down the extant copies on streaming sites around the net, while far more time and effort is required to upload a new copy then is required to note the link address and report that information to the rights holder and streaming host.

The Puzzle Regarding MySpaceCDN - and One Possible Answer

It is still a puzzle that MySpaceCDN is not in the ranks of the White Hats. Indeed, if MySpaceCDN was to simply take down the bootleg streaming it does competing against, a NewsCorp Joint Venture, it would have shown a hit rate above 80%.

In Is Rupert Murdoch Picking the Pockets of His Partners...", I adopted the working hypothesis that NewsCorp is just an Old Media Dinosaur that is not capable of moving quickly and flexibly enough to compete in a New Media economy.

However, recent news will likely add fuel to the fire of the "Pickpocket" hypothesis. And that is that a lack of hits at MySpace is likely costing MySpace on the order of $100m. See, the purchase of MySpace was financed at a profit with an exclusive contract with google - except there were guarantees required MySpace's hit traffic:

MySpace Traffic Drop Costs News Corp About $100 Million, By Eliot Van Buskirk, November 5, 2009
The MySpace social media network’s traffic has dropped so much that it will fail to satisfy a minimum traffic level crucial to parent company News Corp’s three-year $900 million advertising deal with Google, inked in 2006, that made Google the exclusive search advertiser on MySpace — then the world’s most popular social network.

News Corp. executives bandied about three different estimates of how much of the Google’s $900 million MySpace will not take in, due to the shortfall, but a consensus emerged that the penalty will be in the neighborhood of $100 million.

As the Financial Times points out, this Google ad deal covered News Corp.’s estimated $580 million purchase of MySpace. The site’s failure to provide the deal’s minimum traffic level is bad news for News Corp., which otherwise reported a generally positive outlook due to its movie studio and cable channels, which currently generate 85 percent of the company’s revenue.

Under the PickPocket hypothesis, MySpaceCDN servers are not taking the aggressive, pro-active attitude to "taking out the trash", because it does not want to alienate users in the fight for market share with FaceBook. The story from Wired, however, casts a different light on the issue - the conflict between long-term, strategic goals and short-term revenue.

After all, MySpace has conceded defeat in the market space it once dominated, and is trying to leverage an advantage it build up for another market space:

Rather than compete against those social networking heavyweights, MySpace intends to double down on what has always been a core strength: the millions of artist pages on the site, which dwarfs the catalog of other music services, because it includes so many unsigned (and, for that matter, signed) bands. MySpace’s new strategy, already known before the earnings call, will be to realign the site as an entertainment destination rather than a place where people keep up with friends and family.

If the strategy works, it will likely involve MySpace leveraging video in addition to music. MySpace Video currently boasts over 20,000 music videos, television shows and other videos, but faces entrenched competition from YouTube that could be even fiercer than Facebook and Twitter are on the social networking side

In the short term, being more passive about copyright protection than YouTube and the main second tier video streaming sites will drive a larger number of hits in the direction of MySpace, reducing the penalty it faces in its advertising contract with google.

However, it is clearly not in NewsCorp's long term interest to encourage the proliferation of bootleg videos on its site. One the one hand, bootleg videos cannot attract the mainstream video ad-streaming that, at the very least, pays the web serving and video streaming bills for a video streaming site, so that whatever other income it attracts does not have to cover those basic operating costs. With MySpace's long term strategic direction, they need to encourage the creators of original work to use MySpace to publicize themselves - they certainly do not need to be streaming bootleg anime on behalf of leach sites where a link to MySpace does not even appear.

Indeed, if the MySpaceCDN servers were in the hands of a media empire that was not such an Old Media Dinosaur, any time it learned of a bootleg anime that it was streaming in competition against its own joint venture, that would be replaced with a short trailer advertising the legitimate series stream on - and any bootleg that was not streamed at the joint venture would be replaced by a trailer for MySpace as a video and music entertainment stop - including a pop-up of a MySpace page with a Google search link to search for legitimate streams and other legitimate sources of the anime title, to generate more hits from MySpace for Google to help keep $100m's from flying out the door.

I am still skeptical that NewsCorp is deliberately adopting a passive attitude toward cleaning up the trash at MySpaceCDN, putting a supposed financial interests in MySpace traffic ahead of the financial interest of its Joint Venture with NBC/Universal and Diensy/ABC - but the news that a shortfall of MySpace hits is costing Rupert $100m certainly does add to the plausibility of the alternative working hypothesis.

