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Great news, guys! Over 1,000,000 voices have spoken up for comprehensive health care reform by faxing, calling, e-mailing, and tweeting! We might very well go over a million messages being sent to Washington, D.C. with one goal in mind---telling politicians to WAKE UP and finish their job on health reform. 870 of you have signed up through Dailykos to participate in the 1,000,000 Voices Virtual March!


Eve and I also have set up a new goal for you guys--can we get to 100 donations today? So far, we only have five donations today to help support this massive call-in campaign that we're doing.

Can We Reach 100 Donations Today? Give $5, $10, or $25 dollars to help us out!

Here's what you guys can do with the talking points suggested by us below when you call, fax, e-mail, and tweet these politicians in D.C.:

Suggested Talking Points For Calls to Washington:

The US Capitol switchboard:


Senate Phone Numbers

Local Office Numbers For Senators

Phone Numbers For The House


When you call your Representative, ask him or her to pass the reconciliation bill, and then to pass the Senate bill after the fix is passed by the Senate.

"I’m calling to ask that you support the passage of the reconciliation fix package, and to pass the Senate bill after the reconciliation fix is done by the Senate."

You can include these additional asks for the reconciliation package in your call:

·        Inclusion of the public option

·        The Medicare buy-in

·        Fixing the excise tax

·        Getting rid of the Nebraska Cornhusker Kickback deal

·        National exchange

·        Drug re-importation

·        Drug price negotiation in Medicare Part D

·        Increasing subsidies.


(202) 225-4965 - Washington
(415) 556-4862 - District Office

When you call Speaker Pelosi’s office, please tell her to get everyone on the same page on the reconciliation fix and to pass the Senate bill. Let her know that Americans are dying, need access to affordable health care, and that the crisis is too great to allow delay on this great issue of our time.

If you want a public option, please also say:

"I want a public option because I believe in competition, I don't want an individual mandate without a public option and because only a public option will keep the private insurance industry honest."


Tell your Senator, you demand passage of healthcare reform.  If your Senator is one of those who has signed the Bennet public option letter thank him/her.

If your Senator has not signed the Bennet Letter, ask that they do so immediately.

If your Senator is a Republican, remind them that they work for you, and that you demand and are entitled to the same health care they have.

If you do not support the public option then tell your Senator to get the job done and pass health care reform.

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid:

(Nevada constituents, please call!)

Washington: 202-224-3542  
District: 775-686-5750   775-882-7343   702-388-5020

If you support the public option:

If you call Senator Reid, tell him to put the public option in the reconciliation package, and that he can do it!

Tell him not to be afraid,but to be bold, and remind him that the people in his state  overwhelmingly prefer the public option to the Senate bill.


White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET)

When you call the White House:

Support the Public Option:

"I support the public option. I believe in competition, and I think only a public option will keep the private insurers from harming the American people. I urge President Obama to support the public option, which the overwhelming majority of Americans still support, and which can pass the Senate via reconciliation if he throws his weight behind it."

Don't support the public option:

"I support the Presidential Summit, and I want President Obama to use reconciliation and all the powers of his office to fulfill his campaign pledge of guaranteed and affordable healthcare for all Americans."

For everyone:

"No more bipartisan compromises that Americans don’t want---just stand up and FIGHT for the majority of Americans on real comprehensive health care reform!"

Thank you so much for being a part of this historic campaign, and keep sending this link below to your friends, family, and loved ones and ask them to join up as a part of the 1,000,000 Voices Virtual March on D.C. campaign! Please share your experiences contacting Congress today down in the comments if you can.


Also, let's see if we can reach our goal of 100 donations today! Don't forget to pitch in $5, $10, or $25 to help us out finish this awesome campaign. Without your awesome support, this campaign would not have been possible, so thank you, kossacks!

Donate To FixItAndPassIt!

Great news---the AFL-CIO has mobilized their forces and will be joining the 1,000,000 Voices Virtual March campaign!


The funds donated to the Progressive Congress Action Fund, a 501(C)4 not for profit, will be used  to advocate on behalf of the progressive agenda, to advance progressive legislation, and may include payments to individuals engaged in fund raising.

Update: Earlier I wrote that about 870 of you joined up in this march through us, and now that total stands at 939! Let's keep this up, kossacks!

Update #2: We're now at 1013 people who joined the march through us! Keep on marching :-) now it's up to 1120 of you guys on Dailykos! Nearly 300 of you guys from Dailykos just signed up to march in this campaign, bringing the total from Dailykos to 1366!

We're at about 12 donations to our goal of 100 donors! Let's keep this happening, and thank you so much for your support!

Originally posted to slinkerwink on Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 11:21 AM PST.

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