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Love and adoration for Sarah Palin is in no short supply around conservative America. People are waiting in lines for hours for her autograph or just the opportunity to breathe the same air that she does. In one report, a man stated that his wife and children waited in the cold all day to meet Palin. They finally went home. The man, however, stayed. He remained hopeful that he would get Palin to autograph his copy of the book. To no avail. Palin left the book signing before getting to him.

Personally, I don’t like Sarah Palin.  At all. To me, she represents everything that is wrong in America. From her performance at the Republican National Convention to the sudden resignation of her job as Governor, Palin has given this American an abundance of reasons not to support her

Reason 1: Ovaries does not a candidate make. Senator John McCain’s desperation to become President of the United States sent him in search of the perfect answer to Barack Obama’s dissing of Hillary Clinton as his running mate. McCain purposely held back the selection of his own running mate until after Obama had chosen Biden. McCain was well aware of the anger and disappointment of women around the country who strongly supported Hillary Clinton. He went flying to Alaska and partially vetted female Sarah Palin. Never mind the fact that this "pure conservative, highly moral woman" was facing ethics charges and had an unmarried pregnant teen at home. No, that didn’t matter. All that mattered is that she was female. Barack Obama had dug his own grave! He should have chosen Hillary! Now that McCain had a woman, Republicans would definitely win because women in America have waited so long for one of their own to occupy the White House that they would vote for Sarah Palin if she was a serial killer. McCain and company insulted the intelligence of women and grossly underestimated our ability to recognize a political ploy.

  1. What’s Your Role? When Sarah Palin was asked about becoming a possible running mate to John McCain, she  stated that she didn’t know what the role of Vice President was. Check out this Huffington Post article from 8/29/08: In fact, she said she didn’t know what the vice president does. Larry Kudlow of CNBC’s "Kudlow & Co." asked her about the possibility of becoming McCain’s ticket mate. Palin replied: "As for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question."

Okay, you agreed to a job in which you had no knowledge of, no qualifications for, and no prior training. What you should have done is look John McCain in the eye and said, "Thanks, but no thanks" like you did to that bridge to nowhere. Remember Sarah?You should have told him, "I think American citizens deserve better. I’m not a good fit for the job. The first woman VP should be prepared in every way to step into the role of President if necessary. I’m not ready for something that big John. I have very young children, one with special needs. You do understand, don’t you?" With that Sarah, you would have received more respect than you could ever imagine.

