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The voters in MA have seen the Cosmo pictures or at least heard about them but the story that should outrage parents is the occasion when Scott Brown , State Senator (R- Wrentham) requested an assembly at King Phillip High Scool and called invidual students out by name and proceeded to swear at them because the teenagers had written mean things about him and his daughter( a finalist for American Idol) on facebook.

Continue reading to really see this guy's judgement in action

Brown had asked to speak to the students because he felt he had been "abused" by student detractors from King's Philip High School who made fun of him on their student run internet chatroom, "facebook."

At the assembly in King Phillip's High School auditorium, State Senator Brown called each student out, one by one, using curse words that every mother would be horrified to hear and would've covered their children's ears if they were there.  Above the protests of all the teachers who were aghast at the state Senator's anti-social behavior and foul language, Brown refused to stop his child-like tirade calling each student out one by one in great pleasure.

Big tough guy, taking on teenagers in front of their peers. As well as in front of teachers.....what? Did he think they were going to applaud?

He's the same way on torture....waterboarding is A-ok with him....the Constitution and the Geneva Convention is so old school, so quaint

So that's the judgement of this guy:make a request  for a student assembly to take on teenagers who called him names and torture is ok

He has the judgement of a neanderthal.

This Senate  seat he seeks has been filled by statesmen........

Scott Brown is no statesmen

We deserve better.

Vote Martha Coakley( not to say her campaign strategy hasn't sucked......but she is head and shoulders a better person than Scott Brown)

Originally posted to merbex on Sun Jan 10, 2010 at 05:45 AM PST.

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