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    Because of extenuating circumstances, I now find myself without housing. I will be leaving NY-19 (upstate NY) and goig back to New York City to be staying with friends for the time being, but I would like to solicit your help.

    Problems such as poverty, unemployment and homelessness seem distant and something that doesn't hit as close to home until they become your problems. With that in mind, I would like to ask for your help in caring for societies less fortunate going into this holiday season, as many of us will not be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in our own homes with our own families. Many will be going without this Thanksgiving and during the upcoming holiday's, now more than ever, and I now count myself among them. Therefore, if you can give to the less fortunate, I implore you to do so, but first I ask you to help others even less fortunate than I before I dare to ask you for anything for myself.

Please donate to if you can, anything you can give is very appreciated.

    As for myself, I will explain below the fold.

    Regarding my own situation, there is only one thing I will be asking for, and that is a job.

    I am NOT asking for money. I have too much pride to solicit in such a manner, and would prefer to earn my own way. That is why I have included the link above, because there are many less fortunate than I who can NOT earn a living. Your dollars are better spent there. I am capable of earning a living, quite capable, but I have struggled so to find employment that I ca live on in the last few months, and I would much prefer the kind of help that will allow me to earn my own way.

    Simply put, I need a job. If anybody knows where I can get one in New York City as soon as possible, any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated and reciprocated as much and soon as I am able to.

    The type of work does not matter. I can do just about anything. Admittedly, I lack experience, but I am very capable, a quick learner, and a generally fun person to be around. I am honest (a bit too honest) and capable of selling just about anything. I am pretty much the best person anyone could hire. If you know of any place in the Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn areas that are hiring, please let me know of it in the comments below, and any other advice or wisdom that you can lend will also be gladly accepted.

    In our two-income, low wage society, that are many people who are "Middle class" that are flat out struggling to get by, if not barely hanging on. I use the quotation marks because I do not believe there is a middle class anymore, there are simply haves and havenots. Among the havenots there are those who have some more than others, but everyone who may be considered a havenot is missing something and struggling in some way because of it. The haves do not struggle. That is the difference. Imagine how many people are struggling on some level financially in some way and count that against the few who might be considered haves and you can see just how vast the poor victims of the class war really count in numbers. I now find myself, undoubtedly, worse of than I was a year ago, 5 years ago, ten years and more. Our dual income society means that a single, semi skilled worker such as myself can not survive alone, thus the room-mates and the debt. Many people fall in love and stay together and get by just barely in the dual income society, others stay together out of necessity, because the struggle alone is too great. Others get roommates to get by. Somehow, they get by. But for many Americans, being single and broke means there are even less chance, less opportunity, less of everything in a county where everything goes up in price but your wages and it often takes two incomes to keep afloat one household. This MUST be addressed if the mythological middle class unicorn is ever to be realized again.

    But I digress, it is a fools errand to search for meaning in the eye of the tornado. Better to look for cover, and work at as soon as possible how to survive while you are putting back together your house. I am putting back together my house, as our whole nation is, now that the storm has come.

    For me, the storm has finally come. I will weather it, but I am not ashamed to say I could use a little help, for me and the many others like me. If you are capable of helping me or anyone else like me it is very appreciated, and, whether you know it or not, it is greatly appreciated, more than you will ever know.

Thank you,


P.S.    ~ I am catching a train soon. I'll try to stick around in the comments for a bit, but when I go I'll only have my cellphone to look at the toobz, and the reception goes in and out. I will check the comments when I can, and try to respond to as many as possible.


Update:     Thanks for the love and advice to all. I have to run now, but I'll try to keep up with the comments as cell phone coverage permits, and when I get back online later tonight I will do my best to return comments to everyone.

Cheers, and thanks. We are all in this together, now more than ever.


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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Wed Nov 18, 2009 at 10:53 AM PST.


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