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I've always assumed that Massachusetts would go Blue and whatever efforts I made would never change that fact. We we're supposed to be the people Red Staters railed against: educated, empathetic, worldly elites. Seeing a poll that suggests my state might send not just a Republican to the Senate but the Republican who has promised to derail the Nations hard work on reform is heart breaking.

Update 3 Action Links:

Please support the GOTV effort in any way you can. We are a D state and we will crush Brown if we just GOTV!

Action Links:

Give time
Give money

Link to find Coakley Canvasses in MA

Link to find Coakley Phonebanks in MA

Give One Day for Teddy (Out of State Travel).

Link to Call for Coakley From Home (Nationwide)

Excepting phone banking for Obama I've never volunteered for a political campaign before. I came down to Northeastern University this morning because there was a call for volunteers. Training was last night and so I am now headed to a field office to offer my services on election day, which I will be taking off to help the Coakley campaign.

There are a lot of Brown signs out in my Neighborhood of Dorchester and the Republicans are fired up like an insurgency. We need to stuff that enthusiasm at the ballot box! The last thing we need in MA is a bunch of tea bagging idiots thinking they can make a difference around here.

We need to hand the Republicans an Epic Defeat here in Massachusetts that takes their narrative of uprising and turns it against them in the national media.

The NEU rally is amazingly heartening! Lines down Hunting Avenue and around corners in both directions! We can take this if we GOTV! We just need to vote, we have the numbers here in MA!

Thanks to everyone who has already volunteered, sent money or other wise contributed to the Coakley campaign, I'm joining you and will do whatever I can to help!

Photo Update to show the line for the Coakley rally:

The line runs in both directions out of the Huntington Ave quad at NEU. This is the start of one end of the line around the corner from Huntington Ave. The line starts at the "P" goes down and backup that street and then turns the corner on Huntington:


Left edge flows from the right edge above, this is around the corner onto Huntington Ave:


Left edge connects with right edge above. This is down Huntington Ave. The space between the forground building and the white building is the quad:


This is the quad where both lines merge:


Now down the line in the other direction further down Huntington Ave:


All the way down and passed the end of the glass building:



Rec List! Thanks folks, never been here before yadda yadda :)

I added two photos to show the scene after the Coakley signs finally showed up. Brown supporters were fired up and very vocal. SUVs and Pickups plastered with Brown signs were circling the area.

I just need to say that with Kennedy gone we are going to have to fight every election cycle from here on out in MA. I am completely unused to even paying attention to our Senate races but can now see I will need to get active. The current situation might be partly the Coakley campaigns fault but I think that it is also the Democratic base in this state that is used to sleeping through Senatorial races. I know we have a lot of hard working campaigners here but we are usually focused on other states. We will fight now and be prepared the next time around.


This is when it degenerated into "us" vs. "them". Brown supporters are across the street at the T station:


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