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Inspired by reading this,

Did Evan Bayh Quit Because Reid Refused to Give Paris Hilton a Tax Break?
By: emptywheel Tuesday February 16, 2010

What important initiative did Evan Bayh support in the interests of the rest of us, at the expense of the wealthiest?

In a similar period of high employment, this was language from the platform of Bayh's dad.:
Birch Bayh for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

...Our economy is at a crucial turning point. The problems of skyrocketing energy and food costs and the inability of the free market to function effectively have led me to conclude that recent policy failures are the result of an outdated view of the American economy. Therefore, I am proposing the establishment of a Temporary National Economic Committee -- similar to the Committee established by President Roosevelt in 1938 -- to publicly investigate the concentration of economic power in America today....

There must have been some negative things found out in the course of the 1940 TNEC investigations, because.....
To this day....68 years later....the SEC records are still sealed:
Records of the Temporary National Economic Committee [TNEC]
Search ARC for Entries from this Record Group

* 144.1 ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY * 144.2 RECORDS OF THE COMMITTEE 1938-41 967 lin. ft.


Established: As a joint Congressional-Executive branch committee, composed of members of both houses of Congress and representatives of several Executive departments and commissions, by joint resolution of Congress, June 16, 1938 (52 Stat. 705). Functions: Studied monopoly and concentration of economic power, and made recommendations for legislation.

Abolished: April 3, 1941, by expiration of extension granted by joint resolution, December 16, 1940 (54 Stat. 1225). Liquidation deadline of December 31, 1941, set by Additional Urgent Deficiency Appropriation Act of 1941, May 24, 1941 (55 Stat. 200).

967 lin. ft.

...Specific Restrictions: As specified by the SEC, no one, except government officials for official purposes, may have access to records created and filed by the SEC on behalf of the TNEC

Background: (What has been hidden for 69 years must be even more grievous that this Time Magazine description of concentrated wealth and power...)
Thirteen Families
Monday, Oct. 28, 1940

Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission published its report to null a 121-page study of "The Distribution of Ownership in the 200 Largest Non-Financial* Corporations."...

...Of an estimated 8,500,000 U. S. stockholders, less than 75,000 (.06% of the population) own fully one-half of all corporate stock held by individuals....

The 13 most potent family groups' holdings were worth $2,700,000,000, comprised over 8% of the stock of the 200 corporations:...

....» Three groups—Du Fonts, Mellons, Rockefellers—have shareholdings valued at nearly $1,400,000,000, control, directly or indirectly, 15 of the 200 corporations....

Evan Bayh comes from the state where the Middletown studies (of Muncie, Indiana) achieved the largest body of work on the stddy of the rise of a consume society and the exploitation it was subjected to by the bisiness class in its own community and by corporate advertising and news media, and the lessons of Middletown were not learned by Rich Men's tool, Evan Bayh.:
Middletown I
...The rough egalitarianism of the farmland had been replaced by a two-class system in the city. The Lynds found a business class, which worked with people and symbols, and a working class, which worked with things. And the Lynds found that these two groups were as different as two different tribes. They had different values, different expectations and did not mingle. Among the differences between the two groups was financial security: the working class was subject to frequent layoffs with no notice, while the business class was almost never laid off.

   * FEBRUARY 13, 2010
From Deal Journal, MarketBeat and Wealth Report
Unemployment? Not for the Rich
Top Decile Earners' Rate Is 3%, New Study Says; Bottom 10th Is at 31%

Middletown, Teetering On the Divide
An Indiana City With an Average Past Anxiously Faces an Uncertain Future
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

....Muncie looks okay from certain angles, kind of like America. North of the White River, which bisects Muncie, things are pretty good. There's Ball State University and Ball Memorial Hospital, both large employers. There's Muncie Mall and the big-box stores, and -- why would anyone shop in Muncie's historic downtown anymore? How could those little shops possibly compare with Wal-Mart?

South of the river is the industrial part of town, and this is where you see the frayed seams of the Rust Belt. Here are the slumped houses, the abandoned fast-food joint, the wreckage of a leveled auto parts plant. Manufacturing jobs, long the backbone of the city's economy, have been leaving. Muncie has lost more than 10,000 people since 1980, and the population is now 66,000. ...

