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are you deaf, dumb and blind?

"We have seen obviously that though there are some that are supportive of this, there isn't enough political support in a majority to get this through," Gibbs responded. "The president... took the Senate bill as the base and looks forward to discussing consensus ideas on Thursday."

So your going to coninue too, ignore the Majority of the Nations continuing "consensus ideas".

When you compromised with Senator Grassley and wasted months, compromising away, every strongly support Key issue, in Democratically supported Health Care, you showed the nation, you were not engaged and did this, for over a year and all you got was, No from a United Republican Party, that encouraged the Moderates, the Conservadems in your own Party, to bring up, Abortion, which is not widely supported, but allow in the Bills, with the little support it has.

Joe Lieberman, says, he won’t support the Public Option and he’s one man and you capitulated, whimpering away, the Public Option, which you did not support strongly EVER, you never, ever took a lead in what your very majority, who voted your rump into office supported heavily, even more than all the bills passed in both Houses of Congress.

To get Ben Nelson’s support, one man, you cut out and compromised away the Medicare Buy-in and one woman, Mary Landrieu, you cut another deal of millions, like Ben, in Nebraska, one person you did this for and never said a word, while disengaged from it all.

And now that support for the Public Option is growing even larger, which is the second fiddle to what the Majority, who put you and Democrats in the Majority and the Nation, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, did this, by voting in even larger margins, all wanted Universal Health care, which you Mr. President wouldn’t even allow near the door, much less on the table for discussion and was and still is what clearly the Nation wants, you ignore us and shove a weak sister Bill, absent real Cost controls, but you stand behind what the Nation doesn’t want, (and all polling shows, the Nation doesn’t want it) a MANDATE, you speak up for and about this Mandate, show me the nation supports the mandate, show me, I’ll wait.

I could on and on about Lincoln and  Collins, Bayh and Snow, but you’re not hearing me, or millions of Americans.  Nearly half the Senate is waking up to the real Health Care Reform and you send Gibbs, out to say what he said yesterday and you believe this summit is going to work and Republicans are going to get on board.

The only, only real pressure you have is the Public Option and Reconciliation, tell me in over a year, on HCR, what have you gotten done?

Originally posted to Ministerbruce on Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 04:46 AM PST.

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