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I am writing this in the early morning dark because this is when the sick terror strikes me strongest. I am terrified. I have not eaten in two days, not since I received notification that the county is selling my home for back taxes. I don't know what to do? I don't know where to turn.
I am on disability. Three years ago I had a stroke, and lost the use of my right foot and leg, my concentration and a portion of my memory.  I have good days and bad. Since the letter arrived from the County Treasurer’s office, they have been very, very bad.
My wife and I survive on $673 a month and food stamps.   Four years ago I paid $116,000 cash for my two bedroom home, and now the county is threatening to sell it for $4,000.

We got in arrears because we were a bit distracted for two plus years. I had the stroke a year after we bought the house, in April. I fought for my life for a month. My wife was there every day, fighting for me through recovery and learning to walk again and retain the use of my hand. I was discharged three months later. Besides dealing with a husband who could not remember our address or phone number, cleaning up after me, rubbing down my legs, dealing with the ulcers and doctors and staffs, she had to fight for food stamps and disability for the next year.

The people at the Social Security office warned us (in confidence) that Indiana is a terrible place to apply for assistance. They were right.  Our Welfare Officer continually denied us benefits because, we finally found out, instead of dividing my disability payments by two people, she had doubled them. I will not bore you with the details of our dealings with the well meaning, over worked front line staff at the offices, nor with their cold managers who are clearly paid to deny benefits to those legally entitled to them. Death Panels? I have met them.

My home goes on sale in February. The only way to avoid it is to agree to pay the treasurer $760 a month for the next four months. This is more than our income. We have until the end of January to agree to this payment schedule, or our home is gone.  

The kindly lady at the treasurer’s office assured us that "They won’t actually take procession for a year."  That assurance has done nothing to quell the sick panic in my gut.

I am willing to work, but have limited capabilities, and stamina. My wife is willing to work but is disabled herself with a back injury.

Please, we need help.

What can we do?  If you can help us reach half the goal, we can scrimp for there rest. If you can hire us to work for you, we will gladly do so. But please, we can not lose our home.

Originally posted to KAMuston on Fri Jan 08, 2010 at 02:47 AM PST.

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