Buhh-Bye, Evan Bayh. Now you can sell your influence on Capital Hill and openly cash in from the money that the concentrated wealth you've always worked for, will eagerly pay you. Meanwhile, the middle and lower classes in Muncue and in the rest of Indiana struggle with high unemployemnt while the wealthiest class is unfazed with a 3 percent rate of unemployment. Did I mention that US gini is 45, the most inequitable measure of wealth distribution of any ODC? Gini was still in the mid 30's in the 1970's. What policies did you ever propose, Evan Bayh, that mirrored your father's proposal to investigate why wealth was becoming more concentrated in America?

Originally posted to host on Tue Feb 16, 2010 at 02:19 PM PST.

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  •  i don't disagree with this diary however (0+ / 0-)

    what's the point strategically?

    Please join the new facebook group, "We want Howard Dean back in charge" and spread the word!

    by astronautagogo on Tue Feb 16, 2010 at 02:26:31 PM PST

    •  "The Point": is for progressives to counter (7+ / 0-)

      the huge sums spent by the wealthiest to shift the tax burden from themselves to the masses.

      Every dollar they avoid paying by using their wealth to effect changes in the taz laws is a dollar the rest of us must make up. The system worker until 1981. We must work to use our sheer numbers of votes to offset the buying of democrats in congress by the wealthiest. Wealth in the US has never been more concentrated. It is the crisis issue of our time.

      This progressive rate structure in our reform proposal invokes the historical intent of the tax, as articulated by Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Carnegie, to thwart the build-up of "wealth dynasties" that threaten to undermine democracy. During World War II, FDR won approval of a top rate of 70 percent on dynastic fortunes over $50 million, ensuring that even Daddy Warbucks shared in the wartime sacrifice.

    •  If that criteria (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      were enforced there wouldn't be enough diaries to fill the rec list.

      Besides, there is strategic value in damaging Bayh as much as possible, using only truth of course.

      Blogs are the precursor to the Traditional media and the traditional media is the precursor to history. Getting the message out that being as unprincipled as Bayh comes with consequences doesn't do any harm.

      Harry Reid's lack of backbone is an act, his obstructionism isn't.

      by stevej on Tue Feb 16, 2010 at 03:07:13 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Given: Evan Bayh's polls say he's (0+ / 0-)

    pretty popular.  But isn't Birch Bayh even more popular?  I understand he's almost a legend among Indianans.

    A jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a carpenter to build one.--Sam Rayburn (D-TX)

    by Ice Blue on Tue Feb 16, 2010 at 02:48:51 PM PST

    •  The people have been indoctinated into supporting (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Dar Nirron, greengemini, pyegar

      the determined efforts of the wealthiest to portray all tax increases, and the very idea of progressive taxation as "unfair" or "wrong".
      The working classes have never figured out that, since the top ten percent own 70 percent of all US private assets, (and climbing) including the media that delivers the indoctrination, that what is at stake is simply the last stages of wealth consolidation.

      The only thing potentially in the way is a mass wake up resulting in a coordinated vote to use the power of the vote to peacefully redistribute wealth by changing inheritance and progressive tax rates back to the way they were.
      If it isn't done, we face a violent revolution down the road, or emergence of an American Hugo Chavez. European voters reasoned that the wealthy had economic security, and the masses voted a greater measure of it for themselves.
      In the US, we were conned into letting only the rich enjoy economic security. The top class is never self limiting. They carry it to the point where the backlash is excessive, out of control.

  •  We have a President that voted for Bush's TARP (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Betty Pinson

    bill as a Senator and has overseen a massive redistribution of wealth upwards as President.

    Complaining about Bayh is slight of hand.

    •  Obama doesn;t have a father's political record (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Marie, greengemini

      that I could compare here to show the sharp contrast in interests and priorities, od father vs. son, in reaction to similar political and economic challenges.
      Evan Bayh had the added advamtage of being able to study "Middletown", if he cared about representing his constituents.
      Only now, it is much worse than in 1976. Bayh became a senator due to legacy, not independent achievement. He wasted an opportunity to stand up to wealth and power. His career is a preview of Obama's legacy, if what we have experienced already, is indicative of the final outcome.

