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Hello Kossacks-

I need to vent or I will explode...

I've seen racists in the movies, heard them tell sick jokes when I was too young to respond, and see them lurking in the Reich Wing crowds on the daily news shows.  But tonight, I had one in my face, at my 8-year old's soccer practice of all places.  It will be cathartic sharing my story since this coward did not give me the satisfaction by settling things like an honorable man.

More below...

So I am dropping of my 8-year girl at her soccer practice in my hometown of League City, TX and about to take my older daughter to her game that I will coach.  As I am heading back to my car, a man I have never seen before asks me in a sarcastic voice, "How's that change coming along?"  He gestures toward my Obama bumper sticker and then I realize what I am dealing with.  Still, I respond with relatively polite tone that I think things are going well, certainly better than the last 8 years, but that we need our progressives to act like progressives and help Obama pass his initiatives.  His reply to me is that Obama's "a G-D N%$##r."

Took me a second to believe what I just heard and then once it settled in that this was not a dream, I let him know that he is a scum of the earth relict of bygone days, and the reason that this country has a hard time moving forward.  He had another witty reply that I could shove it up you know where.  Again, I have never seen this guy in my life and simply have an Obama '08 bumper sticker.  I then offered that since he was not acting like an adult, we could take things to another location away from the kids playing soccer and settle it like men.  He walked away spouting other classy comments and went to the restroom at the park.

Folks, I have never been so mad in my life and can't imagine how much worse this is for African-Americans to deal with obvious refuse such as this alleged human (I am a white guy).  I COULD NOT let this go - I can't stand racist scum.  So I followed him to the bathroom, took off my glasses and asked him if he still wanted to try to shove it up my a%%.  

He, of course, like most big mouth cowards, would not fight even after I shoved him to get him to do so.  I was just left with being able to tell him he is a coward, that he will never be anything but scum, that Obama and most humans of any ethnicity will be more than he can ever dream of, and that he will be really out of his mind when Obama is re-elected in 2012.

But still, it would have been so much better for my still raging blood pressure to have been able to deck this refuse.

Unfortunately for his daughter who must be one of the new players, he is her father and I will likely see him at the next practice.  I will simply tell him to keep away from my child and family and we'll be just fine.  But I'll also let him know that if he does not apologize that I will let the other parents, with whom we are friends, know that he is a racist and that they should steer clear of him.  I just feel bad for his daughter.

Thanks for letting me vent...I feel a little better, but am heading off to the gym to work it off.

Tex leopold

From a personal standpoint, if this guy does not apologize for his verbal assault on me and agree to keep his views to himself, I will let the other parents about him.  From a club standpoint, if this guy spews more racial comments within earshot of players and parents in violation of club rules, he will be dealt with accordingly.  He, of course, will be given a chance to fly straight as have parents who have ergregiously violated other rules.  Don't get me wrong, this is not a vendetta but a method to protect our players from such behavior.  I actually feel sorry for the guy since he is so miserable.

Back from the gym and feel much better.  That, and your comments. helped immensly.  I knew there were good people on DKos that would reply in ways to help us all deal with racists.  I can tell you, it's easier to say you will respond with wit, but when you are in the heat of the moment it can be a different thing altogether.  I will say I did go to lengths so that any kids would not see or hear anything bad.  But that said, I will prepare myself better for the next moron that comes my way with this rascist BS and be ready to respond in a calm manner and humiliate them with words. For the sake of his daughter, I am actually going to give this guy a chance to apologize and promise never to bring that kind of crap up again.  I will let him know that this will not be tolerated and he will not be welcome in the soccer club.  Why can I say this?  Because I am on the board of directors.  If he chooses to decline my offer, I will point him out to all my fellow parents (we've been together for 2 years and we are a diverse group), the pro staff training the kids, and my own kids and tell them. "This is a racist.  Ask him what he said to a total stranger about an African-American, a fellow human being, last week."  Then I will work to have him removed from the club, as much as that pains me for his child.

I recommend to you all to prepare yourselves for these types of confrontations, because as the racists die out they will be like cornered animals and that much crazier.  Do not let them get away with it, but keep your cool.  Let everyone in earshot know what they are and ask them to repeat what they just said.  There are great quotes to use in the comments, but the one my wife said after I recounted the story and was choice 2 in the poll, is "You're kind is dying out and the world will be a much better place." Be prepared to defend yourself, but don't strike out unless you are you are first struck.

Keep up the good fight, Kossacks.  The good guys will win in the end.

Originally posted to tex leopold on Wed Feb 10, 2010 at 06:23 PM PST.


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