  1. Ignorance is never a virtue. Palin’s performance at the Republican National Convention rallied the conservative base. She was an instant hit! At that point, anything negative that John McCain had ever done in his life was forgiven. He had more than made up for his sins and shortcomings by selecting this all-american perfect woman to be his running mate. Her speech, particularly the fables about the bridge to nowhere and that infamous jet that was sold on e-bay, stirred up a sense of pride and patriotism in her supporters. But the real glimpse into her soul came when she mocked and ridiculed Senator Obama’s work as a community organizer. She stated that her work as a small town mayor was similar to community organizing but that it had actual responsibilities. Obviously, Mrs. Palin didn’t know the role of community organizers either. Community organizers give of themselves, their time, and their money to help others. Barack Obama was a public servant fighting on behalf of the poor and downtrodden in Chicago. He helped residents with job training and other programs which would assist them. Maybe in Alaska there is no need for community organizers but here in the lower 48, we have real issues! Crime, violence, illiteracy, lack of skills, diseases, school dropouts, housing problems, and more, call for intervention. If it wasn’t for the community organizers, many poor people would just suffer and die. How dare you dismiss the work of philanthropists as irrelevant and unimportant?
  1. Rent-a-Trig, using children as political props. I love children. Always have, always will. They are precious and let’s us know that God has not given up on humanity. However, you paraded your baby around to the oohs and aaahs of the American public in order to push a predetermined agenda. Who can resist the beautiful face of a child? You used your children, particularly the special needs baby Trig, to bolster your image as a normal, American mom balancing family, career, and daily life. You were idolized for giving birth and keeping the baby. But why? A life is a life whether it is affected by Down’s Syndrome or not right? You promised voters that you’d be an advocate for the disabled yet you cut funding for the very same thing in your own state. What about being an advocate for the uninsured? For those who abort babies resulting from a brutal rape? What about being an advocate for those in need of a helping hand when it comes to basic life necessities? It is more important to keep in lock step with the conservative movement than be an advocate for the well-being of ALL Americans!
  1. Rallying the base at hate rallies. First, it was quite obvious that you knew very little about Senator Obama or his agenda. The tired, stale talking points that you were given did not inform or enlighten the American public at all. However, your own little "spin" on things was dangerous and deadly. Were you wearing earplugs during the times when your "supporters" called for the assassination of Senator Obama in response to your "palling around with terrorists" speeches? Were you tone-deaf when your "supporters" referred to Senator Obama as a terrorist and screamed, "off with his head?" Were those designer glasses of yours fogged up when those brainless bigots passed around stuffed monkeys portrayed as Mr. Obama? Wasn’t it your  moral duty to tone down the hate rhetoric?  Your hate speeches combined with lack of education, intellect and racial intolerance by many supporters, created the perfect atmosphere for riots, insurrection, and sedition. Yet, you continued to recite those stupid talking points  in the midst of this hostile atmosphere.
  1. Opened Mouth, Closed Mind. When you first burst onto the political scene during the 2008 presidential election, you were new and fresh. You brought youth, energy and promise. At least we thought. I, personally, wondered why we didn’t hear from you more in a media interview setting. After all, John McCain, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and all other living candidates in  America sat down with the media to convey their messages. But not you. The woman who referred to herself as a pit bull and maverick was handled like a delicate flower. She was shielded from the prying media and American public at large. But why? Why can’t we hear from this woman and make informed decisions as to support her or not? The Charlie Gibson interview provided the first clue. Clearly Palin was uncomfortable, unprepared, and uneducated about political and world affairs. Her body language screamed, "GET ME THE HECK OUT OF HERE!" It was then that we were introduced to the ramblings of Sarah Palin. The never-ending sentences filled with words that made no sense. How can one aspire a high office position and not know anything about the job, the constituents, or the public in which he/she would serve? Not only did she not know, she didn’t try to f ind out. Seems to me that if it didn’t concern conservative Republicans, then it didn’t concern her. The Katie Couric interview gave us a sad, shocking look into the shallowness of Palin’s character and the emptiness of her head. Her answers to Couric made me cringe. How, in the name of all that’s good, could  John McCain or any other "sane" person in America think that this person was fit for high office? She was a complete embarrassment.
  1. The Levi/Bristol Saga.  I often wondered why Bristol Palin kept baby brother Trig and a blanket in front of her at all times. However, I didn’t suspect pregnancy. Sarah Palin entered the national stage on a holy, righteous, virtuous, pure, chaste, abstinence only platform. You would think that she had a monopoly on morality and ethics. She hid the news of her unmarried teen daughter’s pregnancy until the "time was right." When the "right time" finally came, so did a new addition to the family. Prior to the pregnancy news there was never mention of Bristol Palin being engaged. After the news, well, here comes Levi Johnston. Now, to the average person not on mental health medication, it was extremely obvious that these two teens were not engaged or in love. The relationship appeared fake. The two seemed very uncomfortable together. Mama Palin spoke out about her pride in becoming a grandmother and that her daughter would now face adult responsibilities. She also stated that the kids were planning to marry. We knew better. It seems that your teachings and your daughter’s hormones experienced a head-on collision and your teachings lost. So how does Silly Sarah recover? By lying and attempting to deceive. Bristol and Levi "broke up" shortly after the birth of the baby. Now Levi is slinging mud in Sarah’s face, threatening to expose her big time. He says that Sarah knew that he and Bristol were sexually active and that he actually lived with the family, sharing a bed with Bristol. What hypocrisy!
  1. The Canadian pranksters. I was beyond appalled when Sarah Palin fell victim to the pranksters posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy. She laughed about killing baby seals, thanked the prankster for watching the documentary Nailin Palin (pornography), defended Joe the non-plumber, and never once considered that the phone call was bogus. I could actually hear the air swirling around in her head. Yet, millions found her worthy of the higher calling of Vice President of the United States and now President of the United States. So very sad.
