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That Isn't Very Nice Canada

Just a little Wednesday humor for your enjoyment. As you might have heard something pretty amazing happened in the Olympics Sunday evening. The US beat the Canadian hockey team. Not only is Canada the host nation, hockey is their national sport passion. Plus folks that know stuff about hockey felt the Canadian team might have been one of the best teams to ever take the ice.

Now often after a defeat or say a Super Bowl victory us Americans like to "riot" and turnover and burn cars. Well it would seem our friends to the North are a little more restrained. They just mock us with humor, that kind of cuts to the bone. We might have won the hockey game, but at least they have health care.

It never ceases to stun me when I talk to friends and clients from other countries how much respect they have for the "founding ideals" of our nation. But also how in the last decade or so, the pity they almost feel for me as an American. The richest and most powerful nation in the world, yet we can't even get health care for all Americans. This three minute scene from Michael Moore's Sicko must sum up what a lot of other folks think of us right now.

The money quote is when Moore asks if the British doctor if he has ever turned anybody away cause they could NOT afford to pay:

No never and I wouldn't want to work in that system.

The doctor is literally repulsed by even the concept, not the practice, but the concept a doctor would turn away a patient in need of medical attention. Now with that said, I think the above pic is pretty darn funny, but I have a good sense of humor and I can make fun of myself and others equally. But it is kind of telling when your health system is so bad it starts to get mocked at a sporting event in another country as a taunt .... you know just saying.

Update: Oh, as was noted in the comments if you don't want folks mocking us, you can do something by reading and then acting on the Diary written by "nyceve," Urgent Call to Action: Our nation needs all of us today.

Update II: Just another "neat" little Olympic moment and why I like Canadians so darn much.

Originally posted to webranding on Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 08:20 AM PST.

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