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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster.]

I possess a "low class" education granted to me by San Jose State University in 1995.  In the second tier of higher education in California behind Berkeley and the UC system I attended a "teaching university" where there were no teaching assistants and all instruction and grading was performed personally by PhD’s.  No, not the hallowed Ivy League, not UC, not even a flagship school of State, just a tortilla degree from a school named after some Joe Schmuckface, I seriously doubt it’s the Big Joseph from the bible.  How totally, completely unsurprising my eventual life path should be ridden with cheetos and blog screens.

The fate of orange fingers can be thankfully spared the rest of the country and future generations because Timmy Geithner, the august Treasury Secretary of the United States (Ivy League all the way), recently stated the "clear, coherent economic message" of the Obama Administration is to provide a "high-class education," among other useful economic elements like health care.

Heh.  Duncan Black of mighty Eschaton found the lip-twitching poppycock to be depressing, ‘n it is, yes, but I’m still amused by it, for babbling bullshit on the fly I like the way it takes a dump on my old department chair, Dr. Christensen, a trick I didn’t think possible from a Treasury Secretary.  No one believes for a second this crap about education, of course not, a good degree is of course a laudable life goal but everyone on God’s green Earth--even the State graduates--knows god damn full well a clear, coherent economic message is always centered around jobs, employment, for Chrissakes, and if short of that at least some serious tangible material payoff.  Jesus, Timmy, do you allegedly run the Department of Education?

Geithner doesn’t think we’re banana slug stupid, either, a classically lousy American journalist jotted it down without calling him on it, that’s all.  Given all that we know Obama, Geithner and Summer’s have done a credible job of keeping the American economy from totally flying apart after eight years of rampant Republican stupidity and neglect.  Very unfortunately for all us all this has not taken on a little-people centric approach, leaving the people in a Great Recession of 10% unemployment.

That’s what happens when you really, really fuck up and slot forty percent of your stimulus in tax cuts, Jesus, Mary and Joseph I’ll never live down how a Democrat could do that.  For all eternity with the clarity of lead crystal:  tax cuts did not appease the Republicans, produced no jobs and exacerbated an existing issue, it’s a "new" way forward, all right, a new way for a Democrat to face-splat with tax cuts just like those ridiculous Republicans did!

Way to go.  I am a loyal Democrat, but it’s shit like this that makes the Blogfather threaten to leave the party and the rest of us wondering if any fuckup of any magnitude would ever stop the Obamamatons from telling us how great the big kahuna Hawaiian he is.

Hello?  This is a monstrously serious problem, for a Democratic Treasury Secretary to be on some mescaline education trip means we are seriously in for it, how could all rational, serious Democrats soaked in realism not agree to that?  How the hell should I know what the effect will be on the midterms?  Who gives a shit? The right thing to do on a human level is a massive federal jobs effort after the tax cut face splat, perform that task of dignity and compassion and I’m quite sure the politics of 2010 will take care of itself quite nicely.

I’m not holding my breath, Obama just totally fucked up again by nominating a Republican (!) with a predictably crummy track record to head the enabling, opaque Federal Reserve.  The hoser already said the recession is over with 10% unemployment rate and the Treasury Secretary babbles about high-class education, there are absolutely no signs whatsoever the Obama Administration is serious about taking the politically easy necessary steps to get Americans back to work.

Depressing, that’s certainly a familiar reaction to the obvious truth here.  I’m more embarrassed eventually, for the Party of FDR to be so politically and historically obtuse about employment is something I never expected in this lifetime.  I could give a shit how much it embarrasses the Administration or my brothers and sisters in the Party  by saying it, too, we should and have to be so much better than this for the little people. Go out and fight for working Americans and not only will the scathing criticism stop, I’ll be there right with you every day with everything I have.

Originally posted to paradox on Mon Jan 04, 2010 at 06:22 AM PST.

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