  1. Appearance.   For many males and probably some females too, Sarah Palin was eye candy. I don’t know how many blogs and postings I’ve read where people found her incompetent for the office but because of her physical attractiveness they were willing to vote for her anyway. Okay, that’s a personal thing. But as a candidate her choice of tight skirts and stiletto boots made her look like more of a pole dancer than political heavyweight. Men were drooling and salivating all over themselves at the sight of her. My God, what has this world come to when we allow physical attractiveness to decide the outcome of a race where the very lives of Americans are at stake? Oh and by the way, those ugly plastic red sandals that she wore with red nail polish on her toes just screamed "Trailer Park Resident!" In spite of it all, many Americans found her appealing because she was so much like them. Well, I don’t want somebody like me running this country. I’m too unsure of the next move in my own life. I certainly wouldn’t know what to do when it comes to the lives of others. Neither does Mrs. Palin.
  1. Lies, Lies, and more Lies.  Sarah Palin is the poster child for compulsive lying. She says whatever will tickle the fancy of the extreme right. Recently, she accused President Obama of not honoring soldiers. This was quickly disputed by several media outlets. There are articles and accompanying photos showing the President visiting the graves of soldiers, speaking with family members, and saluting soldiers returning home after being killed in combat. This is only one of thousands of examples where "pants on fire" Sarah Palin has just outright lied. She lied about the bridge to nowhere. She was really for it! She is a dangerous, compulsive liar and the most disheartening part about it is she’s never held publicly accountable.
  1. Blames the media for her own incompetence. It really gets my blood boiling when this idiot blames everyone and everything for her stupidity. Since that fictional book was published, she’s been pointing that nasty little finger at many people. John McCain and his subjects made this female Frankenstein and now it’s after them, looking to rip out their hearts. Okay, she granted Katie Couric the interview because she "felt sorry" for Katie because of low self-esteem? Are you kidding me? Dumb Dumb Palin thinks Katie Couric suffers from low self-esteem? My God! Katie asked a question. Sarah opened her pie hole and words came spilling out. Too bad they were the wrong words. That’s not Katie’s fault. She also blames the media for making her look incompetent. Hmm. Let me think. How can I make Shaquille O’neal look tall? How can I make John McCain look old? How can I make Joe the Plumber look like a lying, fame-seeking, imbecile? Does Sarah Palin listen to herself? How can the media possibly make her look like anything other than what she is?
  1. Only plays to her base. A successful politician in my opinion is one that receives the support of Americans from various groups and backgrounds. The successful politician has white supporters, black supporters, Hispanic supporters, Asian supporters, gay supporters, straight supporters, rich supporters, poor supporters, bipartisan supporters, male supporters, female supporters etc. This successful person reaches out to all Americans in a genuine manner. This person is as quick to visit urban America as they are to visit suburbia. They are knowledgeable of issues affecting everyone and looks for solutions. Sarah Palin has not shown herself to be a friend of any group outside of white conservatives.
  1. If she couldn’t take the heat in cold Alaska....  Mrs. Palin would have us to believe that she resigned as governor to keep Alaskan taxpayers from having to deal with more ethics charges against her. Oh how noble. That woman abandoned Alaskans the moment John McCain selected her as his running mate. The popularity, fame and fortune was just too hard to resist. As governor, she had to be mindful of her words, what she did and where she went or the "mean old media" would be right there to capture a "gotcha" moment at her expense. If she couldn’t handle media probing as governor how in the world can she handle media probing as President? The vetting process for the high office is intense and nothing is spared. How would she handle it as President? Would she call a press conference that would be closed to the press and  cry about how unfairly she’s being targeted? If she were President Obama, how would she handle being called a socialist, fascist, marxist, witch doctor, thief and foreigner? I pray that I never have to find out.
  1. Palin’s electronic world. I certainly don’t knock Palin for using the social networking sites. I belong to several myself. But the  use of these sites for Sarah Palin are forums for her "attack and run" methods. She knows that speaking live to the media will result in fact-checking and some accountability. But on Facebook, she can tell as many lies, distort as many truths, spin as many stories, and deceive as many people as she wants and not have to worry about accountability. This is the meeting place for uninformed bobbleheads who look to her and the imbeciles of Fox News for "factual" information. In her words, she can tell her side without being filtered. No, she can lie and not be called on it.  The social networking sites are a safe haven for her. She can spew her rhetoric and then retreat without being touched. She’s a coward. A lying coward.
  1. Does black people have cooties? To date, Sarah Palin  has never reached out to black Americans. It’s as though we don’t exist. But I will caution any politician who feel that the black vote is an insignificant one: Don’t underestimate the power of hope or the power of the black vote. When we’re fed up, we’re fed up. We show our displeasure in the voting booth. When looking back at the McCain/Palin rallies last year and Sarah’s book tour currently, you only see white people. Black people are capable of thinking too. If you come to us and state your position, we’ll gladly listen. If what you have benefits us, our children, and our future, then you have our vote. It is that simple. Focusing on white America only is a mistake. The United States is not supposed to be divided. But you, dear Sarah, continue to divide it. Your followers don’t even know what you really stand for. Some of them failed miserably when tested by reporters in regards to your policies and beliefs.They are blindly following you into a pit. They support you because you’re different and you’re not Barack Obama. They’ll support you until something newer and better comes along. Then you’ll be cast aside and thrown under the bus like you did John McCain and his camp. I"ll never support Sarah Palin. Not now, not ever.

Originally posted to sdenice1 on Sun Nov 29, 2009 at 03:48 PM PST.

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