      •  it seems that he was very popilar in Indiana. (0+ / 0-)
        Both as Senator, and as Governor prior to that..

        "Bayh was first elected Governor of Indiana in 1988, defeating former Kokomo Mayor Steve Daily in the Democratic primary. (Frank O'Bannon's name also appeared on the ballot, but he had previously withdrawn to accept the lieutenant governor nomination.) Bayh defeated Republican John Mutz in the general election. Bayh was re-elected governor in 1992 with the highest percentage of the vote in a statewide election in modern Indiana history. He defeated State Attorney General Linley E. Pearson, a Republican, to win his second term. His administration was considered cautious but successful by Republicans as well as Democrats, creating a large budget surplus and permitting him to cut taxes. "Mr. Bayh's record is one of a genuinely fiscally conservative Democrat," reported the Wall Street Journal in 1992.[5]

        Stressing fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, job creation and lean government, Bayh's tenure as governor was highlighted by eight years without raising taxes, the largest single tax cut and largest budget surplus in state history, "welfare-to-work" policies, increasing annual school funding, high academic standards and new college opportunities, the strengthening of law enforcement and improved environmental quality.[6] He signed the 21st Century Scholars Act in 1992, legislation that states that every child in Indiana who is eligible for the free lunch program in a public school, graduates from high school and signs a pledge not to experiment with illegal drugs is entitled to a full tuition scholarship to an Indiana public university of his or her choice. By the end of his second term, Bayh had an approval rating of nearly 80 percent.[7]


  •  Bayh is a DINO of the worst kind (5+ / 0-)

    Good riddance CORPORATE BOY!

  •  We're going to have a Rethug in the seat next yea (0+ / 0-)

    r and you're cheering. Glorious.

  •  Im hoping Obama dumps Biden for 2012 (0+ / 0-)

    and puts Bayh on his ticket.

    I doubt that will happen, but it might if he gets desperate enough.

    •  If Obama gives Bayh any opportunity (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Marie, greengemini, pyegar

      I'll make publicizing the information in this diary my life's work. Both parties answer to one right wing interest, concentrated wealth. We may not be able to stop it, but we don't have to make believe democrats are working to make a better and more secure life for our children,
      It is not about "party". It is about the economic destruction of the bottom 67 percent via deceit and subterfuge. A process yielding subservient wage slaves protected by a bill of rights diluted by executive whim.

    •  I hope you're kidding n/t (0+ / 0-)
  •  I agree (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Your diary has some interesting factual material.

    Perhaps the lesson Evan Bayh learned from his father is that if you go against the wealthy, or begin to sound too "liberal" you get voted out of office.

    I have a hunch that the people of Indiana are rather right-leaning, wealth-leaning, especially the poor.  Somehow or other it is sort of a paradox that the poor, the under-educated in many cases, vote against their own best interests because inside each is perhaps the idea that with a bit of luck (and a credit card or two, or a 2nd mortgage on an inflated-value house, they will have the good life.)

    And often they are so busy just trying to make a bare living that they don't watch anything except the lightest TV and news-lite.  More likely, Fox.

    Evan Bayh has done nothing I can think of to help anyone with his Senate 12 years.  But he is probably  quite popular there in Indiana.  Sad as this is to think about.  As strange as it may seem, he has done what Barack Obama says is all one has to do to be popular: do nothing.

  •  Good riddens corporate boy? (0+ / 0-)

    say hello to Obama's opponent for 2012, if the corporation says so. if not 2012, say hello to the corporate power couple for 2016.  this decision is purely  political stemming from the supreme courts' unleashing the flood of money from the corporations.

  •  Thanks for the diary! (0+ / 0-)

    Zero estate taxes are the holy grail for the GOP. I knew there had to be something that set off Bayh.  Good riddance.

  •  Birch Bayh lost to Dan Quayle in Indiana. (0+ / 0-)

    Evan is popular in a state that elected Dan Quayle.

    indiana is not a progressive state.  that big cross located off interstate 80 motivated me to hustle through as quick as i could.

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