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I'm reprinting my diary from February 8, 2008.  Don't kill the messenger.

by mariesamuels [Unsubscribe] [Edit Diary]
Share this on Twitter - Teflon Obama   Sat Feb 02, 2008 at 06:38:36 AM PST

I just read the diary entry of State Rep Mark Cohen (PA), "The Coming Obama Explosion".  According to him, Obama is the Second Coming.  It's amazing to me.  So many of those (Arianna Huffington, are you listening?) who originally supported Hillary now spew words of disdain (Policy Wonk, Information person).  If you want information, go to Hillary, if you want inspiration, go to Obama.

Am I crazy or is the shifting momentum kind of a fevered embrace?  A longing on one part and a jump to the bandwagon of power on the other?

This Mark Cohen fellow faults Hillary for taking corporate money.  Excuse me, but didn't Obama?  Didn't Obama say that Ronald Reagan was the only politician in the last 25 or so years to have an idea?  (Morning in America, guys.)  Isn't he running health care commercials that are comparable to the "Harry and Louise" ads of 1994?

I'm not ready to throw Hillary overboard.  She is not simply a wealthy woman who (l)ucked her way into politics.  (That could apply to you, Arianna.  Didn't your husband have gobs of money?)  She worked goddamned hard at Yale, trying to move ahead, getting people to vote for her in the cynical land of New York State, doing a good job, etc.

What is it, then?  Is she just unlikeable like so many smart females who are viewed as "castrating"?  Is she too much of a "politician" whereby Obama is an unspoiled dude from Hawaii?

Do Obama's #2s stink?

Let me be very cynical.  Edward Kennedy is swept up in it.  JFK is a legend.  Did you people who ignore history know that legends are often printed instead of facts?  JFK's (and Edward's) father was Joseph Kennedy, a bootlegger with lots of money who (some say) paid the city of Chicago to vote for JFK in 1960.  That JFK was also a Teflon president whose antics in the Oval-shaped bedroom dwarfed anything Bill Clinton did.  That the Bay of Pigs not only happened on his watch, he initiated it?  Look it up in Wikipedia.

It's amazing to me that Obama is given a pass on so many things.  Is it white liberal guilt?  Or am I the blind person in the Kingdom of Heaven?

I liked Edward's politics.  He was down to earth and you knew where he stood.  He was a progressive and cared about the vulnerable.  He had great ideas: rebuild the infrastructure and put everybody to work.

I've got news for you, the enemy isn't Hillary.  The problem is Bush's legacy: leaving with a huge deficit that will tie any future president's hands, the mess in Iraq, the mortgage debacle, health care needs, the rise of China and sovereign funds taking over American institutions, lots of stuff (the Supreme Court).

I want a smart president who will tell me what he/she thinks, give me policy information, be strong, not someone who will be all things to all people.

Originally posted to mariesamuels on Sat Nov 07, 2009 at 06:10 PM PST.

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