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This will be short and sweet, sorry. I have a class this morning so it can't be helped.

I just saw this article and had to share, if only because Texas-bashing seems to be some kind of sport around here. And yes, I know that sometimes it's well-deserved however we are not the only state to endure Republican assholery.

With that said...

From the Houston Chronicle:

A Houston Chronicle analysis of congressional campaign contributions in the 2010 election season found that Texans are shipping millions of dollars to out-of-state candidates this year, and most of the recipients are Democrats.

Eight of the top 10 non-Texas recipients of Lone Star State political money are Democrats. Overall, Democrats are receiving about 60 percent of the $6,823,766 in Texas money headed to Senate and House candidates in other states, according to Federal Election Commission filings through Feb. 10.

I keep trying to tell everyone that Austin (of course), Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso and almost all of the southern border counties went blue in the last presidential election and that we are making so much progress here.

While I agree that we could do better than donating to Blanche Lincoln and Evan Bayh I'm pretty jazzed that we are giving to Democrats on such a scale. Who knew? I keep telling people that the Latino vote alone will push us over the purple line and into blue territory well before 2020.

Anyway... I have to boogie off to class but wanted to share this. It frustrates me to no end to see people on this site lumping Texas into their "Big Umbrella of Judgment", no doubt sitting in their comfy blue states while I work my ass off down here to further our causes. Then I come here and more often than not someone has posted yet another Texas-bashing thread.

So for all of you who work hard in this state and get tired of the asshattery, this one's for you.

Flame away... I'm off to class.

UPDATE: Wow, Rec list! Who would have thought? :-)

For those of you saying "it's not personal, don't be so thinned-skinned"... well, I suppose you could be right. I've lived in Maryland (and loved it) and I've lived in Texas. Texas politicians definitely deserves a lot of criticism but people here I think tend to forget about the regular folks here and the fact that many of them are your comrades. My time in Maryland feels kind of like I was "on leave" so to speak. I took living in a blue state for granted (yes, bad Bhlogger) and didn't feel the need to fight so much. Then I moved back to Texas and feel as if I've been put back on the "front lines". So to fight so hard, to endure the kind of mental abuse a progressive in this state (and did I mention I'm gay?) has to deal with at work, at family gatherings etc... to constantly day in and day out stand up and keep speaking for what we believe in knowing that we'll be harassed and "debated" to death, etc etc... well, DKos should be a port in the storm but mostly we come here and see our fellow progressives slamming the state we just spent hours canvassing in.

So yeah... it's demoralizing sometimes. And the reason I was giddy when I saw the article and immediately wanted to share. Thanks for listening everyone.

UPDATE 2: Please allow me update the above enthusiasm for Ben Goshi, who thinks I show "no class" and that the comment "Wow, Rec list!" is "cringe worthy". Please allow me to change that statement to "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of Daily Kos for allowing me a broader viewing audience for my good news."

There, better? Carry on. I'm off to Logan's Steakhouse where I'll eat peanuts and throw the hulls on the floor, drink a few beers and eat a very large steak. And none of it'll be very classy so look away, Ben Goshi, look away.

Originally posted to bhlogger on Sat Feb 27, 2010 at 05:15 AM PST.

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