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"A reckoning," a "day of judgement," "Americans will know they were being lied to." Music to these ears. "They (the GOP) are terrified." More music.

Didn't see any open thread and couldn't stand to let Sen. Whitehouse's strong speech about GOP lying and the reasons for it to go unnoted. Even though I've very mixed feelings and feel demoralized, I think HRC should be passed.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, speaking just now in the Senate, seen on C-Span, delivered on of his best orations that I've heard. He does not mince words and knows how to use them. He quoted Republicans talking about the terrible turn of the GOP to the right. Then he started talking about why the GOP was acting so outrageously.

"All to break the momentum of our new young president. They are desparate to break the president. The birthers, the militias, the lifers--- it is unbearable to them for the presidency of Barack Obama to exist."

UPDATE: So glad people are noticing Whitehouse's words. Sorry I have to leave now for a family event, will read all comments later. Thanks everyone.

UPDATE II: Sorry I had to be away, but here's the link which two kossacks left below. Thank you. Link to video here......

UPDATE III:  Kind of a correction and apology here, for what it is worth at this point. I just re-listened to the video and realized the quote below on the insurance industry to which so many reacted, strongly, is misleading without the preceding statement by the senator. He said this, more or less, (to the best of my recollection, but not excat), "The bad behavior you are seeing here in the Senate by Republicans (is a sign) that the insurance industry is in its last throes." Makes more sense.

"Now we are watching the last throes to the insurance industry."

Now many of us are not happy with the bill as we perceive it to be, but Whitehouse offered a defense of it:

The business model to abandon those who become ill, to deny you the care your doctor has ordered. Good riddance to that business model and it's cold and greedy heart. But some of our colleagues here are fighting to help it survive.

The difference is that we Democrats are fighting for health care, and when we achieve this health care reform, when we do, the lying time is over.

The American public will see the difference between what they are told and what IS. It is much tougher to propagandize people when they can see the discrepancy.
There will be a reckoning.

When the new health plan offers better care, new community health centers, better records, (and so on), Americans will know--- beyond any capacity to spin---that they were lied to.

He finished with this grand statement. Oh, I love it when they speak the truth, when they say it clearly:

There will come a day of judgement.

That, Mr. President, is why they are terrified.

Originally posted to Gorette on Sun Dec 20, 2009 at 12:22 PM PST.

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