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Rep. Grayson published a story early Tuesday, Feb 8, 2010 on The Huffington Post.

His headline?  The story that no one will tell.

What is that story?  Well, if you aren't on the The HuffPo sucks brigade, you can click on over and read it for yourself.

If you can't bear to go there, then follow me below the fold, dear reader, for a taste of the Grayson Smackdown.

Rep. Grayson opens with a fairly accurate and accurately aimed charge:

The mainstream media and everybody else, too, for that matter, have been just about to declare the Democratic Party dead, and ready for burial.
[paraphrased by me]

Witness: the Teabaggers just held their very first actual Convention, and got their Party Girl Sarah "I Quit" Palin as Keynote speaker.  Those conservatives have got it goin on, don'tcha know. :)

But there is one metric which every politico ever hatched can agree upon, and that metric is donation totals for the preceding quarter.

So, Rep. Grayson posits an interesting series of questions (and only the foolish or senile will have to guess more than twice on what the answer to these questions are), leading the reader to a scintillating finale.

Who is this politician who spurns Fox News?

Who raised (in a fracking near-depression) $860,000 in the past three months?

Who had over 15,000 individual contributors over that three month period?

Who levies scorn on the Birthers and Global Warming Deniers?

Who "is an outspoken populist who tells it like it is on the war, on jobs, and on health care." and has a website called

Have you guessed already, or did you know from the very start that the answer to all of these questions is: US Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida.

As Rep. Grayson himself is not too proud to tell Huffington Post readers:


The fact that an unapologetic progressive Democrat could amass such support, not by trading favors for money, but by striking a chord with so many ordinary people, refutes the pervasive meme of Democrats divided and despondent. Particularly when it's a Democrat who says that "you can't beat a Republican by being one." Particularly a Democrat who quotes Harry Truman and Howard Dean: "If you run a fake Republican against a real Republican, the real Republican will win every time."

Freshman Democrat Alan Grayson, number one in the country. The story that no one will tell. It doesn't fit their preconceptions. So you're just not going to hear about it.

Unless you happen to read the Huffington Post.

Congressman with Guts, indeed.

If there were only a way to clone him ... about 400 times.

You can direct contributions to the Congressman's re-election at his campaign website

Disclaimer:  I am in no way, fashion or form associated with the Congressman or his re-election campaign.  I just think that if our nation had at least a couple dozen federal politicians of his caliber, our country would be a lot better off.

Originally posted to My .02¢ from The Other Washington on Mon Feb 08, 2010 at 11:20 PM PST.

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