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I read an article yesterday at Newsweek by Mark Hosenball about Marvel Comics apologizing for insulting the teabaggers in a recent Captain America comic.

In the comments there was this gem to which I just couldn't resist responding:

" Posted By: TRUTH-N-10 (February 19, 2010 at 8:23 PM)

Think about it if it werent for Fox New,s we would never hear the honest news, All major networks spew out this crazy Left Wing garbage 24-7 But Fox is levening them in the raiting,s dust."

And no, I didn't mention TRUTHY's spelin,k in my rant ...


Fox news is the only one saying the things they're saying for a very good reason.  They make it up.  Everything Fox News has presented since their inception has been a filtered version of reality which omits details that are inconvenient to the conservative cause and in other cases simply makes stuff up.  A good example of this is their current effort to get their viewers to forget that the worst terrorist attack on US soil happened under bush and cheney's watch.  Over the past few months Mary Matalin, Rudy Giuliani and Dana Perino have all made claims that there were no terrorist attacks in the US under george bush.

Fox News distorts reality and out and out lies.  When Mark Foley was caught, Fox showed on screen, Foley (D) FL.  Now that he's been identified as a pedophile he suddenly becomes a Democrat on Fox News despite being a member of the Republican leadership for years.  They did the same thing with Larry Craig and Mark Sanford.  When they reported on the anti-health-care rally in Washington they used TV footage from the original and much larger tea party in an attempt to make it look like the later rally had significantly more support that it did.  When they got caught by Jon Stewart, Sean Hannity claimed that it had happened inadvertently.  Sure Sean, that's why they got caught doing the exact same thing a week later.

TRUTHY, if you only get your information from Fox News, Limbaugh, and other right wing talkers then you are a very poorly informed American and are relatively clueless regarding the actual nature of the world, the country, the planet, and the universe.  Fox News came about when Rupert Murdock (an Australian predator media magnate) and Roger Ailes, (former message man for ghwb) got together over a few lines of coke and some hookers and decided to use George Orwell's 1984 as an instruction manual for how to manipulate and control stupid people like yourself.  Fox News IS the Ministry of Truth.  Their version of reality IS constantly morphing to try to keep everyone under the illusion that Fox is truthful.  Did you know that Fox News actually went to court to fight for their right to knowingly lie on air?  They won too!  In Florida.  Fox does not present news, they present right wing propaganda packaged with pretty faces and strong jawlines and flashy graphics.

Now your heroes at Fox News are busy trying to deny their association with the tea party movement.  Now that the teabaggers have been exposed as extremists, racists, CT'ers, Troofers, Birfers and "morans," Fox News wants to pretend that they weren't an integral part of the whole teabag phenomenon.  Bill O'Really? has gone so far as to denounce the Baggers and Birfers on his nightly hate-fest.  They are once again trying to reinvent the past, claiming they weren't involved in a movement that they actively promoted and pushed for months.  What will it take for you fools to wake up and recognize the absolute fiction these demagogues are feeding you?  Truly pathetic, truly.

Your reference to ratings is funny, especially in the context of comparing Fox news to the major networks.  You truly are clueless.  Fox may have better ratings than other CABLE news outlets, but they are far, far behind the broadcast network ratings - yes, even that nasty Katie Couric who so savaged poor widdle Sarah.  And yes, Sarah Palin is yet another reason to consider Fox a joke.  Even though her 6 year degree from 5 different 4 year schools was in journalism, she needed a ghost writer to write Going Rouge.  She's so stupid that she can't even remember a 3 item list, one of which was "Tax Cuts" - something even idiot conservatives have memorized as a kind of mantra.  And she's apparently your best and brightest.  Sad, truly.  This country needs a functional opposition party, not a bunch of misinformed yahoos being whipped into a frenzy by cynical propagandists.

So anyway TRUTHY, I'm sure you are convinced that I'm just a liberal moonbat, (What in the world is that supposed to mean anyway?  I never could figure out how some stupid made-up label was an effective insult.) and that I'm the one who is an idiot not you, and that everything I've written is a liberal lie.  I would expect nothing less - Ailes and gang are far better propagandists than to allow a mere blogger such as myself to dent their edifice of kaka.  But some day you will think back to this and realize I was right.  Oh, and BTW - the president was born in Hawaii, Al Queida attacked us on 9-11, and it's about time we had a black man in the White House.

Originally posted to kbman on Sun Feb 21, 2010 at 02:18 PM PST.


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