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Hello Kossacks... my name is Robert and I am a Fellow with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.  Here's some updates on our campaign targeting Blue Dogs, as well as the next steps we are taking as we continue the fight against Joe Lieberman.

When Blue Dog Democrats voted against health care reform in the House, we asked folks to help fund online ads targeting 10 of them back home.

Check out the amazing media pressure these ads generated at the bottom of this diary -- from Florida to South Dakota and many states in between.

Plus, as a result of the ads, many voters (and volunteers/donors) in Blue Dog districts are signing up with the PCCC to only support progressive candidates in the future.

Now we're targeting Joe Lieberman, who continually threatens to help Republicans block a vote on the public option.

Can you help us raise $45,000 to run online ads 4.5 million times targeting Lieberman? Click here to chip in $4.


[Update: Thanks for the rec list! Please keep them coming.]

We're already over halfway toward our goal! Your $4 alone will help our ad reach 400 people.
Click here to hold Joe Lieberman accountable

The ad directs folks to our ongoing petition to Senate Democrats asking them to strip Lieberman of his committee chairmanship if he blocks a vote on reform. When Lieberman was asked if he'd be willing to accept this as a consequence for blocking reform, he answered, "Oh, God no." Think again, Joe.

Already 136,000 people have signed, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa has said stripping Lieberman's chairmanship is a real possibility, and we are constantly bringing new petition signatures to Senate Democratic offices in DC.

If we can reach 4.5 million people with online ads, we can ramp up the pressure in a major way. Can you chip in $4 today?

Here's some of the media coverage we've received from our Blue Dog online ads:
Click here to hold Joe Lieberman accountable

The Hill: 'Payback time' for Blue Dogs, liberals say

Rapid City Journal: Herseth Sandlin's critics promise 'payback time'

Blue Ridge Now: Shuler under fire for health care vote

Orlando Sentinel: Progressive Dem to Kosmas: "It's payback time"

New York Daily News: Bad Dogs

AP Georgia: Georgia Rep. Barrow targeted for health care vote

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Liberal PAC targets Altmire

Bergen Record: Capital Games [John Adler]

Charlotte Observer: Rep. Kissell is under attack for his vote on health care

Richmond Times Dispatch: Perriello, Nye defend opposing votes on health care

Washington Post: Nye Targeted From the Left

Please help us run online ads targeting Joe Lieberman -- click here.

Thank you for being a bold progressive.

Originally posted to noddem on Mon Nov 30, 2009 at 02:06 PM PST.

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