The candy store paupers lie to the share holders
They're crossing their fingers they pay the truth makers
The balance sheet is breaking up the sky
So I'm caught at the junction still waiting for medicine
The sweat of my brow keeps on feeding the engine
Hope the crumbs in my pocket can keep me for another night
And if the blue sky mining company won't come to my rescue
If the sugar refining company won't save me
Who's gonna save me?

Originally posted to BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 06:38 PM PST.

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  •  Join the Hours of Direct Action against Fox's ... (6+ / 0-)

    ... media empire, NewsCorp, tomorrow at 4pm and 10pm, EST (1pm and 7pm PST), when I will have the largest list of MySpaceCDN links yet that you can click on to impose your own fraction of a cent "Pirate Support Base Tax" on Murdoch's media empire.

    And don't worry - not one click counts as a MySpace page hit.

    Check the tagpage about the time of the Hour of Action.

    Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

    by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 06:27:06 PM PST

  •  I read the last diary too (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    bosdcla14, kalmoth, BruceMcF

    and I'm still not really sure what these are you're talking about.  Obviously I'm no 'early adopter'.

    I might as well go out on my lawn and shout at some more clouds, I guess.

    Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God. - Thomas Jefferson

    by Ezekial 23 20 on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 06:56:52 PM PST

    •  What what is? (0+ / 0-)

      What a stream is?

      What an anime is?

      What a host server is?

      I'll be happy to fill in whatever gaps I've left in sketchy description, if I know which gap it is you are talking about.

      Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

      by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 07:07:05 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  I'm not sure you left any gaps per se (0+ / 0-)

        But I suppose it's the 'streams'?

        I'm vaguely thinking 'streaming video' and I assume there must be programs out to 'capture' such, and allow you to move it from machine to machine and serve it up via some other program.

        I'm old school, I just do mpgs and avis and wmvs and the like.

        Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God. - Thomas Jefferson

        by Ezekial 23 20 on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 08:03:52 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  There certainly are programs to capture them ... (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Ezekial 23 20

          ... but the easiest thing to do is to just go to a video streaming site and watch the clips. Its the same as buying videos and renting them - some things you want for keeps, but some things you just want to watch, and there's no real point in having them pile up.

          So there is this bootleg download underground, using the "peer to peer" programs where you download the file a piece at a time and as you have a piece someone else downloads that piece from you. If someone is willing to make the investment of time and effort to get to that point, there's no way to "force" them to come back as a paying customer.

          However, there are lots of people that just want to watch the video's, as easily and conveniently as possible. Those are the people looking for "streaming" sites.

          And three or four years ago, US anime fans had to wait for a year or more until an anime was licensed for US DVD release, the DVD made, and then released. That was a big element in the popularity of fan-subtitled releases.

          More recently, more and more anime is being released on legitimate streaming sites in the US, shortly after its original broadcast in Japan.

          Some legit streaming sites, like Crunchyroll, specialize in anime - other's, like and, are general video streaming sites that include anime as one of their channels. But all of them operate on the narrow margins provided by streaming ads, and with the legal streams available, there really is no excuse that can be offered for putting up bootleg streams and spoiling their market.

          Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

          by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 08:16:42 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  Hmm. (0+ / 0-)

            I'm still a bit unsure on the concept of not 'collecting' the content, as it would seem to me it would be even easier to rewatch a favorite episode (or even an entire series) down the road if you actually had it locally.  That's why I've got some 3500 paperbacks jammed into this room with me, rather than simply hitting the library all the time.

            So I'd be more prone to the bittorrent type of stream, where you actually wind up with something where you are.  Of course that seems to be under assault from the ISP's working to protect copyright holders.  I use TimeWarner Cable, and they first dropped their newsservers, so you couldn't get usenet feeds, then recently found myself unable to get anything from Pirate Bay to download.

            Sledgehammer to fly approach, since masses of things that were available on both were generated by amateurs who just wanted to allow anyone to access their content, even though, yes, some (many) full length movies, songs, etc, from commercial providers were also available.

            Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God. - Thomas Jefferson

            by Ezekial 23 20 on Fri Nov 06, 2009 at 05:32:15 AM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  A bit-torrent is a bunch of distinct ... (0+ / 0-)

              ... pieces, and the download software assembles them into a file. Its not a stream.

              A stream is what it sounds like, a flow of data in sequence. Like when you click on a video clip in YouTube - that's an audio-video stream.

              As far as downloads, its quite plausible that there's no viable business model that its competing head to head with.  The DVD sellers believe they are "spoiling" the market, but it also possible that availability of other media is "spoiling" the market. And as I've pointed out before, there is also little that can be done about it - DVD sellers have got to get used to the fact that they are only going to be selling DVD's to the people who want to buy them.

              On the other hand, there is no doubt that the bootleg streams are competing head-to-head with legit streaming sites, who have worked hard to make licensed streams available to the US audience, in many cases within a week of Japanese broadcast. The stream audience are those people who do not want or cannot cope with the volume of AV files on their hard drive or else do not want or cannot cope with the complexities of engaging in peer to peer downloading.

              Indeed, in some cases the groups that do the fanbased translation and subtitling - the "fansub" groups - are adamantly opposed to their work being uploaded to video streaming sites - because they are proud of their audio and video quality, and the streaming sites degrade the AV quality in order to provide a smaller file that requires less space to store and bandwidth to stream. Dattebayo, which is one of the big fansub groups subtitling "Bleach", is legendary in their opposition to the streaming of their work.

              Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

              by BruceMcF on Fri Nov 06, 2009 at 12:29:04 PM PST

              [ Parent ]

      •  Suffice it to say that I'm aware of all three... (0+ / 0-)

        but I still have no idea WTF you are talking about, other than Rupert Murdoch sucking (which we can all agree on) and some of his Internet asset companies hosting some bootleg video streams (which I think he has no clue about whatsoever).

        I also think you are dead wrong on who's robbing the artists blind - it's not the torrents sites, it's the Big Four: Sony, Universal, Warner, and EMI.

        The Founding Fathers did include the concept of copyright into the Constitution, but they probably rolled in their graves when Mickey Mouse Protection Act was passed in 1998 extending some copyright terms to obscene amounts like 95 or 120 years. That's bullshit.

        •  I didn't say anything about torrents sites. (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          Well, I did say I wasn't going to worry about them, but other than that didn't say anything about torrents sites.

          This is about sites that organize links to streams so people can get the videos with less trouble than a torrents site. But of course, that means no license income going back.

          AFAIK, neither Sony, Universal, Warner or EMI have any big stakes in anime distribution, except for NBC/Universal's stake in, which Murdoch is fighting to push to paid content and (it seems) Disney/ABC is pushing to keep as free streaming, and Sony's cut in series over its Playstation Network.

          Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

          by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 08:32:10 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  Err... (0+ / 0-)

            AFAIK, neither Sony, Universal, Warner or EMI have any big stakes in anime distribution,

            Warner is the distributor of Otomo's Akira and Oshii's Sky Crawlers, Sony is the distributor of Steamboy, Universal owns Polygram that distributes everything from Ghost in the Shell to Macross... I could continue. And of course, the evil mouse distributes Miyazaki's movies in the US.

            •  Those are only movies ... (0+ / 0-)

              ... which while higher profile, and with higher cell counts, are only one and a half to two and a half hours long. A single season 13-episode series has over four hours of content.

              The bread and butter of work in the industry are the series. A site like Crunchyroll licenses series for simulcast to members, free stream a week later, when it can, so license revenue actually reaches the production while it is still in production.

              Viz Media is jointly owned by the Japanese publishers Shogakukan and Shueisha, Bandai is a Japanese toy making company, and FUNimation is a subsidiary of Navarre corporation, which also owns software firm Encore, Inc, and a distributor, Navarre Distribution Services.

              The other larger anime distributors included American-based firms Central Park Media, which went bankrupt, and AD Vision Films, a division of AD Vision, which was the largest US anime dubbing house until it spun off its assets to five different companies this year and shut down to avoid bankruptcy.

              Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

              by BruceMcF on Fri Nov 06, 2009 at 04:01:56 AM PST

              [ Parent ]

        •  Oh, and if its not clear in this diary ... (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          ... part of the point of trying to raise the issue is call NewsCorp on their institutionalized Hypocrisy, as Rupert goes around lecturing countries on Copyright Piracy while various crevices of his media empire are passively streaming bootlegs against efforts to adapt to the New Media economy.

