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Before I left to drive I called the campaign to make sure I was still needed and they have changed strategy. They are now looking for people to canvass

The campaign is asking people to come get voters directly to the polls. We're doing a door to door canvass of those who haven't voted to get them out to the polls. If you can help, ANYWHERE in the state, please contact us:

If you are anywhere in the state and can walk please consider doing this.

Also the person I spoke to thanked me for posting the diary and said he got a lot of response from it. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

I have moved the previous info down.

Update Kath's diary on the rec list has better info on this than me. Please go there.

I am a student at BC law and just received an email through our listserve from the Coakley campaign.

Many Democratic voters are unable to reach their polling stations, especially
with the slushy weather conditions.  The Coakley campaign is short on
volunteers to drive people to the polls.  The campaign is asking volunteer
drivers to show up to their staging location ASAP.  No prior arrangements are
required.  The address is:

IBEW Local 103
256 Freeport Street
Dorchester, MA 02122-2840

It's OK if you don't know how to get everywhere in Boston - they will provide
directions for pickups and to polling stations.  If you have questions, contact
former BC Dems President and Coakley staffer Stas Gayshan at 617-744-9336 or

Use that location If you have a car.

If not

529 Main Street in Charlestown. Take the Orange Line to Sullivan Square, HQ is in the Schrafft's Center (leave the station, straight ahead will be a large building with a huge sign that says "Schraffts" at the top

THEY HAVE CARS HERE for you to use

I talk a big game but almost never get off my ass. I am from Rhode Island and a lot of my efforts never feel like they have that big of an impact. However, this atrocity in my area is too much to watch. I have to act. I hope anyone else who can will too.

I have class now, but will be getting out there at 4. If anyone else can help out that would be great.

I emailed the guy and he responded immediately. Please get out there if you can.

Update: Rec List. Thank you so much everyone! This community is amazing. This is something real and concrete we can do right now. There will plenty of time to talk about the shitstorm this was afterwards. At that point I will probably creep back into the shadows and be enlightened by you all. But for now I will be calling, publicizing this, and at 4 I will be on the road.

Update 2 Thank you, femlaw for the generic driver number. It is @MarthaCoakley: Need a ride to the polls? Have time to help drive voters?

Call our rides hotline (800) 485-0444 #MASen #dotiforteddy.

If the info I posted tells you they don't needed anyone else please call the hotline and look for more work.

Update 3 Thanks again fem law. Another location that needs people

THE COAKLEY CAMPAIGN NEED DRIVERS TO GET PEOPLE TO THE POLLS IN BOSTON! We have vehicles, we need drivers. If you can help, please go to headquarters ASAP - 529 Main Street in Charlestown. Take the Orange Line to Sullivan Square, HQ is in the Schrafft's Center (leave the station, straight ahead will be a large building with a huge sign that says "Schraffts" at the top).

They even have cars, so if you don't have one, go there!

Last Update I will soon be out of class and out on the road. I will come back and edit this if anyone wants to know how it went. Let's just pray we pull this one out.

Originally posted to bbxcountry25 on Tue Jan 19, 2010 at 10:05 AM PST.

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