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This will be short, I am laughing so hard right now.  Markos was just live on MSNBC talking to David Shuster on The Ed Show (Shuster is hosting for Ed).  Markos just pwnd Tancredo and he demanded an apology and then removed his earpiece and walked off the set.

It was absolutely hilarious. Will update with links/transcript as I can.

The short story is that they were discussing the VA Health System, and Tancredo made some kind of rude, liberal bashing thinly disguised comment to Kos, to which Kos responded to, awesomely and without fear, I might add.  Kos said something along the lines of (in reaction the the Tancredo insult): "I didn't get depressed and dodge the draft..."

Tancredo got PISSED, demanded an apology and said something about how he "won't be insulted" and demanded an apology.  Kos said "NO" and Tancredo removed his earpeiece and left.  The cameras switched from split screen to just a shot of Markos, he finished strong, Shuster thanks him, and FIN.


More detail:
Tancredo was talking about how military members hate the VA and how they all want vouchers to go buy private insurance.  Markos LAUGHED at this, Tancredo started to get pissy, and said "talk to the veterans!"  So Markos says "Tom, I am a veteran, I did not get a deferment because I was too depressed to fight in a war I supported in Vietnam."

Tom goes on to say "That's a cheap, rotten, low, stupid thing to say."

They talk over one another.

Tom says "You're not gonna do that.  You're not gonna try to insult me that way and then pretend like you were just going on to talk about that.  You either apologize or I'm off."

Markos says "I'm not pretending anything, I told you straight up."

Tom leaves.   MAD.

Markos continues, coherently, calmly, and CORRECTLY, talking about how damaging republicans are in reference to health care.  He goes on to close talking about how Republicans have worked their whole lives to make people fear government and how this will ruin that for them.

Hannibal, down in the comments, pointed out this gen:

Tancredo was active with the College Republicans and a conservative, nonpartisan organization, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). As a Republican student activist Tancredo spoke in support of the Vietnam War. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado he became eligible to serve in Vietnam in June 1969. Tancredo has said he went for his physical, telling doctors he had been treated for depression, and eventually got a "1-Y" deferment[6].

NOW WITH VIDEO!!! THANKS TO m00finsan and robertoroberto and BuckeyeBattleCry


Wow, thanks guys!  I never get to the Rec List!  And THIS!!!

I appreciate it, I really do.  I will post the transcript when it is up or when I get home from dinner, whatever happens first.  Again, Kos - WAY TO EFFIN' GO!!!!


Back from dinner.  I had eggplant parm - it was great.  I checked into the transcripts again; it appears the Ed Show still hasn't provided a transcript.  I think my summary above is meh but the video speaks for itself.  If you want to check back in tomorrow or next week for the actual transcript, here is the link.  Happy Friday night, all.  


Check out KO's thoughts above in the video clip from Countdown last night.


Tancredo: ...every veterans' group I ever went and talked to complained about the Veterans Administration and the way it was a bureaucratically run program that didn't serve their needs.  They would much rather have vouchers that would allow them to go out and buy their insurance...

kos: [laughing out loud off camera]

Tancredo: the private marketplace.  They've talked about it.  You're laughing...  you may want to talk to the veterans.  They talked to me and that's what they said!

Shuster:  Markos?

[kos and Tancredo both talking at the same time]

kos: I'm I'm I'm I'm a veteran...

Tancredo: That's what I'm telling you, there is no government role...

kos: [alone] Tom, Tom, I'm I'm I'm a veteran, okay,  I did not get a deferment because I was too depressed to fight in a war that I supported in Vietnam.  I'm I'm I'm a veteran...

[both talking at the same time]

kos: ...and people want a more effective, they want a more effective VA, and that's more money.

Tancredo: yeah well that's a...  you know that's a cheap rotten [or] stupid thing to say.  You you you cannot, no, listen, no, you're not gonna do....

Tancredo: [alone]  You're not gonna do that.  You're not gonna, you're not gonna try to insult me that way and then pretend like we're just going on and talking about that.  You either apologize or I'm off.

kos: I'm not pretending anything, I told you straight up.

[Tancredo takes off his microphone]

kos: The issue here, what the Republicans are afraid of, this is a threat to Republicans...

[Tancredo walks off the set]

kos: [all alone on screen now]   They built an entire ideology predicated on telling people that government does not work.  They are terrified of government programs that work because then people will realize that the government is not the enemy, and that they're going to work, they're gonna vote Democratic because Democrats are the party who realize that people need help, and government can sometimes offer solutions.

Shuster:Thank you Markos Moulitsas and also Congressman Tom Tancredo for the time that he was with us—I think he left a little bit early—but the Congressman is always welcome on this show we always appreciate hearing his point of view and it's a feisty one and that's what we like around here.  Markos thank you as well.


Originally posted to phriendlyjaime on Fri Nov 06, 2009 at 03:14 PM PST.

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