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From a friend helping the Coakley campaign, there is an URGENT need for canvassers in MA to flush out those last voters tonight. If you are in or near MA, please get to a staging location listed below.

Do you have a car? You are needed to drive voters to the polls.

Can you knock doors? You are needed to knock doors ASAP.

Info is below. If you are in MA, please get out there and help. It's urgent, and with only 4 hours to go, every vote is critical.


So for anyone reading this in MA right now wondering what's going on and looking for the latest update, here is your update:

You are needed to knock on doors!

Here is the list of locations from the campaign, now with maps, thanks to deaniac83. Every canvasser needs a map! :-)

Canvass Staging Locations

Boston Staging Location:

IBEW Local 103

256 Freeport Street, Dorchester, MA 02122 (Map)

Robert Dible 609-891-7533

Worcester Staging Location:


397 Grove Street , Worcester, MA 01605 (Map)

Ruby Reid 209-505-0575

Springfield Staging Location:

640 Page Boulevard , Springfield, MA 01104 (Map)

Jesse Bragg 978-621-2619

Lawrence Staging Location:

Everett Mill (inside Lawrence Teachers Union)

15 Union Street, Lawrence, MA 01840 (Map)

Kelly Byrne 609-575-2416

New Bedford Staging Location:

Painters' Local

554 Pleasant Street, New Bedford, MA 02740 (Map)

Brandyn Keating (508) 982-2247

Canvassers are a great bang for your buck, GOTV-speaking. On average, eery eight doors turns out a vote we wouldn't otherwise get. They pick off all those folks who have bad phone numbers, no answering machines, or aren't good on the phone. If you've been making calls, you know there are a LOT of wrong numbers for voters we need. We can catch them at their doors, especially as they get home from work.

Please go. Out-of-state folks, keep burning up the phones. But folks in MA, please go help deliver voters to the polls, and deliver a victory to Martha Coakley.

One last thought, then back to the phones... A LOT of folks I called to GOTV these past few days said they planned to go after work. It's really important that they come home to another reminder, and someone knocks on their door to flush them out.

Especially if they've been watching the news today, it's important to remind them that every vote matters, and that we can win if they get out and vote.

Originally posted to kath25 on Tue Jan 19, 2010 at 12:57 PM PST.

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