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As Americans struggle with the worst economy since the Great Depression, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley turns a deaf ear, with yet another outrageous statement.

The same Chuck Grassley who called health insurance reform "socialism," continued to propagate the false rumors about death panels, even making outlandish statements about "pulling the plug on grandma", now proudly brags about having "lived off the public tit" for the last 35 years while receiving farm subsidies, the Cadillac of taxpayer funded health care and a senator's salary.

Enough is enough.

A few weeks ago I announced my candidacy for the U.S. Senate from Iowa.  I'm running to bring strength and independence to the state -- a strong Progressive voice.

Throughout my legal career I have taken on corrupt politicians, organized crime and corporations that violated the public trust.  I have given a voice to those who needed one.

In this economy, Iowa needs a Senator who will do whatever it takes to fight for them.  Growing up the oldest of six children, I went to work at 14 years old because my parents were unable to make ends meet. I had two, three or even four jobs at time working my way through college and law school.  

Money was tight, and I know what families are going through today.

Instead of helping hard-working Americans,  Chuck Grassley has backed the insurance companies and bailed out Wall Street CEOs, who will undoubtedly bankroll his campaign with millions. The only way for us to win is to build a grassroots movement. I hope you will join this fight.

Please visit my website, volunteer, and consider contributing to this campaign.

Join us at and help me get Chuck Grassley out of the public trough once and for all.

If you're able, join me in the comments, I'd love to say hello.

Originally posted to roxanne conlin on Wed Dec 02, 2009 at 02:01 PM PST.

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