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The biggest joke played on the United States of America came in 2008 when then Governor  Janet Napolitano was appointed as Homeland Security Secretary.

  Janet continues to prove that she is not capable of handling the job or even on the same page as most Americans let alone Democrats.

 Janet Napolitano’s Sorry Service in Arizona Makes Her a Terrible Choice for Homeland Security Secretary


 UPDATE UPDATE Napolitano Admits Airport Screening Failure
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has backed off comments she made on Sunday on CNN saying that "the system worked" in response to questions about how a would-be-bomber got explosive material aboard a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day.

"Obviously this individual should not have gotten on the plane carrying that material.  

Side Note... I hope this makes you all think! Obama needs to investigate Napolitano and her office to make sure she is capable of the job.....

In  her interview this morning with Candy Crowley, Janet Napolitano said over and over again that no Al Qaeda links exist between the Bomber and Al Qaeda ?  
Even the Bomber admitted that he was trained by Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Here is someone who's father said he believed that this Bomber was going to pull what he did. And the bomber is an admitted terrorist from Nigeria, trained in Yemen, and Napolitano denies this.....


Check with IT specialists and find out how fast you could check 500,000 names on incoming and out going flights via a computer... What? 20 minutes? And especially those who pay for the ticket with CASH!

 The Napolitano CNN interview    U.S. authorities say they were contacted by the man's father ahead of the attack, but whether he was placed on any so-called No-Fly list maintained by the United States is unclear. Dutch officials say the passenger's name appeared on a manifest supplied by the airline, which was passed to U.S. authorities, who cleared the flight to depart.

 If you listen to the interview on the CNN site I have listed below, you will hear Janet back peddle with the statement of we dont want to go there until we find out... "Who said what to whom and when"

 Janet Napolitano is responsible for the NATIONS SECURITY!!!!!!
The PORTS, The Borders, Flights to and from the U.S.The T.S.A.
   And she is still in politics mode of DENY,DENY,DENY!  

And this was not the first time Napolitano has totally screwed up.

  1. And  disturbing for Democrats. Janet Napolitano, referred to war vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, gun owners, religious people, and Patriotic citizens who believe in the Constitution as 'potential home-grown terrorists.' This won't help at election time.
  1. TSA posts document on airport screening procedures online!

The "shocking breach" will undercut the American's public's confidence in security measures at U.S. airports, she said. Collins said she intends to ask the Department of Homeland Security for a complete explanation of how the breach happened and what specific actions are being taken to prevent "this type of reckless dissemination" in future.

Lawmakers called the gaffe "shocking" and "reckless," as wells as a threat to national security.

  1. Secretary Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security reportedly stripped Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- also known as "America's Sheriff" by many admirers who hail him as a hero -- of his federal authority to arrest suspected illegal immigrants based solely on their immigration status. The federal authorities under President Barack Obama wish to do away with local cops enforcing our nation's immigration laws.

Arpaio's deputies attended the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Center in order to be trained for immigration enforcement as part of their regular law enforcement and jail management duties. In addition to the DHS attempting to curtail Sheriff Arpaio's immigration enforcement activities -- he states he will not stop arresting illegal aliens -- Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, is threatening to investigate Sheriff Arpaio and his department.

Sadly, at the same time the Department of Homeland Security estimates that the total unauthorized immigrant population residing in the United States is 10 million

One thing that helped fuel her ascent, her critics say, is that Napolitano rarely takes action without doing the political equivalent of a cost-benefit analysis. She often makes decisions based not on what is right and wrong, but on the benefit she'll derive and what that will cost her politically. A lot of politicians do the same thing. But Napolitano does it better than most, and she's more obvious about it. At the end of the day, she is a lawyer with one client: herself. And that instinct gets her into trouble when she puts political expediency before principle.

It's time for a Change.... Obama needs to stop and rethink his appointments, starting with Janet Napolitano

Originally posted to Tadly on Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 12:36 PM PST.


Do you trust Janet Napolitano with the security of the U.S. Borders, TSA, Ports, and people?

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27%92 votes

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