          And the objection has already been raised, "but everybody does it". Which was part of the reason for the experiment reported in the diary - no, everybody does not sit around passively waiting to get a legal order to Cease and Desist. There are smaller companies that quite clearly check out tips and clean out the trash before they have to worry about a legal order - and even YouTube does a far better job than MySpaceCDN.

          I keep personalizing it in terms of Rupert Murdoch because the Magic Myth of the Superman CEO is the excuse for these grotesque executive incomes, and if they want to use the Superman CEO myth when it comes time to get paid, they can damn well be hoist on that petard when their brain dead corporate empires do stupid things.

          Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

          by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 08:41:42 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  the main problem with your diary... (0+ / 0-)

            in my humble opinion, is not with the content - it's with the presentation. It would greatly benefit from  being edited to about 1/3 of its current size and getting prefaced with a concise summary.

            •  Well, it couldn't have been 1/3 its current ... (0+ / 0-)

              ... size - at a minimum the report on the experiment requires the email sent and the lists of the results, which is half the diary. Editing it down would have left out the reference to the diary from two weeks ago that spawned the experiment at the beginning and the news about $100m lost revenue for NewsCorp which ties the results in to the diary from Monday.

              And of course, while I could wait to crosspost until today in other blogs, I had to get it up on Kos before going to bed, or I couldn't post the action diary.

              Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

              by BruceMcF on Fri Nov 06, 2009 at 03:38:28 AM PST

              [ Parent ]

          •  and this comment does a good job... (0+ / 0-)

            of providing a concise explanation that I asked for, BTW.

  •  being an artist myself (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    kalmoth, BruceMcF

    I hope you will attribute the source of your white knight image. Be a shame if you don't have the rights or permission on that one.

    great post

  •  I agree when it's available paid (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    And it's great that Naruto and Bleach are doing so well on Hulu.  But why must Comcast keep taking down old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes on YouTube when it has no intention of making those episodes available for sale?  It's gotten to the point where MSTies are posting videos with code names for titles.

    And let me tell you, Rhino missed a lot of the good episodes on its DVD releases.  

    •  I am only looking at series that are ... (0+ / 0-)

      ... available for legit free streaming. I am, after all, an economist, not a lawyer - its the licensed free streams that are being most directly affected by the poaching of their potential audience.

      That is, there is no certainty that the people watching free streams at any of the dozens of bootleg anime leeching sites would be in the market to buy DVD's, even at under $10/disk in one of the thinpack, subtitled only boxed sets.

      But if they are sitting there watching the stream pointed to from the bootleg site they definitely could be watching it at a licensed streaming site, providing advertising income.

      Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

      by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 07:36:35 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Actually, Comcast could advertise on ... (0+ / 0-)

      ... those clips that were shows it never released - AFAIU YouTube's video fingerprint system is plenty smart enough to identify individual shows, and automatically allocate some shows to the bit bin while others are allocated to the "allow to stream with my advertising" category.

      Comcast is likely like Rupert, pining for the wonderful years of the 1980's.

      Support Lesbian Creative Works, Shop Yuricon

      by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 07:50:38 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Amazing diary (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I feel like its not getting the attention it deserves because it is sort of complicated.

    Next time, accuse Murdoch of being a thief earlier and with more certainty.  :)

    •  Problem is, I have this habit of telling the ... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      ... but last time I did pose the question whether he is a thief or just an old dinosaur much earlier, and before that said Rupert Murdoch has the Biggest Pirate Base in the US Anime Market, and before that talked about Confronting Rupert Murdoch on his Copyright Hypocrisy.

      I think its more that I assume people are adult citizens and when there is a vicious bastard like Rupert Murdoch shitting all over our information media and one of his stations is fomenting political action against the elected government of the day for what seems like no reason expect they backed the other side - that people will be willing to try to find out how to land a blow on the SOB without having to have their emotional buttons pushed by a skilled emotional button pusher.

      And of course, its a silly assumption by and large, but there may be a few people willing to act like adult citizens and take direct action against a bastard like Ruper Murdoch.

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      by BruceMcF on Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 08:25:22 PM PST

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