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Who decided that Massachusetts is the be all and end all of the Republic? It sure wasn't me. I, like TENS OF MILLIONS of voters voted in two GENERAL NATIONAL elections for Democrats and reform.

Now, because a bunch of wanker pundits have a juicy two week story to bloviate about, me and million of others who do not have health care can mark a few more years off our lives. Well, I am sorry Barney Franks and Weiner (perfect name) and the rest of you clowns, one godamn election in Massachusetts does not change for one minute the simple fact that BOTH houses of the our National Legislature voted for and passed Health Care Reform. When they did so, all fifty states participated. Theses Representatives and Senators were duly elected in National Elections taking place over the span of four years. Now, all of that Democracy and all of those millions of votes are what? A joke? Something so far in the past it doesn't matter anymore? Who says so? A bunch of Mass jackasses? Pundits? Republicans? Since when are they running the show? Here is what I, and what a lot of voters expect. Pass Health Care Reform by next week, sign it, and shove it up the Republicans butts at the State of the Union. Pass Financial Reform, Cap and Trade, and a great big jobs bill. Then, by summer when the stimulus really kicks in, and the pissyness is subsiding -- and in November when all the Republicans get is few token gains -- AND then in 2012 when their reign of terror is permanently destroyed, then tell me how important Massachusetts is. Not much.

Originally posted to frogwalker on Wed Jan 20, 2010 at 07:55 AM PST.

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  •  When the attitude of many here is I got Obama (0+ / 0-)

    elected, now make that change is pervasive that is when.

    When many constantly tear Obama, Reid, Rahm, Giethner and many more down, that is when.

    Be constructive in your criticism but calling Mr. Obama, Rahm's lapdog as I read this morning from a commentator here today is an example of when.

    Forgive me for being a broken record; you can not rebuild what you destroyed.

    Dems and the Obama team need a messaging group. Over two years later, I am still waiting.

    •  See, I think it was when the pom-pom wavers (0+ / 0-)

      decided that every damn thing this administration did was gold, even when it went against what Obama campaigned on, went against the best interests of the majority of the American people. When the decided to kill off the middle class for the benefit and enrichment of the upper 5% of this country, the ones robbing us blind and telling us they are doing 'God's work'. When we had to work with the republican party even though they're main agenda is kicking the democrats out of power. When one of the most important pieces of legislation of our lifetimes was controlled and run but and for the benefit of the insurance industry and big pharma. When the DLC took over the party. When liberals and progressives were told they are 'stupid' and to 'shut up'. When the Patriot Act and FISA got a second wind with a new administration.

      Little things like that made your vote worthless. Because it disgusted and discouraged a big chunk of the Democratic party.

    •  Who are you speaking of? (0+ / 0-)

      I think you are saying the problem is the message?
      Are you daft?
      Here is how it works. Look it up.
      You win elections
      You pass legislation
      You run again.
      Message? What did the man say? That's for Western Union.

  •  Scot is Palin's little gigalo, loud and clear. He (0+ / 0-)

    willl not have much time for the Senate of MA after he begins his VP Campalgn, running with Palin.

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